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12/24/2008 – Public Notices





November 5, 2008

A regular meeting of the Fort Totten Public School District No. 30 School Board was held Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008 at 12 noon in the conference room of the White Administrative Building at Fort Totten.

Present were Erich Longie by speaker phone, Marty Greywater, Justin Yankton and Frank de la Paz. Absent was Raymond Cavanaugh. Also present were Stephanie Anderson, Wayne Trottier Jr., Charles "Chip"

Anderson, Rick Smith and Shirley Stensland. Board president Dr.

Longie called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.

Mr. Greywater moved to approve the agenda and consent agenda as is.

Mr.Yankton seconded. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.


Payroll $140,004.53

Social Security 16,859.86

Medicare 4,060.24

Federal Withholding 12,780.60

State Withholding 1,611.00

Aflac 1,343.81

BlueCross BlueShield 25,797.50

Discovery Benefits 1,006.18

ND State Disbursements 579.25

NDPERS 2,950.09

NDTFFR 16,327.65

Spirit Lake Housing 262.00

TOTAL 223,582.71


Academic Therapy

Publications $77.00

Acme Electric 105.49

Advanced 190.00

Alltel 546.16

Anderson, Christina 21.00

Anderson, Stephanie 223.50

Audiovisual, Inc. 309.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 325.12

Bismarck Holiday Inn

Express 219.90

Bureau of Education

& Research 199.00

BW Doublwood Inn 330.00

Cash & Carry Lumber 207.20

Central Distributing 32.85

Country Counseling

& Consulting 5,418.00

Country Counseling

& Consulting 441.00

Crystal Spring Books 203.39

Dacotah Paper Co. 156.81

Dakota Boys Ranch 1,216.89

Data Based Directions, Inc. 129.40

de la Paz, Frank 223.50

Dell Marketing 39.00

EduTech 180.00

Food Services of America 579.08

Four Winds Athletic Assn. 75.00

Gallagher, Lorelei 204.00

Grand Forks Herald 11.55

Grand Forks Public School 237.71

Greywater, Marty 223.50

Heart of America

Medical Center 414.38 Holiday Inn, Fargo 109.95

I-Design 1,753.45

Information Tech Dept. 931.65

Jamestown Public School 1,667.59

Jemstone Auto Glass 391.09

Johnson, Sandy 52.14

Kmart 249.80

Kopp, Perry 1,039.00

Krantz’s Greenhouse 225.00

LBE & Associates 576.00

Little Caesar’s Pizza 122.77

Longie, Erich 198.50

Luis Cafe 69.00

Mailbox 29.95

Marketplace Motors 530.67

Montana Dakota Utilities 91.84

ND Center for

Distance Education 5,628.67

ND Council of

School Attorneys 75.00

ND Telephone Co. 2,203.62

ND School Board Assn. 200.00

Nelson, Elizabeth 16.33 Ness, Hayley 61.50

Office & Technology 764.71

Olson, Jeff 84.81

Parker, Cheryl 84.24

Pearce & Durick 193.56

Pearson Education 56.96

Pitney Bowes 286.59

Purchase Power 1,134.69

Ramada Inn-Grand Forks 54.00

Royal Lanes 150.00

Scholastic 817.50

Schoolmasters 338.10

Skillpath Seminars 180.95

Soltis Sportswear 63.00

Southern Regional

Educational 200.00

Spirit Lake Marina 869.95

Three Irons, Daryl 25.00

Tracy’s Market 83.71

Trottier, Wayne Jr. 211.00

Varsity Bags 200.00

Vilie, Linda 547.25

Volk Human Services, LLC 1,102.50

Wal-Mart 227.94

Xerox 3,289.87

Xerox 227.22

Yankton, Justin 223.50

SUBTOTAL 40,180.00


Anderson, Ladd $3,150.00

Gerrells 2,929.55

JS Vending 97.38

Lakeview Dairy 353.40

Nevco Scoreboard 139.88

Smith, Rick 62.36

SUBTOTAL 6,732.57

TOTAL 46,912.57

Mr. Anderson discussed and updated the board on college campus visits scheduled, the "Sources of Strength" training, attendance and honor roll field trip and incident reports. The board asked Mr. Anderson what action was taken over the recent student suicide. Mr. Anderson stated he had community members in the school visit with students.

Mr. de la Paz suggested Mr. Anderson visit with Kim Carlson regarding Cecelia Fire Thunder. Discussion was held on whether the school should have guest speakers during classroom time or after school. The board agreed that speakers should be during the day. Mr. Anderson suggested that it not be mandatory, only optional to students if they want to attend. Discussion was held on having more cultural activities taught to students.

Mr. Greywater moved to approve the minutes of October 7, 2008 as is.

Mr. Yankton seconded. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Discussion was held on the open teaching positions. The board wondered if it is affecting students? Mr. Anderson stated class size has increased as a result, but not where it is affecting students.

Mr. de la Paz moved to approve the personnel report as is. Mr.

Yankton seconded. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Dr. Trottier gave the superintendent’s report, which included information on facilities, board travel, NDSBA training and superintendent travel. Discussion was held on which board members are traveling to the NSBA annual conference and if board members are permitted to attend two out-of-state conferences annually, as decided earlier. Dr. Trottier wanted to know so he and the business manager knew who was attending which conference in order to take advantage of early bird prices for advance reservations. The board agreed to keep the policy as is.

Mr. de la Paz moved to adjourn. Mr. Greywater seconded. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

Stephanie Anderson

Business Manager

Dr. Erich Longie

Board President



November 19, 2008

A regular meeting of the Leeds Board of Education was held November 19, 2008 at 8 p.m. Present were Linda Young, Randy Silliman, Gene Larson, Gay Leapaldt, Brian Engstrom, Supt. Joel Braaten, High School Principal Jeff Manley, Elementary Principal Carol Braaten and Business Manager Maria Dunlap. Matt Swanson was a visitor.

Additions to the agenda: 6) Correspondence – Thank you from Kathy Benson.

The minutes of the of the October 15, 2008 meeting were approved with a correction to Brian Engstrom’s last name.

Mr. Braaten reviewed the reorganization plan. The plan must be approved by December 15, 2008 to hold an election on February 17, 2009.

The board read a letter from the state auditor and a thank you note from Kathy Benson for the plaque.

High School Principal’s Report: Students of the First Quarter; regional One-Act Play held November 13; District III FCCLA leadership meeting in Devils Lake November 5-9; Northwest Music Festival at Minot November 1; and speech field trip to Radio Works in Devils Lake November 19. Girls’ basketball started November 12; volleyball season ended in regional qualifying round; football season ended; and fall sports banquet was held in Minnewaukan November 17.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to purchase embroidered vests as gifts for the teachers and staff.

Elementary Principal’s Report: elementary music concert is set for December 12 at 7:30 p.m.; Jenny Steinhaus is scheduled to do three health-related presentations for K-6 within the next couple of weeks; parent-teacher conference attendance was 98%; elementary girls won the Box Top contest for October, so they had privileges one day last week. The elementary students made two decorations each, to be sold at the elementary Christmas concert, with proceeds going to Dollars for Scholars. Mrs. Braaten read a letter from ND State Fair Director Connie Hanson in appreciation of the elementary participation in the art show. Mrs. Braaten also read a thank you note from Audrey Herman for the plaque.

Mr. Braaten reported on the NDSBA law seminar and other NDSBA convention sessions.

Linda Young and Randy Silliman reported on the NDSBA convention sessions they attended.

Mr. Braaten reported on the NESC and the ND Governor’s Commission on Education Improvement.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the October financial statements and bills for payment.


Anderson, April $125.00

B & H Oil Co. 3,415.80

Benson Co. Farmers Press 183.86

Boiler Inspection Program 45.00

Bolton, Lanita 64.00

Braaten, Carol 74.00

Braaten, Joel 369.00

Chad’s Amoco Inc. 217.82

Clute Office Equipment 152.00

The Computer Store, Inc. 1,527.50

Dakota Assemblies 325.00

Dakota Web Composers, LLC 60.00

Derrickson, Richard 32.18

Devils Lake Daily Journal 118.50

Dunlap, Maria 207.00

Ecolab Pest Elimination 102.50

Eldridge Publishing Co. 72.60

Farmers Union Oil Co. 296.20

FRS Industries 45.44

G & R Controls 2,881.00

Gerrells & Co. 27.70

Herman, Audrey 81.00

Information Technology

Department 119.95

Jacobson, Lucia 151.00

Lake Region Sheet Metal, Inc. 409.62

Leapaldt, Gay 207.00

Leeds Honor Society 9.99

Leeds School Foodservice

Fund 1,182.50

Mac’s Inc. 32.32

Maddock Public School Dist. 9 154.00

Manley, Jeffrey 182.00

MedCenter One Inc. 150.00

Menards-Minot 161.47

Minot State University 370.00

Moser, Larry 7.02

ND High School Activities Assn. 25.00

ND Telephone Co. 355.23

NE Education Services

Co-op. 4,000.00

OfficeMax 506.81

Otter Tail Power Co. 4,318.42

Pierce County Tribune 30.02

Plank Road Publishing Inc. 54.30

Praxair Distributing, Inc. 19.50

Quill Corporation 222.79

Ramkota Hotel 422.00

Scholastic, Inc. 715.00

Silliman, Randy 199.50

Simplex Time Recorder Co. 45.00

Time for Kids 53.04

Towner Co. Medical Center 139.75

Towner Co. Record Herald 43.87

Tracy’s Market 157.16

Wally’s Supermarkets 38.96

Young, Linda 207.00

Haagenson, Patty 256.09

Region IV Drama 50.00

Cando Insurance 92.00

Wal-Mart Community 68.57

ND Council of School Attorneys 180.00

ND School Boards Assn. 705.00

Bottineau School 1,017.36

Stave, Daniel 170.00

A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve an open enrollment application for Anderson child to attend Maddock Public School.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve an open enrollment application for Follman children to attend Maddock Public School.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept a tuition agreement for Alexander children to attend Devils Lake Public Schools.

Mr. Braaten presented the Commission on Education Improvement Report.

Mr. Braaten presented the superintendent’s report. Changing the insurance carrier was discussed.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to change the insurance carrier from Cando to Leeds at the end of the current insurance coverage period.

Mr. Braaten reported two candidates were interviewed, and Mr. Manley was hired, as head coach for the new football co-op of Minnewaukan, Maddock and Leeds. Mr. Hoffner and Mr. Risovi will be assistant coaches. Mr. Seiler and Mr. Jacobson will coach the junior high team.

Mr. Braaten and the board would like to thank Dennis Paulson for donating forklift time to help install the new football scoreboard.

Al McKay of the Lake Region District Health Unit was here November 18 to do his first inspection. Only two minor issues were found. A junior high girls’ basketball coach has not been found. They are currently practicing with the varsity and junior varsity teams.

A special meeting for the purpose of reviewing the superintendant’s evaluation will be held December 11 at 8 a.m.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 17 at 7 p.m.

Maria Dunlap

Business Manager

Randy Silliman







December 2, 2008

The Benson County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, December 2, 2008 at 9 a.m. in the commissioner room of the Benson County Courthouse in Minnewaukan, ND. Commissioners present were Jason Lee, David Davidson, Curtis Hvinden, Lowell Haagenson and Michael N. Steffan. Also present was Richard Peterson of the Benson County Farmers Press. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Steffan.

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Hvinden, to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of November 18, 2008. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

At 9:04 a.m., the newly elected officials were sworn in.

Road Superintendent Gene Hager and Todd Laverdure met with the board to give an update on issues concerning the road department and the repayment of money for flood projects from FEMA. The board discussed removal of hay bales from the shoulders of county roads. Hager mentioned the debt several townships have from the impact of the flooding of Devils Lake and the interest rates being charged to the townships. Hager asked that the board give consideration to the townships due to the special circumstances surrounding the debt.

Hager suggested the county pay the total 15% cost share for the townships with money generated from the Emergency Fund levy or some other source.

At 9:43 a.m., David and Kathy Daeley met with the board to discuss his interest in the Veterans Services Office (VSO) position. The board reviewed a job application submitted by Daeley. Daeley gave input to the board on various VSO issues. The board reviewed the other application submitted for the VSO position. Lee suggested contacting the state VSO office in Fargo to see if the person selected must be a veteran. The state office was contacted and the board was informed the selected person does not need to be a veteran, but veteran’s preference is to be used. A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Hvinden, to readvertise the VSO position. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

Clerk of District Court Lana Johnson came to the meeting to introduce Nicole Hanson, newly appointed deputy clerk of court.

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Lee, to appoint David Davidson to the Benson County Social Service Board to replace Dwain Brown. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Hvinden, to appoint Michael N. Steffan to the Benson County Job Development Board to replace Dwain Brown. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Hvinden, to appoint David Davidson to the North Central Planning Council to replace Dwain Brown. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

Road Dept. Secratary Wanda Teigen met with the board and presented the final reports for the audit of 2001 FEMA projects. She indicated FEMA is requesting repayment of $1,400 for work performed in Sec. 30 & 31 in Arne Township. Teigen also indicated a discrepancy of $4,561 was found in the administrative allowance but receipts can be produced to account for the discrepancy and resolve the issue.

Joe Mayer of Butler Machine met with the board.

The board reviewed and discussed the monthly county bills along with the bills paid by Benson County Transportation. The board discussed the operations of Benson County Transportation. A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Haagenson, to pay all county approved bills. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. The following bills were paid:

Donna Lennon $147.20

Frances Schneider 186.80

Harland Berg 81.88

Knox American Legion 25.00

Magdalena Miller 102.50

Vivian Seter 102.50

Carol Thompson 137.30

Irma Dulmage 156.20

Leeds Community Center 25.00

Luella Follman 131.00

Lee Larson 140.00

Ruth Lunde 131.45

Arlene L. Hoffner 190.60

Esmond Fire 25.00

Gordon Smith 123.70

Helen Tollerud 131.20

Jerry Leier 138.10

Margaret Marthe 134.50

Anna Slater 161.50

Joan Gilbertson 110.70

Letitia Gilbertson 149.20

Maddock Community Ctr. 25.00

Majorie Rice 125.50

Robert Hunter 121.40

Arlene Lien 106.60

Carol Thompson 106.60

Grace Ball 106.60

Kathryn Duchscherer 106.60

Minnewaukan 55 Club 25.00

Trish McQuoid 85.15

Blenda Carlson 122.30

Oberon City 25.00

Gail Hanson 130.40

Janice Hager 111.50

Linda Madson 148.70

Ruth Buehler 110.70

Blue Bldg. 25.00

Carol M. Jabs 120.50

Duane Nelson 204.30

Esther Abraham 131.30

Tiffaney Foss 129.50

Vivian Jetty 170.10

Colin Barstad 174.60

Warwick Fire 25.00

Gary Elfman 134.40

Linda L Elfman 98.40

Lori Frost 78.60

Randy Thompson 125.70

Michael Steffan 318.50

Curtis Hvinden 333.00

Jason Lee 53.00

Dwain Brown 123.65

Lowell Haagenson 101.60

Conseco Health Ins. Co. 61.00

Crossroads 205.22

Farmer Union Oil-Mdk 82.25

Hoiberg’s 28.35

Meritcare Healthcare 375.00

Maddock Mini Mart 300.55

NDACO Resource Group 309.00

Otter Tail Power Co. 893.41

Quality Photo 17.75

Visa 358.98

B & H Oil 13,932.56

Farmers Union Oil-Mdk 3,470.13

Farmers Union Oil-Mdk 1,185.80

Lyndon Olson 18.90

Otter Tail Power Co. 215.04

Rieger Service 3,705.91

NDAAO 100.00

Distribution of Entities 109,763.90

Social Welfare 5,958.09

Aflac 858.63

Alltel 177.14

Bonnie Erickson 413.52

Claudette Carlson 95.16

Chad’s Amoco 173.89

Michael Steffan 27.00

Dean Petska 50.00

Gordon Smith 62.95

Information Technology Dept. 437.74

James Wang 580.00

Nationwide Retirement Services 20.00

ND Telephone Co. 632.74

Steven Rohrer 32.75

Shelly Weed 87.23

Synergy Graphics, Inc. 6.90

Clute’s Office Equipment 218.36

Minnewaukan City 99.95

Colonial 17.33

Dental Service Corp. of ND 3,263.99

Election Systems & Software 2,713.81

Melissa Buckmier 425.83

NDPERS 10,927.57

Nationwide Retirement

Solution 879.00

Protective Life Ins. Co. 129.28

Ramkota Hotel 438.00

Randy Thompson 257.40

Wayne Trophies 14.20

Motorola 82,770.36

Social Welfare 6,143.82

Alltel 131.28

Bryan Britsch 188.00

BC Homeland Security 723.52

Butler Machine 1,667.77

Esmond City 25.05

Minnewaukan City 39.50

David Abrahamson 85.00

Farm Plan 32.81

Go-fer Sanitation 55.00

Harlow Sanitation 15.00

J & J Backhoe Service 110.00

J S Vending, Inc. 76.90

Kate Johnson 101.40

Lake Region Sheet Metal 155.14

Mac’s Inc. 91.06

Mayo Construction 1,170.00

Dakota Implement 91.78

ND Dept. of Transportation 438.43

ND Dept. of Transportation 171.16

ND Dept. of Transportation 48.01

ND Telephone Co. 154.48

Nick of Time 800.00

Nodak Electric Co-op. 74.83

Northern Plains Electric Co-op. 32.00

Otter Tail Power Co. 64.86

Paul Kallenbach 118.00

US Postmaster 227.00

Power Plan (RDO Equip.) 223.87

Praxair Distribution Inc. 10.25

Quality Welding 92.64

Spirit Lake Refuse 10.00

Swenson’s Plumbing & Heating 151.00

Wal-Mart 25.64

Ag Resources 57.80

Benson Co. Highway Dept. 199.44

Candlewood Suites @ NDSU 165.00

Cass County Tr. 145.50

Clute’s Office Equip. 899.00

Michael Steffan 89.00

Curtis Hvinden 54.00

Jason Lee 63.80

Dwain Brown 85.40

Lowell Haagenson 74.60

Ellen Huffman 21.15

Ellen Huffman 1,800.00

Expressway Inn 49.95

Hewlett-Packard Co. 125.00

Hoiberg’s 27.06

Institute of Local Government 60.00

Lana Johnson 124.20

LR Law Enforcement Ctr. 2,666.75

McQuoid’s Grocery 36.01

ND Assn. of Counties 7,373.00

ND Public Employee

Retirement 18,979.08

NDSU 507.50

Office Depot 71.46

Otter Tail Power Co. 1,367.52

Prairie Public 150.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 1,125.38

R & B Camera & Alarm System 450.00

Reliable Office Supplies 60.02

Universal Services 118.00

Wal-Mart 64.36

Wanda Teigen 1,800.00


County Agent 953.79

Emergency Disaster 985.42

VSO 942.74

County Road 35,231.11

Social Services 28,718.37

County General 31,797.05

The board reviewed a letter from the NDDOT dated November 24, 2008 regarding diagnostic findings of railroad crossings.

A motion passed to adjourn at 11:30 a.m.

Bonnie Erickson

Benson County Auditor

Michael N. Steffan




December 12, 2008

A regular meeting of the Knox City Council was held Friday, December

12 at 7 p.m. at the Knox Fire Hall. Present were Mayor Lloyd Marchus and Alderman J.P. Robbins. Alderman Hart was absent.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Marchus. The minutes of the last meeting were read by City Auditor Pat Robbins. The minutes were approved as read. The financial reports were presented by City Auditor Robbins and approved as submitted.

Bills paid for November were as follows:

Waste Management $288.99

Otter Tail Power Co. 144.91

Benson Co. Farmers Press 68.48

Pat Robbins 69.26

Patrick Hageness 191.25

J.P. Robbins 105.00

Old business included a pay raise for the board and city auditor. The increase will take effect in January of 2009.

Discussion was held on Otter Tail Power Co. raising the rates for the street lights and the fire hall electric bill being triple from the same period last year.

Alderman Robbins said he would contact the blade man and have him come into town when he cleans county roads. In the interim, Hageness, Robbins, Stone and Black will do the initial snow removal.

The next meeting will be Friday, January 9 at 7 p.m. at the Knox Fire Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Pat Robbins

City Auditor

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