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9/9/2009 – News

Volume 126, Number 32           Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

York Township Coulee School being restored
People who attended the Coulee School in York Township can visit it again, but in a different location. Originally built in 1896, the school was located a mile east and two miles north of York in Section 16 in York Township. It was later moved to Section 11 about 3.5 miles east and two miles north of York.
Because of vandalism its third move was half a mile west to the farmstead of Lyle and Darlene Dodds, who are in the process of restoring the school. The farmstead was formerly owned by her uncle, Jorgen and Leila Jorgenson. She is the daughter of Harold Jorgenson of Leeds, who lived just across the road until a fire last year ruined his home.
The school was last used in 1957-58 and Darlene went to school there. Lois Friestad was the last teacher. In 1958-59 and succeeding years, area grade school students attended the York School.
During the 1922-23 school year there were 25 students squeezed into the one-room school.
There was a lot of vandalism that Lyle Dodds had to clean up. "There were bullet holes all over," he said. The interior of the school is familiar to anyone who attended a one-room country school. The walls are wainscoted and the familiar blackboards are present. The interior was painted in the original yellow color.
There are even a few original student desks and chairs, including one that was used by Harold Jorgenson. He carved the path of the Missouri River into the desk top.
The original teacher’s desk and chair are also there. A sandbox on legs with the original sand in it was used by the students to play in the winter. A recitation bench is in the rear of the schoolhouse.
The bell of the schoolhouse had somehow fallen into the outhouse pit. Dodds dug it out and cleaned it up before re-installing it in the belfry.
The Dodds have compiled some history of the school and students who attended, thanks to help from County Superintendent of Schools Jean Olson. They also have an original recitation book which was owned by Darlene’s aunt, Hazel Jorgenson Nystrom. Visitors are encouraged to sign the blackboard.
The Dodds’ grandchildren get a big kick out of playing in the school. One frequent play topic is "school" with the oldest granddaughter taking on the role of teacher.
The exterior is in the process of being painted. It’s a work in progress that’s being done in their spare time. And, like most people, they don’t have nearly enough of that, what with trying to make a living and all. But they’re making an effort and it’s well worth it.

Darlene and Lyle Dodds stand in front of the Coulee School, which served the families of York Township for many years. The Dodds are in the process of restoring the school building which has been moved to their farmyard in York Township.

The Dodds’ grandchildren enjoy having their own school where they can play — guess what — school.

Big machines handle the harvest
Combining season is in full swing. These combines, operated by Bryan Kenner and Brock Georgeson combined wheat four miles south of Harlow last week. They dumped into a semi driven by Curt Kenner. The wheat crop this fall looks excellent and the bushels poured out of large combines all over the state last week. (Photos by Teran Hermanson)

Leeds elementary students do well at ND State Fair

Students of the Leeds Elementary School did well with their artwork at the ND State Fair in Minot this year. Receiving blue ribbons were, front row, left to right, Cody Jorgenson, Caleb Jorgenson and Kurtis Nelsen. Back row: Abby Zettler and Kaylee Hansen.

First graders receiving blue ribbons were, front row, left to right, John Fischer, Samara Blegen, Carson Tracy and Taylee Cavanaugh. Back row: Blayne Anderson, Izik Burtchell, Kearyn Nelsen and Chynna Cavanaugh.

Blue ribbon winners from the second grade class were, front row, left to right, Madi Dulmage, Caitlyn Bingham, Jarrel McGarvey and Macy Engstrom. Back row: Alea Manley, Shelby Follman, Jacob Pfeifer, Tristan Burtchell and Timothy Thayne.

Third grade blue ribbon winners were, front row, left to right, Evan Follman, Hailey Gunderson, Kim Nelsen, Ashley Thayne, Camee Wangler and Caitlyn Blazer. Back row: Nathan Elverud, Luke Pepple, Callie Lawrence, Reganne Ritterman, Keaton Nelsen and Declan Ritterman.

Receiving blue ribbons in the fourth grade were, front row, left to right, Rochelle Hansen, Arnikka Thompson and Dani Schwanke. Back row: Ryan Wangler and Garrett Johnson. Not pictured is Braydon Follman.

Fifth graders receiving blue ribbons were, front row, left to right, Erin Jorgenson, Andrew Follman, Spencer Follman, Ricky Jorgenson and Dalton Onerheim. Back row: Zayda Bergh, Kaylee Lybeck, Gary Redetzke, Josh Bowman, Grace Nybo and Madison Featherstone.

The sixth grade received 12 red ribbons and two blue ribbons. Pictured, front row, left to right, are Brandy Blegen, Taylor Bisbee, Adam Fischer, Lane Ritterman and Joe Silliman. Back row: Richelle Darling, Katelyn Nelsen, Tyler Blegen, Cameron O’Brien, Devin Schwanke, Nikarra Nelsen and Garrett Featherstone. Not pictured is Mathias Follman.

Seventh graders received two blue ribbons, seven red and three white. Shown are, front row, left to right, Timber Morgan, Kalvin Slaubaugh, Paige Johnson and Julissa McGarvey. Back row: Riley Lawrence, Carlito Leppard, Aidan Ritterman, Austin Thorpe, Andrea Jorgenson, Austin Blazer and Sara Galbraith. Not pictured is Tristan Henderson.

Izik Burtchell received a purple Best of Show at the state fair for his "Puff the Magic Dragon" tempera painting.

Leeds School plans for 2009 homecoming week
Leeds High School will be holding several homecoming activities during the week of September 8-11. Students and teachers will take part in a variety of theme days: Tuesday, hip hop day; Wednesday, fashion disaster day; Thursday, Lions day; and Friday, Wildcats day. Classes will also be decorating floats for a parade Friday.
Friday activities include a parade at 2 p.m., coronation at 2:30 p.m., pep rally at 3 p.m., tailgate party in Maddock from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and the game against the TGU Titans at Maddock at 7 p.m. Homecoming week will conclude with a dance at the Benson County Events Center (formerly the Multi-Purpose Building) from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight in Maddock.
The Leeds homecoming royalty for 2009 are Abbie Brossart, daughter of Ronnie and Rita Brossart; Morgan Leapaldt, daughter of Bryan and Gay Leapaldt; Ashley Manley, daughter of Jeff and Michelle Manley; Brenna Stone, daughter of Kelly and Kim King; Blake Darling, son of Rick and Jana Darling; Cody Hoffert, son of Steve and Sheila Hoffert; Brad Nelsen, son of Rob Nelsen and Tami Kitzmann; and Michael Urness, son of Kevin and Tammy Urness. Crown bearers are Kearyn Nelsen, daughter of Kyle and Kim Nelsen, and Carson Tracy, son of Kyle and Brandi Anderson.
Everyone is invited to take part in this spirit-filled week.

Pictured are the Leeds High School homecoming candidates and crown bearers for 2009. Back row, left to right, are Michael Urness, Blake Darling, Brad Nelsen and Cody Hoffert. Middle row: Morgan Leapaldt, Ashley Manley, Brenna Stone and Abbie Brossart. Front row: Kearyn Nelsen and Carson Tracy.

Celebrates 103rd
Ruth Rangen celebrated her 103rd birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 1 at the Heartland Care Center in Devils Lake. Family celebrating with her were, standing, left to right, Kris and Kirby Kallenbach of Maddock and Susan Satrom-Boasch of Page. Seated, left to right, are Leola Davidson of Maddock, Ruth Rangen and Agnes Skarperud of Mayville. Other Benson County guests for cake and coffee were Veloy Vallier and fellow centenarian Palma Rosenberg. Both ladies are also residents of Heartland Care Center.

Foot spa day
Memorial Home residents receiving foot spas are, left to right, Lula Rader, Activities Director Arlyss Bergrud, Doris Lysne, Bennie Marquart, Leo Marquart, Ruth Sorenson and Stella Benson. Providing the foot care are, left to right, Katie Streifel, Lorissa Green and Deanna Johnson, who is busy clipping Leo’s toenails.

Back to school
Attending "school" at the renovated South Viking Township schoolhouse are residents and employees of the Maddock Memorial Home. The schoolhouse is located north of city hall in Maddock. Pictured, left to right, are Mamie Johnson, Leo Marquart, Brent Grondahl, Stella Benson, Diane Gustafson (standing), Mike Fritel, Lula Rader (in front), Florence Johnson, Arlyss Bergrud, Dale Palmer of the Maddock Historical Society, Maxine Lysne and Ruth Nelson.

Weather cooperates
Leeds first graders Carson Tracy (left) and Kearyn Nelsen enjoy class outside during one of the first days of the new school year.

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