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12/2/2009 – Public Notices




October 14, 2009

A regular meeting of the board of Fort Totten School District No. 30 was held Oct. 14, 2009 at 4:30 p.m. in the conference room of the new Administration Building at Fort Totten. Present were Erich Longie, Raymond Cavanaugh, Shirley Stensland and, via speaker phone, Marty Greywater. Absent was Frank de la Paz. Others present were Stephanie Anderson, Wayne Trottier Jr., Charles Anderson, Rick Smith, Heather Snow, BreeAnne Hinojos, Brittany Brown and Nancy Greene-Robertson.

Board President Dr. Longie called the meeting to order at 4:34 p.m.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA/CONSENT AGENDA: Mr. Cavanaugh made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Stensland, to approve the agenda and consent agenda with the addition of a letter of resignation from a board member.

With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.



Acer America Corp. $199.00

Aha! Process, Inc. 2,982.06

Alltel 427.46

Anderson, Charles 244.00

Anderson, Charles 186.00

Anderson, Christina 219.00

Anderson, Stephanie 256.50

Atherton, Carrie 204.00

Avdem, Tara 50.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 837.32

Benson County

Schoolmasters 200.00

Bismarck Holiday

Inn Express 512.10

Brown & Saenger 871.38

Cankdeska Cikana

Comm. College 639.00

Carlson, Eilene 186.00

Cash & Carry Lumber 258.42

Cavanaugh, Raymond 462.00

Central Distributing 171.90

Comfort Inn, Bismarck 177.00

Country Counseling

& Consulting 3,784.00

Country Counseling

& Consulting 500.00

Criminal Records Section 47.25

Dell Marketing 11,682.18

Devils Lake Journal 177.00

Devils Lake Public School 37.50

Discount Magazine 2,630.56

Docutrac, Inc. 691.20

Double Z Broadcasting 100.00

DPI 45.00

DPI 200.00

EduTech 50.00

Estenson, Megan 204.00

Estenson, Megan 200.04

Four Winds Athletic Assoc. 180.00

FTPSD #30 37.50

Greene, Jan 244.00

Greene, Jan 186.00

Greene, Jan 220.00

Greywater Jr., Robert 219.00

Greywater, Marty 256.50

Guy, Elaine 244.00

HE Everson Co. 215.95

Hoiberg’s Office Supply 46.58

Holiday Inn, Fargo 122.64

I-Design 180.00

I-Design 1,942.50

Information Technology

Dept. 242.00

Job Service of ND 64.20

Johnson, Sandra 62.61

Kirk’s Appliance 96.70

Kmart 400.00

Lake 3 Theater 250.00

Longie, Erich 256.50

LRP Publications 1,492.00

Market Place Motors 870.28

MDU 15.08

MDU 44.95

Medco 691.63

Medical Technologies 18.84

Mentoring Minds 318.45

Mock, Wendy 5.36

Morin, Chris 219.00

NAPA Auto Parts 33.73

National Council

of Teachers 85.00

ND Council of

School Attorneys 180.00

ND Tax Commissioner 4,006.00

ND Telephone Co. . 1,871.83

ND Telephone Co. 997.76

NDSBA 830.00

Ness, Hayley 219.00

Office & Technology 7,992.79

Office & Technology 501.52

Parent Institute 667.00

Parker, Cheryl 100.00

Pearce & Durick 250.25

Pennsylvania Higher

Educ. Association 460.74

Pennsylvania Higher

Educ. Association 307.16

Pitney Bowes

Global Financial 915.00

Pitney Bowes

Global Financial 13.43

Pizza Hut 132.74

Postmaster 180.00

Purchase Power 553.32

Quiznos 120.63

Ramada Inn-Grand Forks 124.00

Renneberg Hardwood 692.00

Saari, Karen 186.00

Scientific Learning 63,100.00

Service Tire, Inc. 220.00

Spirit Lake Marina 1,641.49

Spirit Lake Resort 409.80

Standard Stationery Sup. 4.57

Stensland, Shirley 462.00

Stensland, Shirley 256.50

Stevenson, Steve 61.79

Teacher’s Discovery 581.39

The Flower Scent R 52.50

Tracy’s Market 493.89

Trottier Jr., Wayne 436.50

Trottier Jr., Wayne 406.50

Trottier Jr., Wayne 244.00

Tusweca Tiospaye 325.00

Wally’s 139.41

Wal-Mart 1,632.72

Wal-Mart 2,128.33

White House Cafe 175.00

Xerox Corp. 117.00

Xerox Corp. 76.94

Xerox Corp. 5,373.95

Xerox Corp. 76.94

Xerox Corp. 257.96

Subtotal 138,668.22


Anderson’s Event $65.32

Beck, Jamie 66.00

Beck, Jamie 66.00

Bull, Lawrence 190.00

Bull, Lawrence 380.00

Bull, Lawrence 190.00

Double Z Broadcasting 125.00

Elfman, Mark 66.00

GL Sports 846.35

Go-Fer Sanitation 265.00

Greywater, Sheldon 250.00

Griggs Co. HS 50.00

HB Sound & Light 921.85

Hunt, Rod 66.00

Hunt, Rod 66.00

Joe & Bros. Mow For

Dough 745.00

JS Vending 377.11

JS Vending 329.31

Knowski, Joe 66.00

KZZY Broadcasting 125.00

Lakeview Dairy 718.80

Leevers County Market 111.96

Mercy Hospital 93.00

Mertens, John 86.00

Mertens, John 86.00

Mertens, Jordan 66.00

Paul’s Grocery 28.65

Pepsi Cola Bottling 383.28

Smith, Rick 62.79

Smith, Rick 44.38

Wakeford, Andy 400.00

Subtotal 7,336.80

TOTAL 146,005.02



Payroll $160,829.52

Social Security 19,943.00

Medicare 4,664.14

Federal W/Holding 11,127.54

State W/Holding 1,537.00

Aflac 1,500.00

BCBSND 26,855.10

Discovery Benefits 1,143.52

ND State Disburse 352.18

NDPERS 3,606.74

NDTFFR 17,240.27

Spirit Lake Housing 262.00

TOTAL 249,061.01

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Mrs. Stensland made a motion, seconded by Mr.

Greywater, to approve the minutes of September 2, 2009 as is. With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Anderson updated the board regarding enrollment, students that left, Incident Reports, Standardized Testing, the freshmen depression screening done by Mrs. Deb Hanson and college visits. Discussion was held on visiting with students to stress how important the testing is.

PERSONNEL REPORT: Mr. Cavanaugh made a motion, seconded by Mrs.

Stensland, to approve the Personnel Report as is. Further discussion was held regarding posting the cheerleader advisor all over in the community. With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Trottier briefed the board on the roofing project, the NDHSAA Board of Directors Nomination, the sports complex, the NDSBA Fall Conference travel, flu shots, the drug testing procedures handout, the Acceptable Use Consent Form and the Internet Publication Consent Form.

Mr. Cavanaugh made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Stensland, to approve the FWHS Acceptable Use Consent Form and Internet Publication Consent Form. With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Discussion was held about the guidance counselor. Mrs. Kristi Black needs hours to complete her counselor credential. Dr. Trottier wants to know what to do with her situation because she may have to take leave from her current teaching position. The board recommends that Dr. Trottier and Mr. Anderson visit with her.

MEMBER RESIGNATION FROM BOARD: Mr. Cavanaugh made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Stensland, to approve the resignation of Frank de la Paz as a school board member, effective immediately. With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Discussion was held on appointing a new board member and how to decide. Mr. Greywater made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Stensland, to appoint Robert Greywater Jr. as a school board member to fill the newly vacant position. With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Mr. Greywater made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Stensland, to adjourn.

With four voting in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Stephanie Anderson


Dr. Erich Longie

Board President



November 10, 2009

A regular meeting of the Maddock School Board was held November 10,

2009 at 4:15 p.m. Present were Vice President Becky Brandvold, David Kenner, Randy Benson, Mark Kallenbach, Superintendent Kim Anderson, Principal Penny Leier and Business Manager Brenda Fossen. Guests were Emil Schoenfish, CPA and Vanessa Peters.The meeting was chaired by Vice President Brandvold.

A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Benson, to approve the agenda. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Kallenbach, seconded by Benson, to approve the minutes of Oct. 14, the General Fund bills totaling $135,771.38, and the Food Service and Activities reports. Mark Kallenbach was added to the attendance of the Oct 14 meeting. The motion carried.

Alltel Wireless $48.40

Altru Health System 1,992.00

Barnes & Noble 220.76

Benson County

Activity Building 1,150.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 198.11

Blue Ribbon Maintenance

Supply 184.49

Cenex Convenience Card 112.73

City of Maddock 2,389.00

Cole Papers 435.51

Dakota Web Composers 90.00

Daryl’s Refrigeration, LLC 308.75

Department of

Public Instruction 140.00

Ebach Contruction 2,827.27

EduTech 100.00

Farmers Union Oil Co. 4,746.06

Gaffaney’s of Minot 123.30

Gerrells & Co. 14.60

Grand International 63.00

Greenburg Roofing 4,650.00

Harlow’s Bus Sales 1,034.49

I Design 59.16

Information Technology

Dept. 172.00

Jones Brothers Auto Sales 170.00

JS Vending 229.39

Lannie Simonson

Building Co. 128.00

Mac’s, Inc. 9.70

Menards 317.65

NAPA Auto Supply 427.30

Networking Specialists Inc. 75.68

NWEA 2,045.00

Park Supply Co. 91.93

Quill Corportation 230.11

Ramkota Hotel 230.00

Rieger Service 316.13

Sathre, Sara 33.00

Schoenfish, Emil R. 2,720.00

Share Corporation 344.71

Standard Stationery

Supply Co. 7.50

Stein Chemical Co. 109.80

Tracy’s Market 72.05


Paving Inc. 106,994.00

United Parcel Service 10.86

World Book, Inc. 41.40

Zee Medical Service 107.55

TOTAL 135,771.39

The principals reported that parent-teacher conferences had very good attendance. Teachers are also involved in an EduTech In-Step program for enhanced classroom instruction using technology.

Emil Schoenfish, CPA, presented the 2008-09 annual financial audit. A motion was made by Benson, seconded by Kallenbach, to approve the audit. The roll call vote was all in favor.

A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Benson, to approve the Ramsey National Bank Pledge of Assets dated Oct. 21, 2009. The roll call vote was all in favor.

A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Kallenbach, to approve the second reading of Policy FF: Student Conduct and Discipline, (replacing current policy FHD), FF-AR: Student Conduct Standards & Disciplinary Procedures, and FF-E: Examples of Student Conduct Violations. The roll call vote was all in favor.

A motion was made by Benson, seconded by Kallenbach, to approve the second reading of Policy HEBD: Audits, and Policy JAC: Awarding Construction Contracts. The roll call vote was all in favor.

Discussion was held on the annual law seminar and school boards convention.

The next regular meeting will be Dec. 9 at 4:15 pm. The meeting adjourned.

Brenda Fossen

Business Manager

(Minutes are submitted for publication prior to board approval.)





900 E. Boulevard Ave.,

Bismarck, ND 58505, Owner

Separate sealed bids for the construction of Transition No. 1 and Terminal Structure Modifications for Devils Lake Outlet Project Contract 10 will be received by the North Dakota State Water Commission (NDSWC), Bismarck, ND until 1:30 p.m., local time on the 17th day of December, 2009 where and at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Contract 10 includes modifications to the existing Devils Lake Outlet Transition No.1 and Terminal Structures. The Transition No.1 work will include the removal and placement of riprap and a new geo-synthetic clay liner, construction of two (2) 100-foot long rock filters using 7-foot wide pre-cast concrete sections and 30" diameter perforated HDPE pipe, and two cast-in-place concrete structures adjacent to the existing transition structure. The Terminal Structure work will include the removal of existing riprap and soil excavation, as well as the installation of approximately 4,000 sq-ft of articulated concrete matting to form a plunge pool. There will also be approximately 3,000 sq-ft of sheet piling needed.

The substantial completion date is specified as May 1, 2010.

Additional information regarding the Contract is provided in the Instructions for Bidders.

Each BID must be accompanied by a separate envelope containing a copy of a current and valid North Dakota Contractor’s License, and the BIDDER’s Bond. The Contractor’s License must have been issued at least 10 calendar days before the date of Bid opening. The BIDDER’s Bond must be a sum equal to five percent of the full amount of the BID, executed by the BIDDER as Principal and by a SURETY, conditioned that if the Principal’s BID is accepted and the CONTRACT awarded to the Principal, the Principal, within fifteen days after notice of award, shall execute a CONTRACT in accordance with terms of the BID and a CONTRACTOR’s BOND as required by law and the regulations and determinations of the North Dakota State Water Commission.

Contract Documents are on file at the offices of the North Dakota State Water Commission, and Bartlett & West/AECOM, Bismarck, North Dakota, where they may be seen and examined between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., local time, Monday through Friday. Address of Engineer’s office is:


3456 East Century Avenue

P.O. Box 1077

Bismarck, ND 58502-1077

Telephone (701) 258-1110

Fax: (701) 258-1111

The Engineer will furnish to any prospective BIDDER a copy of the Contract Documents upon request.

The State of North Dakota, acting through the State Water Commission, reserves the right to select any and all schedules(s) under which the bids are to be compared and the CONTRACT awarded, to reject any and all bids, to select any combination of Base Bid and Alternates, to consider other factors in selecting the bid which is in the best interest of the OWNER, and to waive any and all irregularities in any bid. The BIDDERs shall fully complete all Bid Schedules contained in the Bid Form.

The OWNER will select any Bid that results in the lowest and best bid, and which do not exceed the funds available for project construction. The OWNER may reject any base bid or combination of base bid and alternates, which do not meet these conditions. The OWNER reserves the right to hold the three low BIDs for a period of sixty (60) calendar days after the date of the bid opening to complete the financial arrangements.

The Engineer will furnish to any prospective BIDDER a copy of such plans and specifications upon receipt of $75.00 for each set of documents obtained. Checks shall be payable to Bartlett & West/AECOM.

No refunds will be made.

Dated this 24th day of November, 2009.

/s/ Dale L. Frink, P.E.

Secretary and Chief Engineer

North Dakota

State Water Commission

Bismarck, North Dakota

(Publish Nov. 25, Dec. 2 & 9, 2009)



November 13, 2009

A regulr meeting of the Knox City Council was held Friday, Nov. 13 at

7 p.m. at the Knox Fire Hall. Present were Mayor Lloyd Marchus, Aldermen Sharon Hart and J.P. Robbins and City Auditor Pat Robbins.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Marchus.

The minutes of the last meeting were read. Hart made a motion to approve the minutes. Robbins seconded. The motion carried.

The financial reports were presented. Robbins made a motion to approve the financial reports. Hart seconded. The motion carried.

Bills approved for payment were as follows:

Waste Management $300.13

Otter Tail Power Co. 136.23

Benson Co. Farmers Press 28.81

City Auditor 85.00

Robbins reported that all the culvert work on the north side has been completed. A motion was made by Hart to pay Robbins rent on the Bobcat used for this project. Robbins seconded. The motion carried.

Robbins reported that he had verified snow removal for the winter with Hageness.

Gravel on the streets was discussed. Mayor Marchus was unable to contact the gravel man at Maddock. Alderman Robbins will contact Ritterman to get an estimate.

Billy Stone requested ownership of the old city mower in return for the use of his tractor for the culvert project. Hart moved to accept this offer. Robbins seconded. The motion carried.

Mayor Marchus reported the street lights will be brought up to date by Otter Tail Power Co. with an $8 increase in the monthly billing.

Marchus, Robbins and Stone will do the north side tree trimming.

The next meeting will be held Friday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. in the Knox Fire Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Pat Robbins

City Auditor


A public hearing concerning the Phyllis Hassett property at the North 50′ x 172′, Lot 5, Subdivision 2, North Addition to the City of Maddock will be held January 26, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. in the basement meeting room of the Ramsey County Courthouse at 524 4th Ave. NE in Devils Lake, ND.

Contact Allen McKay for further information at 701-662-7035.

(Publish Nov. 25, Dec. 2 & 9, 2009)



October 14, 2009

A regular meeting of the Leeds School Board was held Oct. 14, 2009 at 7:30 a.m. Present were Randy Silliman, Gene Larson, Linda Young, Gay Leapaldt, Superintendent Joel Braaten, High School Principal Jeff Manley, Elementary Principal Carol Braaten and Business Manager Maria Dunlap. Absent was Brian Engstrom.

Additions to the agenda: 8. New Business: Pledge of securities; hire April Anderson as elementary boys’ basketball coach.

The minutes of the previous regular meeting of September 17, 2009 were approved as written.

A motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously to void outstanding checks dated January 1, 2002 through December 31, 2007.

A motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously to approve bills and financial reports.

Bills approved for payment are as follows:

B & H Oil Co. $2,753.01

Barnes & Noble. Co. 222.10

Benson Co. Farmers Press 239.19

Benson County

Schoolmasters 200.00

Blick Art Materials 22.60

Braaten, Joel 296.50

Carolina Biological

Supply Co. 14.14

Clute Office Equipment, Inc. 419.00

Comfort Inn 59.00

The Computer Store, Inc. 2,348.36

Dakota Web

Composers, LLC 60.00

Designer Fabrics 57.53

Didax Educational

Resources 335.56

Dunlap, Maria 273.00

Duran, Brandi 660.00

EduTech Education

Technology Services 675.00

Farmers Union Oil Co. 123.95

Gaffaney’s, Inc. 426.96

Harlow’s Bus Sales, Inc. 84.32

Hoiberg’s 202.00

Houghton Mifflin 587.79

Lake Chevrolet 633.90

Lake Region Special

Education 20,453.95

LaMotte’s Paint & Glass Co. 38.99

Leeds School

Foodservice Fund 1,443.00

Mac’s Inc. 55.68

Maddock Public

School Dist. 9 5,000.00

Mcgraw-Hill Companies 5.35

MedCenter One Clinic 180.00

Mercy Hospital 64.10

Minot Daily News 189.20

Moser, Sheila 29.53

National Geographic

Society 15.90

NCTM 10.00

ND Council of

Educational Leaders 180.00

ND Telephone Co. 355.49

OfficeMax 133.79

Oriental Trading

Company, Inc. 10.94

Popplers Music, Inc. 1,279.47

Praxair Distribution, Inc. 120.01

Quill Corporation 825.79

Ramkota Hotel 63.00

Rolle, Gary 16.75

Scholastic Equipment

Company LLC 529.24

Smart Computing 29.00

Stein’s, Inc. 324.95

Towner County

Medical Center 142.75

Weekly Reader Corporation 74.06

Altru Clinic 70.00

Otter Tail Power Co. 1,631.99

NDUC 180.72

Kevlott 187.50

Wal-Mart 1,455.57

Scholastic Book 27.00

Minot State Univ. 25.00

UND Music 10.00

Franklin Covey 33.52

ND Council of School Att. 120.00

NDSBA 415.00

Create ND 400.00

Focused Technology 265.00

Information Technology

Department 149.00

Music in Motion 211.20

Quill Corporation 69.26

Ramkota Hotel 189.00

SimplexGrinnell 2,130.50

TOTAL: 49,835.11

Mrs. Braaten presented the elementary principal’s report: end of elementary girls’ basketball; start of elementary boys’ basketball; ND State Assessment for grades three-six; completed DIBELS and MAP assessments; parent-teachers conferences on October 29; fluoride rinse program; and visit to pumpkin patch.

Mr. Manley presented the high school principal’s report: PSAT testing for juniors; CTB testing for grades seven, eight and eleven; Mr.

Stave and four students will attend the national FFA convention; and Regional one-act play.

Mr. Manley presented the athletic director’s report: Football season, probably 9 man next season; volleyball season, districts at Langdon and regionals at Devils Lake; cross-country, Alyssa Anderson will compete at regionals and state; and most schools not in favor of switching boys’ and girls’ basketball seasons for 2010-2011.

Mr. Braaten reported on the financial status of ND Teachers’ Fund for Retirement which may increase board’s share.

A motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously to accept the tuition agreements for Madison Featherstone, Garrett Featherstone and Jessica Sexton.

A motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously to hire April Anderson as elementary boys’ basketball coach.

The board reviewed the pledge of securities.

Mr. Braaten presented the superintendent’s report: status of Instant Alert and it’s training; possibility of receiving ARRA Clean Diesel Bus Grant; would like to purchase a snow blower attachment for new lawn mower for $2,700; working on new technology plan for 2010-2013; and use Title I Stimulus Funds to hire Patty Haagenson as part-time Title I instructor.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2009 at 7:30 a.m.

The meeting adjourned.

Maria Dunlap

Business Manager

Randy Silliman




Northern Plains Railroad, Inc. ("NPR") gives notice that on or about December 4, 2009, it intends to file with the Surface Transportation Board, Washington, DC 20423, a notice of exemption under 49 CFR 1152 Subpart F — Exempt Abandonments permitting discontinuance NPR’s overhead trackage rights on approximately 26.24 miles of rail line of Canadian Pacific Railway between milepost 446.0, near Devils Lake, Ramsey County and milepost 472.24 near Harlow, Benson County, North Dakota which traverses through United States Postal Service ZIP Codes 58301, 58362, 58325, 58351 and 58346 in Ramsey and Benson Counties, North Dakota. The proceeding will be docketed as No. AB-1054X.

The proposed discontinuance is exempt from the Board’s environmental and historic reporting requirements. 49 C.F.R. 1105.6(c) and 1105.8(b). Interested persons may make inquiries regarding environmental matters by writing to the Section of Environmental Analysis, Surface Transportation Board, Washington, DC 20423 or by calling that office at 202 245-0245.

Appropriate offers of financial assistance to continue rail service can be filed with the Board. Public use conditions and rail banking/trails use are not available in proceedings involving only a discontinuance and not an abandonment. An original and 10 copies of any pleading that raises matters other than environmental issues (such as trails use, public use, and offers of financial assistance) must be filed directly with the Board’s Section of Administration, Office of Proceedings, 395 E Street, SW., Washington, DC 20423-0001 [See 49 CFR 1104.1(a) and 1104.3(a)], and one copy must be served on applicants’ representative [See 49 CFR 1104.12(a) ]. Questions regarding offers of financial assistance, public use or trails use may be directed to the Board’s Office of Public Assistance, Governmental Affairs, and Compliance at 202-245-0238. Copies of any comments or requests for conditions should be served on the NPR’s

representative: Jeremy Berman, Fletcher & Sippel LLC, 29 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 920, Chicago, IL 60606.


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