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5/28/2008 – News

Volume 125, Number 17           Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Esmond native retires after 40 years in education
Editor’s note: Esmond native Les Anderson is a 1964 graduate of Esmond High School. His wife, Debbie, also a teacher, is a 1966 Esmond graduate. He is the son of the late Harley and Adeline Anderson and she is the daughter of the late Tony and Marie Bartsch.

BY ANDREA JOHNSON – Minot Daily News

It’s not every middle-school principal who has been principal to his children and a grandchild, but head principal Les Anderson finished his last year at Jim Hill Middle School with his oldest grandchild in the building.

"She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it," Anderson said.

In fact, sixth-grader Hannah Nelson seems to love it. She often visits Anderson in his office or does her homework there.

Anderson has been an educator for 40 years, with 38 of those years spent in the Minot Public School District. He has won numerous awards during his time there, including the North Dakota Middle Level Principal of the Year, Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award, Earl Reum Award and National Association of Student Councils Distinguished Service Award.

"I have been involved in education my entire life," Anderson said.

"The start of the school year has always been my favorite time of the year. I will truly miss the energy, excitement and renewal that comes with the start of the school year."

When August comes, Anderson said he’ll probably miss buying a new suit and getting ready for the start of another school year. Since he spent 17 years in school before he started teaching, he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t in school.

He’s proud of all the things he’s accomplished in his time as an educator. After graduating from Minot State University in 1968, he started out as a classroom teacher at Esmond High School and was then a classroom teacher at Jim Hill Middle School, Minot High School-Central Campus before becoming assistant principal at Memorial Middle School, then at Minot High School-Central Campus. He’s been the head principal at Jim Hill Middle School for 19 years.

Anderson was one of those instrumental in bringing the middle school philosophy to North Dakota.

"The middle school is the last best chance to influence students before they make serious decisions regarding issues that effect them for the rest of their life," he said. "The first step in addressing these issues is to develop a good school climate where the culture defines that every person is unique and special. If every student becomes a part of what we do, they take complete ownership in the school.

"In order to involve all students in our school, every staff member is expected to be involved in some type of student activity outside the classroom," he said. "We believe that co-curricular activities are the ‘third curriculum’ which enhances everything that we do with students. This philosophy acknowledges the fact that real learning takes place in activity programs.

"At Jim Hill Middle School we understand desired employability skills include problem solving, following directions, knowing strengths and weaknesses, listening, accomplishing goals, group process, and being a leader," he said. "These are just some of the life skills students learn through involvement in activities."

Anderson said the larger cities in North Dakota have adopted the middle-school philosophy for their public school systems and he’s convinced that it works well for kids.

Throughout his career, he’s been extremely active in the student council organization. He served on the North Dakota Association of Secondary School Principals board of directors for 31 years and for

15 years as executive director of the National Honor Society and Student Council. He has served on the National Association of Secondary School Principals national council for the National Honor Society. He’s also been involved in a number of other state and national organizations.

Anderson is planning to stay involved with children. He’ll work full-time with student activities at the local, state and national level.

"I also plan to work with the National Association of Secondary School Principals in Washington, DC and the North Dakota Association of Secondary School Principals in Bismarck," Anderson said. "We are in the process of forming a non-profit 501(c)(3) association, which will include middle level and high school student councils and National Honor Society." Anderson will be executive director of that organization.

Anderson said he’ll also be spending lots of time with his grandchildren during his retirement.

Hannah and her three younger siblings all live in Minot and it would be hard for him to see them any more than he already does, he said.

He also has another grandchild who lives out of state and "one on the way."

Les Anderson, who is retiring after 40 years in education, poses with his granddaughter, Hannah Nelson, a sixth-grader at Jim Hill Middle School where her grandfather has been head principal for 19 years. (Minot Daily News photo by Andrea Johnson)

The school marquee sign advertises Anderson’s retirement Thursday.

Fellow teachers asked him to "go out to the bank" for awhile so they could organize a surprise for Anderson on Thursday. (Minot Daily News photo by Andrea Johnson)

Students study art
Leeds first graders Keaton Nelsen, Ashley Thayne and Nathan Elverud pose in front of their wall of art which was displayed at the recent elementary spring music and art program. Students created the works of art in their art class. This year first graders studied the works of art masters Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Students also learned how to use the different art media and techniques. Nathan Elverud is holding his clay dragon. Art teacher for grade one is Susan Braun.

Third grade students Kaylee Lybeck, Grace Nybo and Dalton Onerheim hold up their body art, large size portraits of themselves as they stand in front of their display of art. Third graders studied the works of famous artists Georgia O’Keefe and Sonja Delaunay this year. They also studied multicultural art by doing Navajo sand painting and clay Guatemala worry dolls. Art teacher for grade three is Susan Braun.

Students see stars
Leeds Elementary School students recently enjoyed a trip into the world of astronomy inside the STARLAB, a portable planetarium which is an inflatable dome capable of accommodating about 25 students. Inside the dome, a cylinder projector showed students the night sky, while Doris Griffin from the Lake Region Teachers’ Center informed students of numerous interesting facts about our galaxy. Left to right are: back row — Austin Blazer, Annie Jorgenson, Timber Morgan, Kalvin Slaubaugh, Doris Griffin and Carlito Woods. Front row: Riley Lawrence, Paige Johnson, Julissa McGarvey, Tristan Henderson and Aidan Ritterman.

Wildcats girls crowned Region 3 champs and boys earn 3rd place at meet in Devils Lake
How about those track kids? By the time this article is printed about the Region 3 meet in Devils Lake on May 17, the boys and girls will have competed at the North Dakota Class B State Track Meet in Bismarck. Photos and stats from that meet will be in the next issue of the Farmers Press.
Both teams represented Benson County very well at Region 3. The girls were once again victorious over all, earning 3.5 points more than Langdon-Munich and bringing home the championship.
Lindsay Anderson of Leeds was chosen Region 3 Girls’ Senior Athlete of the Year, one of the many honors bestowed upon this talented student athlete throughout her cross-country and track career.
And seventh grader Sara Schwanke of Maddock showed signs of being the next Wildcats long distance runner other teams will have to contend with.
The last hurdle for the Wildcats girls in the 2008 season is defending their state title in Bismarck.

Here are the team scores from Region 3:

Benson County 143.5, Langdon-Munich 140, Wells County-New Rockford-Sheyenne 121, Carrington 121, Rolette-Wolford 60, Harvey 55, Nelson County 32, North Star 27.5, Northern Lights 22 and Four Winds 1.

Individual and team statistics:

100 meter dash: Sharisa Yri 12.96, 5th.

200 meter dash: Sharisa Yri 27.03, 4th.

800 meter run: Katelynn Engh 2:49.49, 7th; Erin Leier 2:51.19, 8th.

1600 meter run: Sara Schwanke 5:45.81, 2nd; Katrece Thompson 5:48.31, 4th; Katelynn Engh 6:05.27, 5th; Mackenzie Bullinger 6:28.68, 6th.

3200 meter run: Lindsay Anderson 11:20.01, 1st; Mackenzie Bullinger 14:45.58, 4th; Ashley Manley 15:47.37, 6th.

100 meter high hurdles: Jessie Schwanke 16.84, 5th.

300 meter low hurdles: Jessie Schwanke 50.17, 6th.

4×100 meter relay: BC (Sharisa Yri, Jessie Schwanke, Breana Buehler, Jordan Callahan) 53.30, 3rd.

4×200 meter relay: BC (Breana Buehler, Rachael Olson, Chelsey Weigler, McKenzie Silliman) 2:05.60, 6th.

4×400 meter relay: BC (Sara Schwanke, Katelynn Engh, Katie Rice, McKenzie Silliman) 4:52.81, 6th.

4×800 meter relay: BC (Sara Schwanke, Erin Leier, Katrece Thompson, Lindsay Anderson) 10:26.69, 1st.

Shot put: Courtney Hestdalen 29’8", 9th.

Discus: Courtney Hestdalen 99’7", 3rd; Denage Braaten 87’3", 8th.

High jump: Jordan Callahan 4’10", 1st; Meghan Jorgenson 4’3", tie-5th; Chelsey Weigler 4′, 8th.

Pole vault: Allison Manley 6’6", tie-5th.

Long jump: Jessie Schwanke 16’6.5", 1st; Jordan Callahan 15’10.5", 3rd.

Triple jump: Jordan Callahan 33’3.5", 1st; Erin Leier 31’1", 2nd; Breana Buehler 30’7.75", 4th.

The girls have had many successful seasons in track and field, unintentionally putting the boys’ team in their shadow. There aren’t many complaints about that, though, as the boys have always heartily cheered the girls on.

This year, the guys racked up an impressive 131.5 points at Region 3, earning the No. 3 spot. (Yes, the girls cheered them on.) Andy Bergrud of Maddock worked hard in the off season to be at the top of his game in football, basketball AND track and field. It paid off May 17 when he was selected as the Region 3 Boys’ Senior Athlete of the Year.

What an honor for the Benson County Wildcats, their coaches, parents and fans to have the senior athletes of the year as members of their team.

Here are the boys’ team scores from Region 3:

Harvey 170, Langdon-Munich 148, Benson County 131.5, Northern Lights 101, Carrington 74.5, Wells County-New Rockford-Sheyenne 49, Nelson County 41 and North Star 22.

Individual and team statistics:

100 meter dash: JD Schmid 11.43, 7th.

200 meter dash: Daniel Luhman 24.02, 8th.

400 meter dash: Derek Engh 56.49, 6th.

800 meter run: Beau Buehler 2:19.54, 3rd.

1600 meter run: Colton Bullinger 5:10.41, 2nd; Jason Smith 5:15.27, 4th; Andy Backstrom 5:22.02, 6th.

3200 meter run: Colton Bullinger 11:33.79, 1st; Andy Backstrom 11:55.89, 2nd; Jason Smith 12:09.93, 3rd.

110 meter high hurdles: Michael Rameden 20.15, 3rd; Andy Backstrom 24.29, 6th.

300 meter int. hurdles: Paul Rice 43.31, 1st; Michael Rameden 50.58, 7th.

4×100 meter relay: BC (JD Schmid, Paul Rice, Daniel Luhman, Andy

Bergrud) 45.69, 2nd.

4×400 meter relay: BC (Derek Engh, Beau Buehler, Matt Knudson, Paul

Rice) 3:50.89, 3rd.

4×800 meter relay: BC (Derek Engh, Colton Bullinger, Andy Backstrom, Beau Buehler) 9:00.54, 2nd.

Shot put: Kyle Britsch 38′, 7th.

Discus: Brennan Eyl 108’8", 6th.

High jump: Beau Buehler 5’4", 5th.

Pole vault: Daniel Luhman 7’6", tie-7th.

Long jump: Andy Bergrud 21’4", 1st; JD Schmid 18’1.5", 6th; Michael Rameden 17’8.5", 9th.

Triple jump: Andy Bergrud 42’4", 1st; Blake Darling 35’11", 5th.
The Benson County Wildcats girls’ team took the Region 3 championship on Saturday, May 17 in Devils Lake. Left to right, front row, are Amanda Redetzke, Katrece Thompson and Ashley Manley. Row 2: Courtney Hestdalen, Lindsay Anderson, Denage Braaten, Jordan Callahan, Rachel Olson and Meghan Jorgenson. Row 3: Erin Leier, Jessie Schwanke (hidden), Chelsey Weigler and McKenzie Silliman. Row 4: Jessica Bingham, Allison Manley, Sara Schwanke and Katelynn Engh. Back row: Mackenzie Bullinger, Sharisa Yri and Breana Buehler.

The Benson County Wildcats boys’ team took third at the Region 3 track meet. Left to right, front row, are Michael Rameden, Paul Rice, Daniel Luhman, JD Schmid, Alex Beecroft and Jason Smith. Back row: Coach Vanessa Peters, Coach Larry Moser, Andy Bergrud, Dallas Welch, Blake Darling, Andy Backstrom, Kyle Britsch, Colton Bullinger, Trevor Knutson, Matt Knudson, Beau Buehler, Coach Bobby Hoffner and Coach Mike Callahan. Not pictured are Derek Engh and Brennan Eyl.

Earn scholarships
Three members of the Maddock High School Class of 2008 each received a $400 Harriet Volk Memorial Scholarship which was presented at the Maddock commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 25. The scholarship is sponsored by the Maddock Education Association and is funded through donations from the Maddock School staff and also through 50/50 bingo at Maddock High School sports events. The North Star Community Credit Union has also sponsored the 50/50 bingo and donated the payout to the winner. The family of Harriet Volk has also donated to the scholarhsip fund over the past 12 years.
Receiving the scholarship for 2008 are Michelle Olson, daughter of Daryl and Val Olson; Kimberly Randle, daughter of Wayne and Diane Randle; and Taylor Arne, son of Brad and Wendy Arne.
The Harriet Volk Memorial Scholarship began in 1996 with the untimely death of Harriet Volk, who was a speech pathologist at the Maddock School from 1982 through 1985. This is the 13th year the scholarship has been awarded. Anyone wishing to donate to the scholarship fund may contact the Maddock School for information or Vanessa Peters, president of the Maddock Education Association.

Maddock High School seniors who each received a $400 Harriet Volk Memorial Scholarship are pictured. Left to right are Michelle Olson, Kimberly Randle and Taylor Arne.

Bad luck continues to follow Drevlows
Editor’s note: The following story appeared in the Thursday, May 15 edition of the Bismarck Tribune. It concerns former Benson County residents Roger and Joanne Drevlow. Originally from Ada, Minn., the Drevlows came to Benson County in 1972 and lived north of Maddock for three years. Then they bought a farm south of Maddock. Fate wasn’t kind to them. In 1975 a drought wiped out their crops. In Jan. of 1978, their hog barn, with pigs and cattle inside, burned to the ground. In 1979 hail wiped out their crops and on Dec. 12, 1979 their home burned to the ground. Also going up in smoke were the Christmas presents for their 4 children. The Maddock community rallied around the family, but depressed farm prices, along with their other misfortunes, provided the final blow and they were forced to leave the farm in 1984.
BY KAREN HERZOG – Bismarck Tribune
For more than 20 years, Roger Drevlow of Bismarck has been on the helping side of the helping hand. In his job as a Thrivent Financial partner, he was part of the fraternal organization’s "giving back" to the communities it serves.
As a fraternal not-for-profit, Thrivent pays no taxes on the premiums it collects, said Thrivent financial associate Benjamin Brandt. In return, the organization gives back to its communities in supplemental funds — helping out groups such as Habitat for Humanity, the God’s Child Project, individuals and churches.
The fund raiser that Thrivent sponsored May 18 is special, because it’s for Drevlow, one of its own.
Drevlow, 54, suffered a massive stroke on March 6 in Minot, said his wife, Joanne, who is the principal at Martin Luther School in Bismarck.
After about a month of hospitalization in Bismarck, he was transferred to SCCI Hospital in Mandan for rehabilitation. While he was there, he began to have chest pains, and on April 25 underwent a triple bypass, she said.
Drevlow is now in rehabilitation at St. Alexius Medical Center, where he is making progress, though slowly, she said.
"When we started this out, they said at first he might not make it, then he would be in a nursing home," Joanne Drevlow said. "He’s gone way beyond that. We’re so pleased that he can stand up and be transferred to a wheelchair."
Drevlow’s left leg is paralyzed, so he is learning to walk with a walker, she said. There’s a possibility he may get to come home in a couple of weeks, she said. When he does come home, he will need 24-hour care, she said.
Joanne Drevlow is dividing her time now between her work at the school and trying to get their house handicapped-accessible. Changes include removing a bedroom wall for wheelchair access, creating a handicapped shower, making the downstairs bathroom accessible and building an exterior ramp.
People from Messiah Lutheran in Mandan and the group Laborers for Christ are already working on some of the changes, Joanne Drevlow said.
The couple’s six grown children have been coming and going as they are able, Joanne Drevlow said. One son and one daughter will be coming home for the summer to help out, she said. "We don’t know what the future is," she said.
"Roger has been with us in our business and with Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood (Thrivent predecessor organizations) for 20-plus years," said Thrivent financial associate Dennis Vernon.
"He’s the greatest guy since sliced bread. When you think of the person you know as the best Christian, multiply that times two — that’s Roger Drevlow. He’s a phenomenal person," Vernon said.
The Sunday fund raiser at Bismarck’s Zion Lutheran was spearheaded by about 10 of Thrivent’s financial associates from Bismarck and western North Dakota. "We felt the need to do this for Roger," Vernon said.
Drevlow has sponsored many fund raisers throughout the years, Joanne Drevlow said. "He’s done this kind of thing for lots of people.
"I’m just overwhelmed with people’s willingness to come forward and help," she said. She has been posting notes about her husband on the CaringBridge Web site (; so far, almost 9,000 visitors have checked in, she said.
"Because he was a partner in Thrivent, he knew people all over the country," she said. "We can’t say how wonderful Thrivent has been. His supervisor from Denver has been here three times."
Vernon said Drevlow often recalled what his father, a pastor, would say — "Roger, it’s not about you."
This time, Vernon said, "We’ve all told him, ‘Roger, this time it is about you.’ "
The family will encounter many expenses, such as redoing the house, that aren’t covered, he said. "This is going to be a whole new life for them. "Roger has given so much to us," Vernon said. "We felt we needed to give back."
Supplemental funds will be provided by Thrivent Financial’s Burleigh, Morton and Oliver-Mercer chapters. Checks payable to Thrivent Financial may be mailed to Attn: Jen Bjerke, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, 4007 State St., Suite 11, Bismarck, N.D. 58503.

Roger and Joanne Drevlow in 2006 on the deck of their Bismarck home that is now undergoing renovation to allow access for Roger’s walker and wheelchair. (Photo by Tom Stromme of the Bismarck Tribune)

Medhus Scholarships go to 12
Scholarships have been awarded to twelve honor students of the 2008 graduating class of Leeds Public School from the Bennett and Marie Medhus Scholarship Fund. Those receiving the awards were: Lindsay Anderson and Katrina Lybeck $400 each; Michael Anderson $300; Nicole Herman, Amber Bracken, Shawn Swanson, Matthew Pepple, Callie Brossart, Dallas Johnson, Collin Boyles, Alisha Strand and Brendan Tarang $200 each.
The Bennett and Marie Medhus Scholarship Fund started in 1979 with money received from the Bennett Medhus estate. Each year scholarships are awarded to graduating honor students from the money received from interest on the fund. The first scholarships were awarded in 1980. Since that time 233 students have received scholarships totaling $81,900.
A five-member committee administers the fund. Current committee members are Evadean Baglien and Breanne Larson, representing the community; Matthew Swanson, a faculty member; and Linda Young and Randy Silliman, Leeds Public School District school board members.

Recipients of the Bennett and Marie Medhus Scholarships at the Leeds School this year are, left to right, back row: Nicole Herman, Amber Bracken and Lindsay Anderson. Middle row: Dallas Johnson, Matthew Pepple, Brendan Tarang and Katrina Lybeck. Front row: Michael Anderson, Callie Brossart, Collin Boyles and Alisha Strand.

Kindergarten graduation
Eighteen members of the Warwick kindergarten class made a sign for graduation. They sang songs, did chants and showed how each day opened this year. Dressed up in their best clothes, they are pictured with their teacher and paraprofessional. Left to right, front row are paraprofessional Mrs. Dori Walter, MaryJane Cavanaugh, Sydney Tollefson, Kansas Cavanaugh, Kalem Jackson, Klint Georgeson, Chadd Keo, Brielle Ramirez, Sarah Anderson and teacher Mrs. Charlotte Franks-Erickson. Back row: Gary Feather, Kory Georgeson, Mallory DeMarce, Diego Lufkins, Montero Redfox, Mariah Redfox, David Mandan, Jackson Delorme, Warren Green and Julian Hill. They dedicated one of their songs to elementary principal Steve Jacobson and parents were presented with scrapbooks for each child covering the year made by Mrs. Erickson. The school purchased a cake and punch for the families following the program.

Perfect attendance
Danielle Owlboy (center) received a perfect attendance certificate for this year at the Warwick School. She also received a $100 gift certificate. Making the presentation were school board president Larry Thiele (left) and elementary principal Steve Jacobson (right).
Samantha Owlboy and Isaac Owlboy (center), students at the Warwick School, received certificates for having missed only one day of school this year.

Carlson takes first
Sara Laite of the NDSU Extension Service Family Nutrition Program in Devils Lake presents Tylor Carlson with a certificate for receiving first place in the statewide "Eat Smart. Play Hard." pre-teen poster contest. He also received a $50 gift card. Tylor is a fifth grader at Central Middle School in Devils Lake. He is the son of Jason and Candace Carlson and the grandson of Dale and Helen Carlson of Devils Lake and Harland and Vi Berg of York. The NDSU Extension Service Nutrition, Safety and Health Program and the Center for 4-H Youth Development sponsored the contest, which was open to youth ages 8 to 19. The contest entrants created posters that inform youth and adults about the importance of healthy food choices and regular physical activity. There were 207 entries.

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