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2/17/2010 – News

Volume 127, Number 2           Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


Snowmobiling paradise
More snow came to the area February 13, adding to the significant snowpack already on the ground. An estimated six inches fell in the most recent snowfall. Snowmobilers found it perfect for their activities. Ten snowmobiles belonging to residents of Aurora and Eldon Townships, mostly Buckmiers, were seen parked in front of the store in Minnewaukan while the operators were inside enjoying noon lunch. Temperatures have been mild the past week.

Strings perform at Leeds
A group of area musicians entitled "All Strings Attached" performed for Leeds School students recently. Each of these musicians is a violin student of instructor Gladys Fluge of Egeland. Left to right, front row, are Margarite Freund, Arlene Johnson, Gladys Fluge and Babe Belzer. Second row: Clarine Haus, Evan Follman, Cassandra Haglin, Arnikka Thompson, Clarinda Haglin, Andrew Follman, Harvey Haglin and Kari Follman. Back row: Carol Thompson, Mary Schumacher, Pete Solberg and Joni Haglin.

Leeds students Arnikka Thompson, Evan Follman and Andrew Follman perform a number for the audience.

Winter sports
Maddock Head Start kids completed a unit on winter recreation. They created their own indoor winter sports complete with a lodge. Highlights included a skating rink, ski hill, sledding hill and an animal refuge for sightseeing. Children practice their creative and social skills while they construct their environments and practice phonics, writing and reading in a child-centered and playful atmosphere. Karl Kenner and Trey Benson visited the Maddock Head Start classroom and set up a portable fish house to teach children about the sport of ice fishing. Interested children listened to some fish stories and learned how to ice fish. They received their own personal bobbers from the the boys. Left to right, back row, are Paige Jones, Aiden Huffman, Lane Benson, Grant Hagen, Wyatt Hakanson, Karl Kenner holding Andrew Brown and Trey Benson with Logan Maddock. In the front row are Rakel Follman, Shawn Foss, Colton Green, Paxton Neppl and Hannah Abrahamson.

The ice fishing house was a huge hit. Grant Hagen, Aiden Huffman and Shawn Foss are pictured fishing in the house.

Shoots javelina
Craig Blomster of Harlow is shown with the javelina he shot with a bow and arrow in the Coolidge, Ariz. area January 9. The 49 lb. wild animal was shot with a pink arrow which was colored for breast cancer awareness. Blomster said his Arizona cousin will make sausage from the javelina.

Free throw winners
Spencer Olson and Maria Sears went to the district Knights of Columbus free throw contest in Velva and both placed first. They now will go to Minot on February 21 for the regional free throw contest.

Study owl’s diet
Mrs. Pranke’s fourth grade students at the Warwick School participated in a barn owl project. After researching and developing a classroom presentation, student were asked to dissect owl droppings to determine what that particular owl had been eating. Kasa Lohnes holds a bone she found in the droppings.

Most of the students discovered that their owl ate a rodent or a bird. Jayryl Guy and Mark Lufkins are shown dissecting their owl droppings.

Kasa Lohnes and Seanna Georgeson carefully pick at the owl droppings to determine the bird’s diet.

Warwick students get computers
Each student in Mrs. Pranke’s fourth grade class at Warwick has received a laptop computer for research projects and classroom assignments. Students have been introducted to ePals, which is a teacher-based e-mail system that is totally controlled by the classroom teacher. Sage Bertsch is shown working with his computer.

Raymond Peltier, left, and Jayryl Guy, right, enjoy working with their computers. "With technology being essential in a student’s educational development, it is critical that all forms of technology be taught in a safe and conducive manner," said Mrs. Pranke.

Each of the students have been assigned an e-mail address and are exchanging e-mails with students from two other states. One of the subjects of the e-mails will be their cultural differences. Mrs. Pranke encourages people to view the Web site Weylin Azure is shown tweaking his computer.

Perform in choirs
Three students from the Maddock School were recently chosen to be members of the 2010 NDACDA Jr. High Honor Choir. Selected to the Treble Choir were eighth grader Shelby Brandvold, daughter of Allen and Becky Brandvold and freshman Katie Rice, daughter of John and Barb Rice. Selected to the mixed choir was freshman Chelsey Weigler, daughter of Richard and Rhonda Rosendahl. The festival took place in Grand Forks February 5 and 6 with intense rehearsals both days. A concert was presented at United Lutheran Church in Grand Forks on Saturday at 4 p.m. Left to right are Katie Rice, Chelsey Weigler and Shelby Brandvold.

Backstrom takes 4th
Benjamin Backstrom of Maddock took fourth place in the state American Legion Oratorical Contest held recently. The presentations were on the US Constitution. Left to right are Jerry Samuelson, ND American Legion department commander; Sibinee Jokela of Watford City, first place; Jonathan Reich of Medina, second place; Jerica Massey of Bowman, third place; Benjamin Backstrom of Maddock, fourth place; and Ron Broderson of Watford City, oratorical contest chairman. (Photo by Karen Meier, North Dakota American Legion Department Historian.)

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