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11/7/2007 – Public Notices


Public notice is hereby given that on October 18, 2007, Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc. filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., for a construction permit for a new noncommercial educational FM station on Channel 201

C2 (88.1 MHz) at Minnewaukan, North Dakota. The proposed station will operate with an effective radiated power of 17 kilowatts and an antenna height of 192 meters above ground from a transmitter located

4 miles west of Minnewaukan, Benson County, North Dakota. The main studio for the proposed station will be located at 1814 N. 15th St., Bismarck, North Dakota.

The officers and members of the governing board of the applicant are:

John E. Harris III (President/CEO), Clyde Allen, John Andrist, Howard Barlow, Rich Becker, Claudia Berg, Sally Berrell, Karen Ehrens, Ray Holmberg, Scot Kelsh, Leslie Malcolmson, Dave Monson, Mike Pole, Al Samuelson, Connie Sprynczynatyk, Reeh Taylor, Ramona Two Shields, and Kenneth Zealand.

A copy of the application and related materials are on file for public inspection during normal business hours at the Prairie Public Broadcasting Offices, 207 N. 5th St., Fargo, North Dakota.

(Publish Oct. 24 & 31 & Nov. 7, 2007)


PRELIMINARY & CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING SERVICES The Benson County Commission is requesting proposals for preliminary and construction engineering services for three tied chip seal projects. The first is SC-0328(064) from five miles west of Oberon east, nine miles in length; the second is SC-0305(059) from 13.6 miles south of Esmond north, 13.6 miles in length; and the third is

SC-0328(065) from west of Maddock, one mile in length.

The following information shall be supplied:

A. Firm’s Capability:

1. Resume’ of key personnel.

2. In house engineering expertise and or need for outside consultants (civil, electrical, mechanical, testing, etc.).

3. Firm’s previous experience with North Dakota State and Federal Highway Administration projects and guidelines.

4. Survey expertise, both data collection and construction staking.

B. Record and Performance:

1. Submit brochure of firm if available.

2. Submit references of four clients and/or individuals with proposal; one shall be a financial reference.

3. Resume’ of design and construction review personnel with brief description of review procedure (Number of persons, full time, part-time, etc.).

C. General Information:

1. Ownership, verify if minority owned.

2. Familiarity and proximity in regard to geographic location.

Each firm will be judged on a basis of values as shown above.

One or more firms may be selected for the interview position of the selection process by the Benson County Commissioners.

Those firms not selected will be advised in writing.

The preliminary and construction engineering fees shall be negotiated with the successful firm. If the fee cannot be agreed upon, the county reserves the right to negotiate with the second and third choice. All costs incurred by a firm submitting a proposal shall be borne by that firm.

The Benson County Commissioners reserve the right to reject any and/or all proposals.

Proposals will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on November 30, 2007 at the office of the Benson County Auditor.

Please submit proposal to:

Preliminary & Construction Engineering Services c/o Bonnie Erickson Benson County Auditor PO Box 206 Minnewaukan, ND 58351-0206

(701) 473-5340

(Publish Nov. 7, 14 and 21, 2007)






Civil No. 03-07-C-00125

Citizens Community Credit Union, )

Plaintiff, )

vs. )

Kevin Alexander, Jeri Alexander, )

and Benson County Social Services )

Board through the North Dakota )

Department of Human Services, )

Defendants. )

Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Judgment and Decree in foreclosure rendered and given by the District Court in and for the County of Benson, North Dakota, Northeast Judicial District, entered and docketed in the office of the Clerk of said Court on the 28th day of August, 2007, in an action wherein Kevin Alexander, Jeri Alexander and Benson County Social Services Board through the North Dakota Department of Human Services were the defendants, in which decree it was adjudged that there was due and owing to the plaintiff upon said mortgage indebtedness the sum of Twenty-three Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty-three Dollars and 81/100 ($23,863.81) plus interest from August 24, 2007; by virtue of a writ of Special Execution to me issued out of the office of the Clerk of said Court, I will sell said property described in said Judgment and hereinafter described to the highest bidder for cash at public auction at the front door of the Courthouse in the City of Minnewaukan, Benson County, North Dakota, on the 10th day of December, 2007 at 10:00 a.m., and on that day to set aside the amount due to plaintiff with accrued costs as of the date of sale, or so much thereafter as the proceeds of said sale applicable thereto will satisfy.

The premises to be sold as aforesaid are located in the County of Benson, State of North Dakota, described as follows:

Lot Twelve (12) and the North Half (N1/2) of Lot Eleven (11), Block One (1), Gronback’s Addition to the City of Leeds.

Dated this 1st day of November, 2007.


BY: /s/ Steven J. Rohrer

Steven J. Rohrer

Sheriff of Benson County,

North Dakota

Gergory W. Tschider Jr.

Attorney at Law

PO Box 668

Bismarck, ND 58502-0668

(701) 258-2400

(Publish Nov. 7, 14 & 21, 2007)



CHAPTER 57-28-14 NORTH DAKOTA CENTURY CODE Notice is hereby given that the following real estate has been forfeited to Benson County, State of North Dakota, for delinquent taxes, and that said County has taken a tax deed to such property, and will offer the same for sale at public auction at the County Auditor’s Office in the Courthouse in Minnewaukan, North Dakota, on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, sale beginning at ten o’clock a.m.

According to NDCC 57-28-19, the former owner, the former owner’s executor or administrator, or any parent, spouse or child of the former owner may have a right of repurchase. Therefore, some parcels listed may not be sold at the sale. Said property shall sell "as is without warranty." Purchaser will be assessed costs of recordation at time of purchase.

Each parcel of land or lots will be sold at auction to the highest

bidder(s) thereof, but not for a sum less than the minimum price as fixed by the Board of County Commissioners prior to the sale. Such sale may be made, either for cash or for one-fourth of the purchase price in cash and the balance payable upon, but not to exceed a period of ten years, and the purchaser will have the right to pay any or all annual installments with interest at any time prior to the maturity thereof. Interest on unpaid installments shall not exceed twelve (12) percent.

Dated at Minnewaukan, North Dakota, this 5th day of November, 2007.

Bonnie Erickson, County Auditor

Legal Description Appraised Value:

Impark Township:

Lots 1 & 2, Block 11, Fillmore $78.31

Rock Township:

1/6th interest in:

S1/2NE1/4 of Sec. 24, Twp. 151, Rge. 66 425.33

357/3240 interest in:

N1/2NE1/4 of Sec. 24, Twp. 151, Rge. 66 234.04

Wood Lake Township:

Lots 10, 11, 12 & 13, Block 3, Tokio 82 47

Maddock City:

A parcel in the NW1/4 of Sec. 29, Twp. 152, Rge. 69 as follows:

Beginning 66′ south from the SW corner of Block 8, Sheimo’s Addition to the City of Maddock, thence east 10′ to the place of beginning, thence continuing east 90′, thence south 140′, thence west 90′, thence north 140′ to the place of

the beginning 5,122.72

Minnewaukan City:

Lots 8. 9, 10, 11 & 12, Block 83, Original 4,081.48

Warwick City:

Lots 16 thru 22 & N 30′ of Lot 15, Block 20, Original 2,814.79

(Publish November 7, 2007)



October 9, 2007

A regular meeting of the Maddock School Board was held October 9,

2007 at 5:30 p.m. at the school. Present were President David Swanson, Becky Brandvold, Chris Lauinger, Linda Ellingson, David Kenner, Superintendent Brian Bubach, Principals Penny Leier and Kim Anderson and Business Manager Brenda Fossen. Flo Kallenbach was a guest.

A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Ellingson, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Lauinger, seconded by Ellingson, to approve the minutes of September 13, the General Fund bills totaling $21,070.70, Building Fund bills totaling $36,346.00, food service and activities reports. Motion carried.


Ag Resources $160.95

American Math

Competitions 88.00

Barnes & Noble 138.01

Benson Co. Farmers Press 87.68

Benson County

Schoolmasters 200.00

Border States Electric

Supply 79.92

Bubach, Brian 838.44

Cenex Convenience Card 136.07

City of Maddock 4,236.38

Cole Papers 364.14

Devils Lake Public School 1,230.00

Discovery Education 700.00

Farmers Union Oil Co. 4,667.79

Fautsch, JoLynn 10.00

Gaffaneys of Minot 1,059.84

Golden West Industrial

Supply 364.30

Graybar 136.18

Gus’s Auto Supply 50.24

Harlow Co-op Elevator

& Seed Co. 11.50

Harlow’s Bus Sales 323.90

Henry, Yvonne 8.31

Infocus Corporation 289.00

Information Technology

Dept. 161.60

Johnson Clinic, PC 282.00

JS Vending 333.90

Kidspeace Corporation 1,946.88

Lake Region State College

Bookstore 65.75

Mathcounts Registration 80.00

McGraw-Hill School

Publishing 14.44

NWEA 295.00

Poppler’s Music 615.20

Quill Corporation 341.91

Servicemaster of

Devils Lake 1,065.32

SimplexGrinnell 479.50

Stein Chemical Co. 54.15

Supreme School Supply 44.24

Tracy’s Market 2.44

Upstart 107.72

General Fund Total $21,070.70


Greenburg Roofing $36,346.00

Building Fund Total $36,346.00

Principals reported on state testing and Breaking Ranks activities.

A motion was made by Ellingson, seconded by Lauinger, to approve the second reading of Policy KAIA (Revised) School Directory, Policy DAB

(Revised) Recruit, Hiring, Background Checks for Classified Personnel, Policy DAB-R (New) Background Checks Screening Procedure and Policy DABA (New) Emergency Hiring of Classified Personnel. On roll call vote, all were in favor.

A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Lauinger, to approve the first reading of Policy BIBA (Revised) Patron Complaints About Personnel. The procedure for complaints against the superintendent were added to the policy. On roll call vote, all were in favor.

A motion was made by Lauinger, seconded by Brandvold, to approve the first reading of Policy DAIA (Revised) Employee Grievance Procedure.

On roll call vote, all were in favor.

A motion was made by Lauinger, seconded by Kenner, to approve the first reading of Policy BIB (Revised) Patron Complaints. On roll call vote, all were in favor.

The board approved the pursuit of a Homeland Security grant that may require an approximate 25% match of $2,500 for a security system that would include the new building.

The board discussed recent visits with Fessenden and local parents regarding the direction of a football co-op. A visit with NCB is scheduled.

The next regular meeting will be November 13, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. The meeting adjourned.

Brenda Fossen

Business Manager



October 24, 2007

A special meeting of the Maddock School Board was held October 24,

2007 at 5:30 p.m. at the school. Present were President David Swanson, Becky Brandvold, Chris Lauinger, Linda Ellingson, David Kenner, Superintendent Brian Bubach and Principals Penny Leier and Kim Anderson. Guests were Colleen Lang, David Lauinger, Kent Pranke, Amanda Johnson, Jeff Jacobson, Bobby Hoffner, Flo Kallenbach, Joleen Risovi, Terry Yri, Gary Wald, Rod Maddock, Jay Rice and Barb Rice.

The meeting was called by the school board to discuss a football co-op beginning with the school year 2009. Recent visits with both Fessenden and North Central Benson were discussed. Also discussed were meetings with football parents and the results of two surveys.

Visitors were given an opportunity to comment to the board.

A motion was made by Brandvold, seconded by Kenner, to proceed with co-op talks with North Central Benson. Roll call vote: Swanson, yes; Kenner, yes; Ellingson, no; Brandvold, yes; Lauinger, yes. Motion carried.

Brenda Fossen

Business Manager

Minutes are submitted for publication prior to board approval.



October 26, 2007

A special meeting of the Minnewaukan City Council was held October 26, 2007 at 4:30 p.m. at the city office and library. Present were Mayor Curtis Yri and council members Steve Huffman, Claudette Carlson and Mark Motis. Also present were librarian Cathy Burkhardsmeier and Mark Lithun.

A motion was made by Motis to approve the six-year contract with Double M Sanitation. Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Laura J. Weed

City Auditor

Curtis A. Yri


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