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12/16/2009 – News

Volume 126, Number 46           Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Turkeys pay a visit
Now that Thanksgiving is over, wild turkeys came out in force in Minnewaukan December 12. A portion of a flock of 15 turkeys is seen in the editor’s yard. They scratched around a little and pooped a lot before moving on to visit the neighbors. In the background can be seen the editor’s one-owner 1976 Chevrolet pickup and the cat house, which is frequented by his felines.

Perform at Leeds
Leeds Lutheran Sunday school students presented three selections at Sunday worship December 6 with their bell choir, under the direction of Carol Thompson. Left to right, front row, are Dani Schwanke, Evan Follman, Rochelle Hansen and Spencer Follman. Second row: Arnikka Thompson, Devin Schwanke and Andrew Follman. Third row: Katelyn Nelsen and Joe Silliman. At the top is Kaylee Lybeck.

The Maddock eighth grade North Dakota history class, in conjunction with the ND State Historical Society, recently completed a virtual homesteading project. The past two weeks students have used a Web-based program called Second Life to recreate homesteading in North Dakota. Scott Schaffnit of the ND State Historical Society demonstrates the use of Second Life and homesteading to Mrs. Risovi’s eighth grade class.

The students were put into "family" groups who were able to purchase homestead parcels in different parts of the state. They then had to research what crops would grow best on their land, buy seed, feed for their mule and other supplies from the local general store. Throughout the week, several natural disasters struck their crops, but most were able to "prove up" their land and establish their homesteads. Kelsey Smith tries to fasten the buttons on an old shoe with a buttonhook while Marilyn Snyder of the ND State Historical Society and Renae Lauinger look on.

Santa pays visit
The Maddock Ambassador, Senior and Cadets Girl Scouts invited Santa Claus to greet kids at the Maddock Memorial Home Saturday. The kids enjoyed Santa giving them a candy bar and stuffed animal after telling him of their wish lists. Kids were treated to cookies and juice and coloring time. A drawing was held for kids in attendance for an over-sized, homemade stocking filled with goodies. Vada Fossen, daughter of Mitch and Yvonne Fossen, won the stocking. Left to right around Santa are Ashley Risovi, Kristi Medalen, Carah Hestdalen, Delores Williams and Ashley Foss. Barkley, the official dog of the Maddock Memorial Home, is also pictured.

Reading winners
Read, Read, Read winners have been announced at the Oberon School. Read, Read, Read winners won a free book by meeting classroom reading goals. Left to right, front row, are Roshawnda Whitetail, Christen Littlewind, DorothyKae DuBois, Verna Alex and Romie Cavanaugh. Second row: Jay Littlewind, Felix Black, Kellen Keo, Deborah Jackson, Mariyah Anchondo, Anthony DeMarce and Kayleetha Georgeson. Third row: Larissa Dunn, Ryilee Littleghost, Isis Greywater, Renee Cavanaugh, Riah Littleghost and Jacen Deckert. Fourth row: Joseph Gourd, Byson Robertson, Bryeann Robertson and Whisper Gourd. Back row: Emily Thumb, Darica Deckert, MysitQue Gourd, Nakia Hill and George Brown.

Parents’ night
Parents’ night was held December 9 at the Minnewaukan School. Soup and sandwiches were served for supper and then family activities were held. Family photos were taken and put in picture frames that the families made. Homemade play dough was made to take home. More than 30 families attended. Yogi, Jayson, Raquel and Jeremy Vivier are shown making play dough.

Rodeo champs
The Annual Roughrider Rodeo banquet was held November 21 in Minot. Ben Grann of Sheyenne won the 2009 steer wrestling championship and the reserve champion 2009 roping title. He was also the 2009 men’s all around cowboy. Brittany Cudworth of Sheyenne won the 2009 junior goat tying championship.

Head Start grocers
Head Start children visited Tracy’s Market in Maddock on December 1. Owner Pat Tracy walked the children through his store, showing them where and how food is delivered, stored, stocked and sold to customers. Children were amazed by all the labels and pricing a grocery needs for business. At the grocery store, left to right, were, back row, Kristina Trautman, Andrew Brown, Pat Tracy, Wyatt Hakanson, McKenzie Melaas, Shawn Foss, Hannah Anderson, Kaylee Knatterud, Lane Benson and Grant Hagen. In the front are Logan Maddock, Rakel Follman and Paige Jones.

Later, children re-created this environment in their classroom and used their developing skills to write letters and numbers needed for a grocery store at the Head Start classroom. This experience helps develop social skills through cooperation, planning and role playing. Later, Pat Tracy visited the Head Start classroom to check out the children’s version of his store and declared it ready for a "Grand Opening!" At the Head Start classroom are, left to right, back row, Paige Jones, Aiden Huffman, Pat Tracy, Wyatt Hakanson and Grant Hagen. Front row: Rakel Follman, Andrew Brown and Hannah Anderson. Seated are Paxton Neppl, Anastasia Wilks, Lane Benson and Shawn Foss.

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