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5/23/2007 – News

Volume 124, Number 16             Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Club gets funds
Joann Bergrud of the North Star Community Credit Union of Maddock presents a $500 check to Mark Motis for the Benson County Amateur Radio Club. The money will help the club purchase an antenna, antenna base and antenna trailer. The antenna will enhance the ability of the emergency communications trailer to be used in cases of man-made or natural disaster.

Maddock piano events raise $400
Dressed to impress, and fully prepared with a hymnal marked by a dozen or more paper clips, Margaret Jacobson confidently sat at the piano bench and began to play as the debut performer in Mad-dock’s first ever piano marathon, held April 20 at the Maddock Memorial Home.
Mrs. Jacobson is now a resident of the Maddock Memorial Home and was the first of 20 participants in the marathon held from noon until 8 p.m. The piano stopped only briefly when the Maddock kindergarten class came to visit, though they also got to hear the longtime Albert Immanuel church organist, Mrs. Jacobson, play a tune for them.
Other pianists who participated in the marathon were Karen Smith, Tracy Kallenbach, Joann Bergrud, Kathy Daeley and her students Jaydin Risovi and Kristen Smith, Arlyss Bergrud, Paula Duren, Lisa Faleide, Rachel Markestad, Dawn Smith Pfeifer, Jennifer Hagen and her students Renae Lauinger, Hunter Buehler, Maria Sears, Breana Buehler, Emily Sears, Kenadi Lee and Anne Backstrom.
A few of the residents listened to nearly every pianist, sometimes singing along with familiar melodies. One such audience member declared when it was over, "This is the best day I’ve had all year!"
Several of the marathon performers also played for the second annual Marge Duren Legacy Piano Recital held April 22 at the Viking Lutheran Church south of Maddock, as well as additional performers who were unable to make the marathon.
Playing Viking’s one-manual tracker style pipe organ were Sheila Erickson, Jennifer Hagen and Lisa Faleide. Hagen and Faleide also played piano pieces along with Janna Rice, Preston Gilderhus, Kathy Daeley, Karen Smith, Joann Bergrud, Anne Backstrom, Paula Duren and Morgan Duren. Rachel Markestad also participated via a previously recorded piece on Viking’s electronic piano. Student and teacher combination Preston Gilderhus and Kathy Daeley played a two piano duet, and sisters Joann Bergrud and Paula Duren played a four hands/one piano duet.
The musical repertoire ranged from Bach to Beethoven to Debussy, Joplin, Clementi and Hadyn along with contemporary composers and arrangers Marilyn Hamm, Lori Line, and Melody Bober, among others.
Nearly $400 was raised at both the marathon and recital, all of which will go for music scholarships to be given to select graduating seniors at the Maddock High School commencement May 27. Anyone wishing to donate toward this fund may make a direct deposit at the North Star Community Credit Union in Maddock.

Long-time pianist Margaret Jacobson plays during the piano marathon at the Maddock Memorial Home.

The recital participants were, back row, left to right, Lisa Faleide, Karen Smith, Paula Duren, Sheila Erickson, Preston Gilderhus, Joann Bergrud and Anne Backstrom. In the front row, left to right, are Kathy Daeley, Janna Rice, Jennifer Hagen and Morgan Duren.

Minnewaukan students have trip
Minnewaukan School
Mrs. Lyndee Heser’s fourth grade class traveled to Bismarck on May 10. The trip capped off a year of studies centered on North Dakota.
On the way to Bismarck students were entertained by playing "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire North Dakota," a game based on the popular game show. Students completed trivia questions based on what they learned while studying the state of North Dakota.
The first stop in Bismarck was at the Heritage Center. There students explored the various periods in North Dakota’s history. The students’ favorite exhibit was of the mastodon skeleton.
After playing games on the Capitol lawn, students headed to the State Capitol where they were led on a tour. The students saw the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Hall of Fame, the Memorial Hall, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court Hall, and the Monkey Room. They were unable to go into the Supreme Court, as it was in session. The students also missed out on going to the Observatory on the 18th floor, as it was under construction. The students’ favorite stop at the Capitol was in the Monkey Room. The Monkey Room is actually a fire exit and the room features California Walnut walls.
The wood is very rare and the Capitol accidentally received one-third of the world’s supply. The wood is known for its wild animal veneer.
When the students looked closely they could pick out monkeys, horses and other animals in the grain of the wood.
The last stop of the day was across the Missouri River to Mandan and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. While at the park the class stepped back into the 1870’s and became guests at the home of General George Custer. The class marched up to the home and the boys even escorted the girls up the steps. After visiting Custer’s home the class marched on to see what life was like in the barracks. They were even able to lie down on the hard wooden beds and feel what it might have been like to be a soldier at Fort Abraham Lincoln.
The field trip continued to the On-A-Slant Indian Village. There the class received a tour of two earth lodges that were reconstructed to show how the Mandan Indians lived. Finally, the bus took the winding road up to the blockhouses at the fort. There the students climbed up the blockhouses to see the panoramic view of Bismarck-Mandan and imagine what it would have been like to be on the lookout for enemies, buffalo and traders.
The day ended with a quick supper stop and they were back on the bus for the ride back to Minnewaukan. The day was a terrific ending to North Dakota studies for the fourth graders!

The Minnewaukan 4th grade class made a field trip to Bismarck.
Pictured at the earth lodge are, left to right, back row, bus driver Mr. Heser, Michaela Bear, Cherilyn Cloud, Arlete Lohnes, Darien Green and Mrs. Heser. Front row: Parker Mudgett, Cathy Ann Santos, Jon Yankton, Sydney Every, Terry Morgan, J.J. Duty, Chazz Reeves and Darwin Three Irons.

Pictured near the teepee are, left to right, back row, Mrs. Heser, Cherilyn Cloud, Michaela Bear, Darien Green, Jon Yankton, Darwin Three Irons, Parker Mudgett and Terry Morgan. Front row: Chazz Reeves, Cathy Ann Santos, J.J. Duty, Arlete Lohnes and Sydney Every.

Students give to Make-A-Wish
The Tate Topa Leadership Team presented a check on behalf of middle school students for $1,500 to Mark Mazahari, a volunteer from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Dakota. The money raised will go to a six-year-old boy from Devils Lake who will be going to Disney World.
The students raised the funds because of close ties of the recipient and one of the students and the principal who represents the foundation. During the year the sixth through eighth grade students held dances, bake sales, sold root beer floats and held a money drive. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Dakota has granted 460 wishes for North Dakota children since it began in 1985. The average cost of a wish is $5,500. Left to right are Stevie Bull, Lachelle Ross, Alaina Adams, Chelsea Longie, Taniesha Rainbow and Kareena Whiteshield. Leadership advisor is Kim Nelson.

Warwick royalty
Prom king and queen candidates at the Warwick School are pictured.
Left to right are Daniel Delorme, Mercedes Sturlaugson, Joe Peterson, Jodee Touche, Marshall Demarce and Whitney Yankton. Not pictured are Douglas Lawrence and Sarah Dubois.

Benson County Wildcats girls hold on to their Region III championship title
The day dawned cold and dreary for the North Dakota Class B Region III track meet Saturday, May 19 at Roller Field in Devils Lake.
Athletes on the Benson County Wildcats girls’ and boys’ teams seem to thrive in the cold. The girls retained their region champions status for another year — barely. Langdon-Munich faired better in the field events and edged past the 4×800 relay team for second place, but it wasn’t enough to give them the top spot.

Place setters for the girls were:
100 meter dash: Sharisa Yri 12.64, 2nd; Kaia Pranke 13.69, 8th.
200 meter dash: Sharisa Yri 26.37, 1st; Bobbi Grann 26.90, 5th.
400 meter dash: Bobbi Grann 1:00.90, 1st.
800 meter run: Katrece Thompson 2:29.88, 2nd; Erin Leier 2:40.88, 8th.
1600 meter run: Lindsay Anderson 5:19.27, 1st; Katrece Thompson 5:32.39, 3rd; Erin Leier 5:57.00, 7th.
3200 meter run: Lindsay Anderson 11:24.74, 1st; Mackenzie Bullinger 13:38.36, 7th.
100 meter high hurdles: Jessie Schwanke 16.20, 2nd.
300 low hurdles: Bobbi Grann 46.87, 1st; Jessie Schwanke 47.59, 2nd.
4×100 relay: BC (Sharisa Yri, Jessie Schwanke, Kaia Pranke, Jordan Callahan) 52.04, 1st.
4×200 relay: BC (Breana Buehler, Allison Manley, Brenna Stone, Mackenzie Bullinger) 2:05.65, 6th.
4×400 relay: BC (Erin Leier, Bobbi Grann, Katrece Thompson, Lindsay Anderson) 4:20.46, 2nd.
4×800 relay: BC (Erin Leier, Mackenzie Bullinger, Ashley Manley, Lindsay Anderson) 10:52.63, 3rd.
High jump: Jordan Callahan 4’11", 2nd.
Pole vault: Allison Manley 6’6", 7th.
Long jump: Jessie Schwanke 16’11", 1st; Jordan Callahan 16’5.5", 4th.
Triple jump: Sharisa Yri 36’11.5", 1st; Jordan Callahan 34’2", 2nd; Breana Buehler 29’4.5", 8th.
Team totals: Benson County 168, Langdon-Munich 167, Carrington 105, Harvey 84, Rolette-Wolford 80, Wells County 53, New Rockford-Sheyenne 30, Northern Lights 24, Nelson County 21, NorthStar 6.

The Wildcats boys’ team brought home a respectable second place finish behind a tough Langdon-Munich squad. Their point-getters were:
100 meter dash: Jordan Backstrom 11.20, 3rd.
200 meter dash: Daniel Luhman 24.11, 6th.
800 meter run: Derek Engh 2:21.59, 7th.
3200 meter run: Colton Bullinger 11:32.89, 5th; Vince Fox 11:41.16, 7th; Andy Backstrom 11:49.51, 8th.
110 high hurdles: Jordan Backstrom 17.14, 3rd; Paul Rice 18.95, 4th.
300 int. hurdles: Paul Rice 44.83, 3rd.
4×100 relay: BC (Jordan Backstrom, Paul Rice, Daniel Luhman, Andy Bergrud) 46.06, 2nd.
4×200 relay: BC (Daniel Luhman, Vince Fox, JD Schmid, Matt Knudson) 1:40.98, 6th.
4×400 relay: BC (Paul Rice, Derek Engh, Matt Knudson, Beau Buehler) 4:01.85, 5th.
4×800 relay: BC (Vince Fox, Colton Bullinger, Andy Backstrom, Derek Engh) 9:24.57, 4th.
Shot put: Mark Wack 48’0", 1st; Brandon Lunde 46’6", 2nd.
Discus: Brandon Lunde 147’11.5", 1st; Mark Wack 134’4", 3rd.
Javelin: Mark Wack 160’1", 2nd; Brandon Lunde 138’0", 7th.
High jump: Andy Bergrud 5’6", 3rd; Chris Knudson 5’2", 5th.
Pole vault: Daniel Luhman 7’0", 7th; JD Schmid 7’0", 8th.
Long jump: Andy Bergrud 19’7", 1st.
Triple jump: Andy Bergrud 41’4.5", 1st; Jordan Backstrom 40’8.5", 2nd.

The Four Winds boys’ track team gained more experience by taking part in the Region III meet. Their results were:
800 meter run: Joey de la Paz 2:16.19, 3rd.
1600 meter run: Oliver Dauphinais 4:58.05, 4th.
3200 meter run: Oliver Dauphinais 10:37.20, 1st.
Javelin: Murle Richotte 129’2", 8th.
Team totals: Langdon-Munich 195, Benson County 140, Harvey 84, Northern Lights 66, Wells County 55, Carrington 44, New Rockford-Sheyenne 43, Wolford 36, Nelson County 35, Four Winds 25, NorthStar 4.

The Region III girls’ track and field 2007 champs are pictured. Standing, left to right, are Jordan Callahan, Lindsay Anderson, Mackenzie Bullinger, Bobbi Grann, Jessie Schwanke, Sharisa Yri, Breana Buehler, statistician Alyssa Erickson, Courtney Hestdalen and Hannah Anderson. Kneeling are, left to right, Katrece Thompson, Brittany LaRocque, Allison Manley, Erin Leier, Denage Braaten, Ashley Manley and Brenna Stone.

Members of the Benson County Wildcats boys’ track and field team are pictured with their second place plaque. Standing, left to right, are Kyle Britsch, Daniel Luhman, Vince Fox, Andy Bergrud, Andy Backstrom, Colton Bullinger, Derek Engh, Brandon Lunde, Matt Knudson and Jason Smith. Kneeling are Jordan Backstrom, left, and Mark Wack. Striking a pose on the ground are Paul Rice, left, and Beau Buehler.

The 2007 coaches of the year for Region III boys’ track are, left to right, Denny Dinius of Langdon-Munich, presenter Kent Dennis, assistant athletic director at the Devils Lake High School, and Larry Moser and Bobby Hoffner of the Benson County Wildcats.

Lady Wildcats’ coaches Bobby Hoffner, left and Jeff Manley were named the 2007 coaches of the year for Region III on Saturday, May 19.

Play with All-Stars
Curly Neal and his Harlem All-Stars came to Grand Forks May 11 to play basketball against the Grand Forks Police Reserves. Four local players were recruited to play with the All-Stars. Among them were Grand Forks attorney and Oberon native, Monty Stensland. Left to right, back row, are former world champion Los Angeles Laker Larry Spriggs, Paul Vraa, Mark Sylstad, Monty Stensland, Bob McWilliams, Larry DeShardais, former world champion Los Angeles Laker Mike McGee and Hallie DeShardais. Front and center is the legendary, Curly Neil.

Curly enjoyed playing with Stensland, Paul Vraa, Bob McWilliams and Mark Sylstad so much he invited them to play with the All-Stars against the Fargo Police Reserves on May 12. Due to prior committments, Monty Stensland was the only Grand Forks player to participate in the Harlem All-Stars game against the Fargo Police Reserves. Back row, left to right, are Monty Stensland, Paul Vraa and Mark Sylstad. In the front is Bob McWilliams. Stensland says it was the thrill of a lifetime.

Attend conference
The Tate Topa Leadership Team attended the Spring Middle Level Student Council Conference in Bismarck April 30 and May 1. There were more than 500 students and advisors present. Students heard motivational speakers. The conference is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the ND Association of Secondary School Principals. Students pictured are, left to right, back row, Lachelle Ross and Chelsea Longie. Middle row: Taniesha Rainbow, Kareena Whiteshield and Stevie Bull. In the front is Alaina Adams.

Tate Topa National Junior Honor Society recipients earn recognition
Returning National Junior Honor Society students from this past year have been busy working on their projects. One of the requirements for the students is to work volunteer hours to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation created the program to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. To earn the gold level, students are to complete 100 hours of volunteer work.
The following students earned the gold award: Kareena Whiteshield (174 hours), Stevie Bull (105 hours), Alaina Adams (157 hours), Lachelle Ross (172 hours), Taniesha Rainbow (174 hours) and Chelsea Longie (120 hours). Volunteer work included cleaning, babysitting, dances, teacher appreciation activities, red ribbon week activities, shoveling, raking, mowing, family night activities and the two lock-ins for students.
One student, Stevie Bull, will be moving on to high school this fall. She has been a member for the past three years and has become a leader both in school and in the community.
Qualifications to belong to the National Junior Honor Society include scholarship, earning a cumulative grade point average of 85% and higher, service learning, leadership, character, and citizenship.

The National Junior Honor Society at the Tate Topa Tribal School at Fort Totten held its fourth annual banquet to induct new members for the 2007-08 school year. New members are, left to right, Stevie Bull, Chelsea Longie, Lachelle Ross, Taniesha Rainbow, Montoya Smith, Alaina Adams, Joshua Lohnes and Marcus Peltier. Advisor is Kim Nelson.

Students of Month
The Warwick School’s Students of the Month for April are pictured.
Left to right are Edmund Peterson, Marshall Demarce, Mercedes Sturlaugson and Lynelle Whiteman.

‘Passport to Norway’ at Leeds School
A Syttende Mai celebration was held at the Leeds Elementary School on Thursday, May 17. A "Passport to Norway" incorporation with Sons of Norway’s Adopt-A-School program was presented to grades 1-6. Two grades at a time spent one hour touring four aspects of Norway. Sons of Norway members from the Rugby, Cando and Maddock lodges and others volunteered to present language, geography, rosemaling and food(lefse) lessons.
Inger Thompson taught the language session. She was born in Norway and attended school there until the fifth grade. She brought a clock, calendars, money, Norwegian textbooks, a child’s songbook and more.
The students learned the numbers on the clock and to tell time. They enjoyed hearing the language spoken fluently and begged Inger for more when she sang songs from her songbook.
Kari Follman and Laura Rendahl combined forces to present the geography and culture session. Laura showed a photo album of her last trip to Norway and discussed the mountainous features of Norway. Kari did a walking tour of cultural items that were brought in by many people. Photos, albums, books, hardanger samples, jewelry, bunads, dolls, trolls, nissen, handcrafted items, skis and a kick sled were just some of the items on display.
Irma Dulmage, Barbara Mears and Avis Follman discussed and showed rosemaling samples from different regions in Norway. The children then had an opportunity to paint a pre-printed rosemaled design with watercolor paints.
Alvina Engstrom, Luella Follman, Bonnie Tuttle, Fern Tufte and DeEtt Haugen kept two lefse grills hopping with lefse. These ladies demonstrated rolling, turning and grilling techniques then let each student make their own lefse. Even the first and second graders did a good job of rolling out the lefse. The best part was eating the final product.
Other people donating items for display were Jane Brown, Junice Lysne and Karen Tufte. Carol Thompson was the creator and coordinator of this project.
After each 12-minute session each student’s passport was stamped and the students returned to their classrooms with a well-traveled passport, clock worksheet, a rosemaled painting, a happy tummy and a greater insight of the beautiful country of Norway.

The Sons of Norway Odin Lodge of Rugby recently sponsored an "Adopt-A-School" program which took place on May 17 at the Leeds Elementary School. Approximately 70 students traveled through four "Passport to Norway" activities which included language, geography, art and food. Left to right Luella Follman, DeEtt Haugen, Bonnie Tuttle and Alvina Engstrom show students how to make lefse. Students learning are, left to right, Dalton Onerheim, Dani Schwanke, Brianna Johnson and Ryan Wurgler.

Inger Thompson of Harlow shares her knowledge of the Norwegian language with students (l-r) Andrew Follman, Grace Nybo and Garrett Johnson. Children learned to count, tell time and simple Norwegian greetings.

Volunteers who helped at the Syttende Mai event at the Leeds School were, left to right, back row, Fern Tufte, Bonnie Tuttle, Carol Thompson, Laura Rendahl, Inger Thompson and Luella Follman. Front row: Alvina Engstrom, Kari Follman, Avis Follman and Irma Dulmage. Not pictured are DeEtt Haugen and Barbara Mears.

Scholarships awarded to three
The Minnewaukan Education Association awarded three scholarships this year. Each year the faculty and staff at the school donate money to wear jeans on Fridays and this money goes to fund the Minnewaukan Education Association scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on the applicants’ academic and personal successes, as well as the students’ goal of pursuing post-secondary education. This year $500 scholarships were awarded to Katie Clifton, Dawn Teigen and Brandi Weed at graduation ceremonies May 20.
Katie Clifton is the daughter of Joe and Kelli Clifton. She plans to attend Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks, Minn. and continue on to the University of Mary in Bismarck to pursue a degree in occupational therapy.
Dawn Teigen is the daughter of Chris and Wanda Teigen. She plans to attend Bismarck State College in the fall, where she will major in accounting.
Brandi Weed is the daughter of Dennis and Shelly Weed. She plans to attend Valley City State University with the potential major of psychology.

The Minnewaukan Education Association Scholarship winners are, left to right, Brandi Weed, Katie Clifton and Dawn Teigen.


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