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11/2/2005 – Public Notices

Pursuant to North Dakota Century Code 38-18.1-06 Notice of lapse of mineral interest is provided to the Record Owners of the mineral interests as follows:
Record owners: Norris Gresdahl and Mabel Gresdahl; Ernest L. Elverud, also known as Ernest Elverud, and Deloris Elverud.
Description to the following tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the County of Benson, State of North Dakota, described as follows, to-wit:
N?SE?-22 and S?NW?-23-156-68
N?SE?-22 and SW? and S?NW?-23-156-68
Person giving the notice: Reginald G. Urness, Record Title Owner.
Dated this 5th day of October, 2005.
-s-Reginald G. Urness
Reginald G. Urness
Subscribed and sworn to and before me this 5th day of October, 2005.
-s- J.E. Widdel, Jr.
J.E. Widdel, Jr.
Notary Public
(Publish Oct. 26 & Nov. 2 & 9, 2005)

The North Viking and Viking Parsonage Committee is asking for bids to replace windows, siding and insulation in the parish parsonage located at
206 McKinley Ave., Maddock, ND. Labor must be included in the bid package.
Specifications are available from Joyce Rasmussen or Jean Mosser in Maddock or call 701-438-2438 Monday through Friday. Leave a message so the call can be returned.
Bids should be sent to Joyce Rasmussen, PO Box 208, Maddock, ND 58348-0208 on or before November 14, 2005 at 5 p.m.
The committee holds the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids.
(Publish Oct. 26 & Nov. 2, 2005)

Supreme Court No. 20050369
In the Matter of the Judicial Vacancy in District Judgeship No. 3, with Chambers in Bottineau, North Dakota, Northeast Judicial District.
By letter dated October 19, 2005, the Honorable Lester Ketterling, District Judge for the Northeast Judicial District, notified Governor John Hoeven that he is resigning as a District Judge effective December 31, 2005. On October 25, 2005, Governor Hoeven notified Chief Justice VandeWalle of Judge Ketterling’s resignation. Judge Ketterling’s resignation creates a vacancy under Section 27-05-02.1, N.D.C.C. Section 27-05-02.1, N.D.C.C., requires the Supreme Court to determine whether the office is necessary for effective judicial administration.
ORDERED, the Supreme Court will undertake a written consultation with the attorneys and judges of the Northeast Judicial District under Administrative Rule 7.2. Any person wishing to comment on the vacancy may do so in writing no later than Tuesday, November 15, 2005. Written comments may be e-mailed to Penny Miller, Clerk of the Supreme Court, at, or addressed to 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept.
180, Bismarck, ND 58505-0530.
The Supreme Court of the State of North Dakota convened October 26, 2005, with the Honorable Gerald W. VandeWalle, Chief Justice, the Honorable Dale V. Sandstrom, the Honorable Carol Ronning Kapsner, and the Honorable Daniel J. Crothers, Justices, directing the Clerk of the Supreme Court to enter the above order. The Honorable Mary Muehlen Maring, being unavoidably absent, did not participate.
-s-Penny Miller
Penny Miller
North Dakota Supreme Court
(Publish Nov. 2, 2005)

August 9, 2005
The Warwick School Board met Tuesday evening, August 9, 2005 in the IVN Room. Present were McKelvey, Thiele, Elfman, Gravdahl and Chris-tofferson.
Others present were Mr. Loibl, Mr. Jacobson, Mr. Riedinger and Mrs. Tiokasin.
Gravdahl moved and Christofferson seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented.
Elfman moved and Thiele seconded a motion to pay the bills. Motion carried.
Bills approved for payment were:
Postmaster $9.10
Ameripride 105.65
Shelly Armstrong 100.00
Bremer Bank 160.75
Childcraft Education 244.99
Cole Papers 90.19
Decker Equipment 35.87
Devils Lake Glass & Paint 257.85
Education Standards
& Practices 25.00
Edutech 2,075.00
Follett Educational Services 47.30
Jist Publishing 34.90
Lakeshore 140.22
Linx Educational 76.95
Maynard Loibl 60.00
MCI 50.70
McVille Hardware & Lumber 2,509.03
Menards 140.74
Lorraine Michels 100.00
Steve Michels 50.00
NDCEL 1,055.00
Nelson County Health
System 116.00
ND Telephone Co. 387.04
Otter Tail Power Company 65.86
Sam’s Club 33.04
School Specialty, Inc. 726.91
Stein’s, Inc. 51.21 Strong’s Lock & Safe 28.00
Wal-Mart 126.44
Warwick City 238.50
Warwick Oil 427.84
Waste Management of ND 362.81
Jodi Wellman 50.00
Workforce Safety
& Insurance 102.68
North Dakota Humanities
Council 40.00
Warwick Oil 2,410.00
Devils Lake Public Schools 3,368.45
Wendy Gourneau 100.00
Grand Forks Public School 177.15
Kay Gravdahl 64.48
Maynard Loibl 220.10
Johnnie McKelvey 69.44
Menards – Fargo 109.81
Otter Tail Power Company 39.84
Larry Thiele 81.84
Wally’s Supermarket 156.43
An addition to the agenda was Positive Behavior Support Group.
Old business: it was moved, seconded and carried to rescind the motion to offer the first grade position to Cindy Houle. Thiele moved and Elfman seconded a motion to offer the first grade position to Amy Olson. Roll call vote was taken and all members voted yes.
Repairs to the coal bin were discussed. Elfman moved and Thiele seconded a motion to accept the bid from GJ Welding of New Rockford for $2400. Roll call vote was taken and all members voted yes.
Demolition of the schoolhouse was discussed. If it is not moved in the next two weeks Alan Gleason will tear it down.
The business manager presented the end-of-the-year report. Christof-ferson moved and Elfman seconded a motion to approve the report as presented. Roll call vote was taken and all members voted yes.
New business: Mr. Loibl reported that because of cutting of funds in Sheyenne the Warwick School will have a full-time librarian.
Thiele moved and Christofferson seconded a motion the approve the Certificate of Compliance. Motion carried.
Mrs. Tiokasin gave a Title I update.
Mr. Riedinger reported on the Positive Behavior Workshop that Mr.
Riedinger, Mr. Jacobson, Mrs. Tiokasin, Mrs. Westman and Mrs. Armstrong attended in Bismarck.
Changes in the student handbook were discussed.
Mr. Jacobson reported that the JOM Board would like to buy incentives for academics and attendance.
Other items discussed were getting information to Denise Wolf for NESC.
Reimbursement for Mr. Johnson’s classes was discussed and it was suggested a letter be sent to him asking what classes he took that benefited the school.
The next meeting will be September 12 at 7:30 p.m.
The meeting adjourned.
Carol Walford
Business Manager
Johnnie McKelvey

September 12, 2005
The Warwick School Board met Monday evening, September 12, 2005 in the IVN Room. Present were Elfman, Gravdahl and Christofferson. Absent were McKelvey and Thiele. Others present were Mr. Jacobson, Mr. Ried-inger and Mr. Loibl. The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Vice President Mark Elfman.
Christofferson moved and Gravdahl seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.
Gravdahl moved and Christofferson seconded a motion to pay the bills.
Motion carried. Bills approved for payment were:
Postmaster $9.54
Monica Christofferson 79.15
Monica Christofferson 55.89
Postmaster 8.49
Books Are Fun 77.00
Ameripride 347.32
Barnes & Noble, Inc. 16.22
Benson Co. Farmers Press 325.74
CCV Software 4,908.35
Character Development
Group 53.45
Classroom Direct 802.01
Cole Papers 2,032.69
Connecting Point 200.00
Creative Educational
Materials 42.42
Dacotah Paper Company 14.38
Demco 440.79
Dept. of Public Instruction 30.00
Devils Lake Daily Journal 41.20
Devils Lake Glass & Paint 29.99
Discovery Education 164.70
Follett Educational Services 324.09
Ford Insurance 614.00
GJ Welding 5,501.33
Gopher 1,595.33
Grand Forks Herald 97.40
Haan Crafts 457.01
Harcourt Brace & Company 1,318.04
Hobart Sales & Service 644.15
Home of Economy 6.45
Houghton Mifflin Company 3,553.58
Jacobson Office Products 23.00
Johnson Welding Shop 680.00
Kmart 9.27
Kapco 22.89
Lake Region Sheet Metal 956.38
Library Video Company 133.48
Maynard Loibl 382.50
Kelly Lund 150.00
Mack Plumbing 891.84
MCI 291.30
McVille Hardware & Lumber 83.79
Menards 104.10
Minot Daily News 168.00
Nasco 1,509.63
ND Council Educational
Leaders 50.00
NDCEL 125.00
PCI Educational Publishing 47.00
Pearson Education 1,096.72
Plank Road Publishing, Inc. 122.20
Popplers Music Store 217.80
Quill Corporation 532.35
Recorded Books 202.13
Renaissance Learning, Inc. 1,149.15
Sam’s Club 34.04
School Specialty, Inc. 420.61
Shiffler Equipment Sales 67.03
Simplexgrinnell 381.35
State Fire & Tornado Fund 4,127.20
Stein’s, Inc. 39.68
Supreme School Supply 154.82
Teacher’s Discovery 153.59
Technology Learning
Cooperative 500.00
The Center for Learning 145.91
The Forum 135.00
McGraw-Hill Companies 3,450.90
Thomson Learning 1,493.82
Tough-T Mfg., Inc. 25.38
Trend 21.46
Wal-Mart Community 305.50
Warwick City 208.00
Workforce Safety
& Insurance 1,083.50
WRS Group 244.93
Shelly Armstrong 50.00
Steve Jacobson 476.08
Dept. of Public Instruction 280.00
ND School Boards Assn. 50.00
Nasco 574.00
NDCEL 265.00
Network Center, Inc. 6,192.14
ND Telephone Co. 392.93
Wal-Mart Community 533.67
Warwick Oil 2.403.23
Barton’s Bus Sales 10,714.06
Additions to the agenda were Barb Eversvik request and kindergarten aide.
Mrs. Gravdahl stated she would like the teachers to be commended for getting off school improvement and Michelle Christofferson, head cook, for receiving the ServSafe Certification for successfully completing the standards set forth by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.
Mr. Loibl explained the additional costs to repairing the coal bin.
The school board convention will be held October 27, 28 and 29. Those planning to attend should let Carol know.
Mr. Loibl reported that Sheyenne has received additional funding so that school will be sharing the Warwick librarian two days a week.
Mr. Riedinger reported on the positive behavior program, attendance and enrollment figures.
Mr. Loibl reported that Alan Gleason has completed the demolition of the house across the street and will be hauling in some gravel.
Christofferson moved and Gravdahl seconded a motion to hire the following coaches for the 2005-2006 school year: fifth and sixth grade girls – Tom Robertson; seventh and eighth grade girls – Tom Robertson; fifth and sixth grade boys – Craig Brown; seventh and eighth grade boys – Craig Brown; head boys basketball – Justin Klein; assistant boys basketball – Jeff Frank.
Motion carried
A request from Adams, Edmore, Starkweather and Munich School Districts was received regarding participation in a lawsuit for the smaller schools demonstrating to the courts that current state legislation is equality-based legislation and not equity-based. The issue was discussed but it was decided not to participate in the lawsuit at this time.
Gravdahl moved and Christofferson seconded a motion to hire Corene Dunbar as Title VII paraprofessional to assist in the kindergarten room.
Gravdahl moved and Christofferson seconded a motion to approve Barb Eversvik’s request to use the school one night a week for an adult quilting class and to use the copy machine to run off an all-school reunion letter.
Motion carried.
Next meeting will be October 11.
Carol Walford
Business Manager
Mark Elfman
Vice President

CHAPTER 57-28-14 NORTH DAKOTA CENTURY CODE Notice is hereby given that the following real estate has been forfeited to Benson County, State of North Dakota, for delinquent taxes, and that said County has taken a tax deed to such property, and will offer the same for sale at public auction at the County Auditor’s Office in the Courthouse in Minnewaukan, North Dakota, on Tuesday, November 15, 2005, sale beginning at ten o’clock a.m. According to NDCC 57-28-19, cities may have a first option to purchase certain forfeited property and the former owner, the former owner’s executor or administrator, or any parent, spouse or child of the former owner also has a right of repurchase. Therefore, some parcels listed may not be sold at the sale. Said property shall sell “as is without warranty”. Purchaser will be assessed costs of recordation at time of purchase.
Each parcel of land or lots will be sold at auction to the highest
bidder(s) thereof, but not for a sum less than the minimum price as fixed by the Board of County Commissioners prior to the sale. Such sale may be made, either for cash or for one-fourth of the purchase price in cash and the balance payable upon, but not to exceed a period of ten years, and the purchaser will have the right to pay any or all annual installments with interest at any time prior to the maturity thereof. Interest on unpaid installments shall not exceed twelve (12) percent.
Dated at Minnewaukan, North Dakota, this 27th day of October, 2005.
Bonnie Erickson
County Auditor

Legal Description: Appraised Value:

Lohnes Township:
Lot 7 – Diamond Beach Subdivision of 13-152-63 $67.98
Lot 8 – Diamond Beach Subdivison of 13-152-63 $67.98
Impark Township:
All of Block 9 – Fillmore $72.62
Warwick City:
Lots 13 & 14, Block 18, Original $217.28

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