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4/28/2010 – News

Volume 127, Number 12           Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Lake continues to threaten Minnewaukan

These aerial photos were taken Monday, April 19 at about 2:30 p.m. by Huck Krueger of Devils Lake in his ultralight aircraft. This photo shows the highest portion of the town, most of which is located on ground elevation 1455 or higher. The lighter areas in the water are reeds.

This photo shows how the lake is attacking the town not only from the east, but also from the north and west. The small building farthest to the left is the tool shed where the Trinity Free Lutheran Church was located. The church is shown in its new location directly below the elevators in this photo.

Warwick activities
Golf is being taught at the Warwick School by coach Joe Chiang. Left to right are Mr. Chiang, Craig Brown, Justin Azure, Gabe Bennefeld and Jose Guy.

Warwick students are shown at track practices. Left to right are Keahna Little, Jalen Kingbird, Todd Richotte, Coach Angie Moxness, Aiana Richotte, Tristen Redfox, DaShane Cavanaugh and Katie Omen.

Sixth graders Samantha Owlboy and Jace Baker highlight their lines in the speech class being conducted by Ms. Charlotte Franks-Erickson. They will be competing in speech events next year.

The woodworking shop, under the direction of Wayne Hooey, has been producing many items. The grand accomplishment was the senior project of a large storage shed which has already been sold. Left to right are Mitchell Owlboy, Wayne Hooey, Craig Brown and Rock Baer.

Craig Brown created this three-dimensional eagle with a scroll saw in shop class.

Rare event – equine twins
A mare with Benson County connections had twins April 18, a rare event. The mare, Tate Hancock, came from the Solberg-Gillespie Ranch at York. She was sold to the Dale and Kristie Anderson family last summer and was in foal from Goldnugget Bailey. The Andersons live south of Maddock.
Standing on the left is Kristie Anderson and standing on the right is Dale Anderson. Kneeling on the left is Jarett holding colt Little Joe, 74 lbs. On the right is Cody holding filly Bella, 31 lbs. The Andersons check on the foals every two hours. As of this printing they’re still doing fine. According to the Helen Woodward Animal Center Equine Hospital in Santa Fe, Calif., only one in 10,000 equine pregnancies result in twins. Other statistics go on to say that only 9% of twin pregnancies will be carried to term by the mare.
Sometime the mare’s body will reject the twins, which causes an abortion late in the pregnancy, about eight or nine months along (a mare’s gestation is 11 months).
Out of the pregnancies carried to term 64% are born dead. In 21% of the cases one is born alive, and in 14.5% both will be born alive but one or both of them may die within the first week of life. It is against the odds that both foals survive. (Photo courtesy of Roxanne Gillespie, York)

Math masters
The Leeds Elementary School took first place at the recent Rolla Math Meet. Each student competed in a written exam, a hands-on competition and a team contest. Rolla, Cando, Rolette, St. John, Adams-Edmore and Munich Schools participated. Left to right, front row are Alexandria Heck, Arnikka Thompson, Dani Schwanke and Ryan Wangler. Middle row: Madison Featherstone, Spencer Follman, Andrew Follman, Taylor Bisbee and Brandy Blegen. Back row: Kaylee Lybeck, Adam Fischer and Tyler Blegen.

Math winners
Forty-five students at the Leeds School participated in the 61st annual American Mathematics Contest 12 and the 11th annual American Mathematics Contest 10. The contests were held on February 24. Their purpose is to spur interest in mathematics and develop talent through the excitement of friendly competition at problem solving in a timed format. For 2010, the Leeds School winner for the AMC 10 is Kendra Leibfried and the winner for the AMC 12 is Matthew Swanson. Matthew Swanson also made the North Dakota State AMC 12 Individual Honor Roll. Pictured are Matthew Swanson, son of Mark and Cindy Swanson, and Kendra Leibfried, daughter of Albert and Carol Leibfried.

$1,000 donation
Wanda Terpening of the Maddock Community Endowment committee accepts a check of $1,000 from Val Karlsbraaten, president of the Active Women of Maddock. The funds represent funds raised during various AWM projects. The funds will be used by the endowment committee to reach the goal of $13,000 that a private individual has pledged to match in addition to funds matched by the ND Community Foundation in Bismarck.

Minnewaukan School holds prom, post-prom party; first by itself in many years
After holding its prom with Leeds for the last several years, the students at Minnewaukan High School voted to hold their own prom this year.
The prom was planned and put on by student council members in grades 9-12 and the junior class. Student council members are Rafael Barragan, Joey Robertson, Cody Greywater, Brittany Omen, Dorothia Santos and Bradly Jensen. The student council advisor is Lyndee Heser. Junior class members are Chandra Anderson, Alex Beecroft, Jacob Cline, Cody Greywater, Dana Jetty, Amanda Kraft, Dalton Longie, Brittany Omen, Cyril Shaw and Miriah Thompson.

The prom was held Saturday, April 10. The Grand March was held at 7:30 p.m., with the dance following from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight. Twenty-three couples attended. The theme for the evening was "It’s Our Nice to Shine." The prom colors were silver and black.

The gym was decorated in silver and black metallic streamers and balloons. The students walked across a silver and black checked floor and danced between several silver metallic columns topped with stars.

After the Grand March everyone waited to see who would be crowned prom king and queen. Those juniors and seniors who attended the prom were nominees for prom king and queen. King nominees were Rafael Barragan, Alex Beecroft, Jacob Cline, Cody Greywater, Cody LaRoque, Alfred Littlewind, Brandon Miller, Joey Robertson and Cyril Shaw. Queen nominees were Chandra Anderson, Dana Jetty, Toni Lohnes, Amanda Kraft, Brittany Omen, Brittany Reyes, Shayna Sherman, Emily Swenson and Tanya Two Hearts. Alex Beecroft was elected king and Kylee Rallo was crowned queen.

The students spent the night dancing to the music R and R Entertainment, visiting, and enjoying punch poured by seventh graders Cherilyn Cloud and Cathy Ann Santos. The students also enjoyed chips and pizza. The pizza was donated by the Minnewaukan Music Department.

Chaperones for the event were Lyndee and Tyler Heser, Brooke Hakanson and Debbie Dyste.

Immediately after the prom, Minnewaukan’s post-prom party began in the basement of the FSA-Bank Building. The party was organized by Betty Jo Krenz, with help from Lyndee Heser. The main event was a casino night from 12:30 to 3:30 a.m.

At the beginning of the night the students picked up their gambling money and post prom T-shirt. They gathered in groups organized by classes for their chance to spin for the highest number. Chandra Anderson spun the highest number of the juniors and won a $10 bill.

Senior Kylee Rallo spun the highest number in the senior class and won a $50 bill. Waylon Stands spun the highest number of the sophomores and won $100 in cash. Devin Anderson spun the highest number of the freshmen and won a $20 bill.

More than 38 students played blackjack, poker, craps, bingo and the wheel. Dealers were Jason and Betty Jo Krenz, Tyler Heser and Amy Ertle.

The bingo caller was Courtney Larson. Corinne Risovi and Brooke Hakanson managed the wheel.

Participants enjoyed snacks throughout the night, including nachos and slushees, Subway Party Subs, Coke products and a casino-themed cake.

Many door prize drawings were held. Students won T-shirts, fast food gift cards and other prizes that were collected from local businesses by Betty Jo Krenz. At 3 a.m. the students were able to cash in their winnings for tickets. The students earned a ticket for every $10 they won. One student earned 57 tickets. Once the students got their tickets they wrote their names on them and deposited them into containers that were labeled with the various prizes. They could decide which items they wanted to win and how many tickets they wanted to put into each container. The organizers were able to purchase so many prizes due to the fact that so many local businesses and people were willing to donate money to the cause.

Students and the prizes they won were:

Amanda Kraft – portable DVD player, $100 Scheel’s card, large cooler with two 12 packs of pop, $50 iTunes card, $50 Target card, iPod dock, beanbag chair.

Jacob Cline – TV, beanbag chair.

Sadie Vallier – digital camera, card and case and iPod Nano.

Dana Jetty – $100 Maurice’s card.

Alex Beecroft – iPod Nano, Blueray player.

Emily Swenson – dorm fridge.

Chandra Anderson – TV.

Shayna Sherman – portable DVD player.

Cody Greywater – digital camera, card and case.

Brittany Omen – $660 credit at Dell computers.

Cyril Shaw: Xbox 360 with extra controller, iPod dock.

Tanya Two Hearts: iTouch, TV and iPod dock.

Prom Queen Kylee Rallo and Prom King Alex Beecroft were chosen by their peers in grades 9-12.

Dana Jetty and Brody Cavanaugh try their hand at the blackjack table.

Pre-K teacher, Amy Ertle, deals blackjack for players seated at her table. Those shown are Kylee Rallo, Jordan Every, Alex Beecroft, Sadie Vallier and Jacob Cline.

Amanda Kraft was one of the casino night’s big winners and shows off a few of the prizes she won. Shown here are the portable DVD player and iPod dock.

Waylon Stands shows off the $100 bill he won in the opening wheel spinning activity.

Another big winner at the casino night was senior Tanya TwoHearts. Here she is shown with one of the night’s bigger prizes, an iPod touch.

Cody Greywater shows off a few of the odd door prizes that he won. Shown here are an oil lamp and a trucker’s hat. He was also the winner of one of the digital cameras, cards and cases.

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