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8/3/2005 – News

Volume 122, Number 26             Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Soldier with Maddock roots in Afghanistan
The Herald-Press Harvey, ND
Sgt. Andrew Rice’s enlistment was due to run out, but the Army is keeping him an extra 13 months under its stop-loss policy, just in time for the tour in Afghanistan.
Rice, the son of Gretchen and Jonathan Bertsch, and Wayne Rice, all of Fessenden, was deployed April 15. This is his second deployment to Afghanistan in the last three years.
"He was looking forward to getting out of the Army. His enlistment was suppose to end June 5," said Gretchen.
Rice is a paratrooper and Ranger of the 82nd Airborne Battalion of Ft.
Bragg, NC. He enlisted in the Army after graduating from Fessenden-Bowdon High School in 2002.
In an article written by Jay Price of, Rice said this will be his last deployment because he sees more opportunity as a civilian.
"He has seen the physical problems endured by fellow soldiers and doesn’t want to get old before his time. He plans to go to college and get a job in federal or local law enforcement," said Gretchen.
Rice missed a deployment to Iraq in 2003 because he was at the Army’s vigorous Ranger school. He graduated in March 2004.
"Andrew was the youngest soldier in the Ranger class of 110, and one of only three privates. Andrew turned 20 years old the last week of school,"
said Gretchen.
During his deployment to Afghanistan, Rice and other members of the regiment will hunt the mountainous region near the Pakistan border for Taliban, Al-Qaida and Osama bin Ladin. "Andrew’s troop is away from camp for days, sometimes weeks, searching for supporters of the 911 attacks,"
said Gretchen.
Before Rice was deployed, he was allowed to go home for a few days in March. Prior to that, Rice was home for Christmas.
"He doesn’t talk about what goes on over there. He’s not allowed to tell us anything," said Gretchen.
At times, the unknown can be scary for Rice’s family. "I am fairly tense, always on edge. The other day I heard that three soldiers in a Humvee from Andrew’s company were hurt in combat. I was scared Andrew was one of them, but I haven’t heard anything from the Army yet, so I’m thinking he wasn’t,"
said Gretchen.
Trying to keep herself informed, Gretchen will read articles posted by Jay Price, a journalist with the 82nd Airborne Battalion.
"I like to know what’s going on and what Andrew is doing. By reading the articles, it’s like I’m having a conversation with him," Gretchen said.
Rice would like to end his Army career after this enlistment, but according to Gretchen, the Army is trying to talk him into staying longer.
"When we were in Ft. Bragg in April, his commanding officer pulled us aside and told us Andrew was the most professional soldier they had and hoped he would consider re-enlisting, but time will tell," said Gretchen.

Sgt. Andrew Rice has roots in Maddock. He is the grandson of Bernice Rice of Maddock and the late Willard Rice and the son of Wayne Rice of Fessenden. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Liddy,

New road nearly crosses lake
Riley Bros. Construction of Morris, Minn. continues to make progress crossing Devils Lake from the west to the junction of US 281 and ND 19 north of Minnewaukan. The new road will be the extension of ND 19 to meet new US 281 which is being built west and north of Minnewaukan. It appeared Monday approximately 100 feet remained to join the two roads. The closer the new road gets to US 281, the deeper the water, about 14 feet at the junction. If the weather cooperates the new road will probably join ND 19 later this week. There’s lots of road construction in the Minnewaukan area.

Show at New Rockford
The Niven-Adams Opera House in New Rockford presents "Suds — The Rockin’
60’s Musical Soap Opera" featuring over 50 songs of the 60’s. The show revolves around Cindy, whose life has taken a sudden comical turn for the worse and tries to commit suicide by speed-cycle when she gets pulled head first into a washing machine. Her hilarious efforts are thwarted by three rockin’ guardian angels who turn her world upside-down.
Suds features such 60’s classics as "Where the Boys Are," "Walk on By,"
"These Boots Are Made For Walking" and "Respect."
The show runs Aug. 3, 4, 5 and 6 at 8 p.m.; Aug. 9, 10 and 11 at 8 p.m.; Aug. 14 at 2:30 p.m.; Aug. 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 at 8 p.m.; and Aug. 21 at 2:30 p.m.
Tickets are $15 and reservations can be made by calling 701-947-2174.
Left to right in front are actors Samantha Bennefeld of New Rockford and Kelan Moser of Cando. In back are Kacee Black of Williston and Andi Thoreson of Leeds.

Play in Shrine Bowl
Left to right are Ben Tufte and Jay Anderson of Leeds and Caleb Backstrom of Maddock, who participated in the 32nd Annual North Dakota Shrine Bowl at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks July 23. The teams consisted of the best senior football players from across the state, as chosen by their coaches, from this past high school football season, with the 11-man east and west teams playing the first game and the 9-man east and west teams playing the second game.
The two teams and their coaches from the eastern part of the state were housed in Fargo and the two teams and their coaches from the west were housed in Grand Forks, for a week of football practice, a trip to Minneapolis to visit the Shrine Hospital and many other activities.
It all came together Saturday in Grand Forks with a large banquet for everyone involved, including family and friends, a tailgating party in the afternoon and the games in the evening.

Ploium recognized
The Minnewaukan Post Office held an open house for customer appreciation Saturday. Coffee and sweets were served. Two drawings were held for prizes.
Postmaster Connie Verville, left, presented highway contractor Eloise Ploium with a certificate of appreciation for her devoted service to the US Postal Service in Fiscal Year 2005. Eloise has been a highway contract driver for 27 years. She is the contractor for the Oberon route and has substituted on the Minnewaukan-Brinsmade route. She was given postage stamps with her picture on them.

Class holds 50-year reunion
The BCATS Class of 1955 held a reunion July 2 at Maddock. Class members and instructors present were, left to right, back row, Jerry Arne, Eunice
(Carlson) Dick, Darlene (Schaffer) Everson, Ruth (Sminesvik) Knutson, Bernadine (Hoffart) Mittelback and instructor William Raaen. Middle row:
Rohlin Nottestad, Donna (Moran) Heisler, Eloyce (Sogge) Gaffney, Leslie Hansen, Gene Olson and instructor Gerald Wagner. Front row: Monroe Norman, David Anderson, Darlene (Liudahl) Erickson, Helen (Thomas) Schmid, Donna
(Diettman) Dickinson, Janice (Ellingson) Spriggs and Leon Arnold. Not pictured is Isador Vetter, who attended a portion of the reunion. The class had a float in the parade, an open house in the afternoon and a banquet in the evening. There were 36 graduates and five have died. Eighteen attended the reunion.

Coffee talk
Jack Simon, right, says to Jim Gilbertson, left, at Maddock Cafe & Lanes, "So after all of Shell’s complaining about you drinking your coffee out of a ‘little girl white cup’ do you think this larger cup I gave you will make a difference?" Jim replies, "Who knows? It’ll take her about 15 trips just to fill it, and you know Shell isn’t exactly a youngster any more. I think we’ll have to move a little closer to the coffeepot just in case."

Joins hall of fame
The late Virgil Matthews was inducted into Minnewaukan’s Hall of Fame during Summerfest activities July 30. Minnewaukan Mayor Curtis Yri, left, presented a framed certificate to Liz Matthews, widow of Virgil. The Minnewaukan Hall of Fame is located in the Minnewaukan Library. Yri wore his Legion cap because he was a member of the color guard which marched in the Summerfest parade.

Citizens of year
Mayor Yri presented the citizen of the year award to two people this year.
The award was presented to them for their work on the Minnewaukan Beautification Committee. Receiving the award were Doris Randle, center, and Ellen Huffman, right. The ladies have planted flowers around town and done some landscaping, along with Claudette Carlson, who received the award last year.

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