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4/14/2010 – Public Notices








March 16, 2010

The Benson County commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 9 a.m. in the commissioners’ room of the Benson County Courthouse, Minnewaukan, ND. Commissioners present were Jason Lee, Curtis Hvinden, Lowell Haagenson, David Davidson and Michael N. Steffan.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Haagenson. Other people present were Richard Peterson of the Benson County Farmers Press and Benson County State’s Attorney James P. Wang.

Carol Kurtz and Sheila Erickson of the Benson County Social Service Board and Benson County Social Services Director Ed Forde met with the board. Wang discussed Cobra eligibility issues involving a former employee. Wang explained that with the new Obama Administration there is a subsidy payment the employer is to make on health insurance premiums under Cobra. Wang also stated that when the county fills out the required 941 form, it would be eligible for reimbursement of the amount paid out under Cobra. Wang explained an agreement proposal that was submitted relative to this issue. Erickson explained that in a conversation she had with the Labor Department, the only way an employee would qualify for the subsidy is if the employee was terminated due to company downsizing or something similar. Wang explained the subsidy would apply in this case also. Wang stated the agreement proposal is something that should be considered by the board. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Lee. to approve the joint and mutual agreement contingent on the Social Service Board also accepting the agreement.

Roll call vote: Davidson, yes; Haagenson, yes; Steffan, yes; Hvinden, yes; Lee, yes. The motion carried.

Discussion was held on whether or not to participate in the telephonic hearing with Job Service regarding a former employee. A conclusion was made that Benson County participate.

A question was presented on whether or not the Social Service Board could hold an emergency special meeting regarding accepting or denying the agreement approved by the board. Mary Kae Kelsch of the ND Attorney General’s Office was contacted as to whether or not the meeting would be permissible under law.

Discussion was held on temporarily adjourning the commission meeting to allow the Social Service Board to hold a special emergency meeting. The motion carried unanimously to temporarily adjourn the commission meeting at 9:30 a.m.

Notice of the emergency special meeting of the Social Service Board was posted and given to the Benson County Farmers Press accordingly. It was agreed the emergency special meeting would be tape recorded. At 9:47 a.m. the Social Service Board met to make a decision whether or not to accept the proposed Joint and Mutual Agreement regarding a former social service employee. The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Sheila Erickson. All members of the Social Service Board were present. The agreement proposal was reviewed by the board. A motion was made by Steffan to approve the Joint and Mutual Agreement and affirm the decision of the board of commissioners to approve the agreement and request the county take a neutral position on the Job Service unemployment issue. There was no further discussion on the issue.

Erickson called for a vote. All members voted yes. The motion carried to adjourn the emergency special meeting of the Social Service Board at 9:50 a.m.

The motion carried unanimously to reconvene the commission meeting at

9:57 a.m.

Susan Fossen of Benson County Transportation and Larry Leonard and Jacque Senger met with the board regarding the possibility of constructing a facility to house the vehicle(s) used by the transportation department. Senger explained the details regarding the construction of the vehicle storage facility. Senger stated the engineering costs would need to be paid by the county. She requested an opinion from the board as to whether or not it would be interested in taking the steps to proceed with construction of the facility. Leonard explained to the board where the facilities could be located. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Lee, to express interest to the proper organization to show Benson County is interested in obtaining stimulus money for the construction of one or more vehicle storage facilities to house vehicles used by Benson County Transportation. All members voted yes. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Lee, to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of March 2, 2010. All members voted yes. The motion carried.

Tax Equalization Director Ellen Huffman and VSO Officer David Daeley met with the board. Huffman presented guidelines for certain residential property that can be granted an exemption. Daeley informed the board of a certification he received relative to his position.

Highway Superintendent Don Trnka and DEM and Applicant Agent Dawn Flemmer met with the board. Trnka stated maintenance is being done on the tractors and trailers at the highway department. He stated all the county roads have been posted with signs. Flemmer presented an e-mail from Homeland Security regarding federal aid to the state of North Dakota to supplement state and local response efforts due to flooding.

Progress of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan was discussed. Flemmer stated she will be meeting with Rick Anderson to work on the plan on March 17, 2010. Trnka discussed MSHA training for the road department employees. Michael Rohrer arrived at the meeting. Trnka stated Rohrer is concerned with the bridges along old Highway #281. Trnka stated two families could face isolation if the bridges would go out. Trnka stated a 350’ stretch on one of the roadways/bridges would need to be built up so isolation would not occur. Flemmer stated FEMA requires no work be done until water has inundated the road/bridge. Trnka presented estimates on building up the area. Hvinden recommended the commission drive to the area to look at the potential problem areas. Haagenson stated Trnka should be contacted regarding this matter to see if the county highway department is going to take any action. Trnka presented a listing of graveling project areas throughout the county.

A telephone call was made to Bryon Fuchs at the ND Department of Transportation regarding the Graham’s Island Road Project. Fuchs questioned if Benson County would have the local match money available for the project. Lee stated Benson County does not have local match money available. The board also informed Fuchs that it does not have money to advance for the project. Lee discussed requesting permission from the ND DOT to remove the rip-rap off old Hwy. #281 and use it for other projects.

Trnka stated he talked with Bob Indvik regarding estimates for the roads scheduled for grade raises. Flemmer stated the engineering costs would be reimbursable for the projects. Flemmer discussed a transfer of function on the DeVoogdt Road to re-route it. She stated if this happened FEMA would only reimburse 90%. Trnka presented a report showing the current amounts owing the county by the townships.

Trnka recommended a written contract should be signed by Benson and Ramsey Counties setting forth the roadways each county is responsible for maintaining.

David Davidson left the meeting at 12 noon.

The board reviewed the monthly report for February 2010 from Public Health Nurse Shelley Aabrekke.

The board discussed placing the issues of increasing the mill levy for Ag Extension on the June 8, 2010 ballot as the current mill levy does not cover the extension office budget.

A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Lee, to transfer $6,000.00 from the State Revenue Sharing Fund to the Emergency Disaster Fund. All members voted yes. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Hvinden, seconded by Steffan, to approve the request from Devils Lake Equipment to extend the lease on the Rangen Hill tower for one year. All members voted yes. The motion carried.

The board reviewed a letter from the ND DOT dated March 3, 2010 regarding design standards for major collector and township routes. A copy of this letter was given to the road department.

The board reviewed a letter from ND Telephone Company dated March 12, 2010 regarding an application for a utility permit for a proposed telephone line to be placed along county roads 87th Avenue NE, 37th Street NE and 88th Avenue NE. The board concluded to refer this issue to the Benson County Zoning Board for initial consideration.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn at 12:30 p.m.

Bonnie Erickson

Benson County Auditor

Lowell Haagenson


PUBLIC NOTICE AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The City of Minnewaukan plans to submit a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application to the State of North Dakota, Division of Community Services (DCS). CDBG funds are intended to provide decent housing, suitable living environments and economic opportunities, principally for very low and low income persons through rehabilitation and preservation, economic/job development and public facilities improvements. It is estimated that $6,000,000 will be available statewide for the "Small Cities" CDBG program projects.

The application being considered would request $54,400 for wave protection at the school location. It is estimated that approximately 100% of the funds would benefit very low and low income persons.

Permanent involuntary displacement of neighborhood persons or businesses is not anticipated. Should it later become necessary to consider such displacement, alternatives will be examined to minimize the displacement. If no feasible alternatives exist, required/reasonable benefits will be provided to those displaced to mitigate adverse effects and hardships. Any very low and low income housing which is demolished or converted will be replaced.

A public hearing will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 19, 2010, at the Minnewaukan City Library. Minnewaukan, ND to obtain citizen views and questions related to:

• The proposed CDBG application is for wave protection at the school location.

Community development and housing needs, including the needs of very low and low income persons, as well as other needs in the community that might be addressed through the CDBG program, and • The performance of the City of Minnewaukan in carrying out its community development responsibilities.

Written comments are also welcome and must be received by April 19, 2010 at PO Box 651, Devils Lake, ND. Oral and written comments will be considered in deciding whether to submit an application for the proposed project. Written summary information will be available from the City Auditor’s Office on April 14, 2010 until April 19, 2010 on any CDBG application of City of Minnewaukan intends to submit to the state. A copy of the application as submitted to the state will be available for public review at the North Central Planning Council after April 20, 2008.

Information and records regarding the City of Minnewaukan’s proposed and past use of CDBG funds are available at the North Central Planning Council during regular office hours. Advance notice is requested. If special accommodations are needed, please notify so that appropriate aids can be made available.

(Publish April 14, 2010)


The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) will receive bids for the construction of the following project(s):

Job No.: 1

Project No(s): SER-3-057(046)006

Length: 7.053


County(s): BENSON & RAMSEY Cos

Location: ND 57 FROM FT TOTTEN TO JCT ND 20 Bids will be received until 1:00PM, April 22, 2010, IN THE FOYER, LOCATED ON 3RD FLOOR, OUTSIDE ROOM 330 OF THE NDDOT BUILDING, ON THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, IN BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA. Bids will be opened at that time and the bid result will be distributed and posted online at approximately 30 minutes after bids are opened.

All bidders are required to be prequalified at least seven (7) days before the date of the bid opening.

The proposal forms, plans, and specifications are available on the NDDOT website at and may be inspected at the Construction Services Division, NDDOT, Room 333, 608 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, North Dakota, 58505-0700.

NDDOT reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, waive technicalities, or to accept such as may be determined in the best interests of the state.

Requested by:

Francis G. Ziegler, P.E., Director

North Dakota Department of Transportation


Notice is hereby given by the City Council of the City of Leeds, North Dakota that it will be accepting bids for the rehabilitation of four units in the Parkview Apartment complex.

Sealed bids will be received prior to 4 p.m. April 29, 2010 at the North Central Planning Council, 517 5th Street NE, PO Box 651, Devils Lake, ND 58301.

Bids will be opened at the Leeds, ND City Hall at 10 a.m., April 30, 2010, at which time they will be opened and read publicly.

Copies of the specifications and proposal forms may be obtained from North Central Planning Council, 517 5th Street NE, PO Box 651, Devils Lake, North Dakota 58301.

Telephone Number 701-662-8131.

(Publish April 14, 21 & 28, 2010)



April 13, 2010 – 6 p.m.

I. Call to order

II. Additions and approval of agenda

III. Delegations and communications A. Opportunity for public to speak

IV. Reading and approval of minutes

V. Presentation of bills

VI. Reports A. General fund; B. Special fund; C. Hot lunch; D. Capitol


VII. Old business A. Graham’s Island school bid discussion; B. Athletics

co-op discussion; C. Teachers contracts

VIII. New business A. Summer plans – 1. Bus garage and previous school

renovation, 2. Other; B. Flood preparations; C. Five year plan

discussion; D. Non-certified and administrator contracts; E. Policy

handbook review – 1. Section A.

IX. Principals’ reports

X. Next meeting date and time

XI. Adjournment

(Publish April 14, 2010)



March 23, 2010

A special meeting of the Maddock City Council was called to order by

Mayor Rodney Maddock on March 23, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the Maddock City

Hall. Present for roll call were council members Kent Neppl, Lu

Mathison, Marilyn Allan and Larry Summers.

The reason for the special meeting was to review Chapters 4, 5 and 7 of

the Model Municipal Ordinance Code.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Pamela Lee

City Auditor

Rodney Maddock


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