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10/28/2009 – Public Notices




In the Matter of the Estate of John O. Swenson, Deceased.

Katherine M. Swenson )

Petitioner )


John O. Swenson and all other )

persons unknown with interest in, )

or lien, or encumbrance upon, )

the property described in the )

Notice, )

Respondents )

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Katherine M. Swenson, has filed with the Judge of the District Court of Benson County, North Dakota, a Petition for Adjudication of Intestacy and Determination of Heirs in the matter of the estate of the above named Deceased, John O. Swenson.

The assets of the estate consist of, in addition to other property, an interest in the following described real estate in Benson County North Dakota:

The North Half (N ? ) of Lot Fourteen (14) and all of Lots Fifteen (15), Sixteen (16), Seventeen

(17) and Eighteen (18) of Block Five (5) of the village of Warwick, Benson County, ND.

Hearing has been set to consider the Petition on the 9th day of November, 2009, at 2:30 o’clock p.m. at the Courtroom of the Benson County District Court in the City of Minnewaukan, County of Benson, State of North Dakota, at which time and place you may be heard if you wish.

Dated this 9th day of October, 2009.

-s- James P. Wang

James P. Wang

Attorney for Petitioner

PO Box 211

110 Main Street East

Minnewaukan, ND 58351

(701) 473-5338

ID #: 04664

(Publish Oct. 14, 21 & 28, 2009)



September 22, 2009

The Warwick School Board met Tuesday evening, September 22, 2009 in the computer lab of the Warwick School. Present were Kay Gravdahl, Eleanor Cavanaugh, Joannie Black and Larry Thiele. Johnnie McKelvey was absent. Others present were Supt. Charles Guthrie, Principal Steve Jacobson and Business Manager Carol Walford.

President Thiele called the meeting to order at

5:14 p.m. Gravdahl made a motion, seconded by Cavanaugh, to approve the agenda. The motion carried.

Gravdahl made a motion, seconded by Cavanaugh, to approve the minutes of the August 25 meeting. The motion carried.

Cavanaugh made a motion, seconded by Black, to pay the bills. The motion carried. Bills approved are as follows:

Wal-Mart $183.66

Diane Green 74.80

Overby Construction 6,150.00

Diane Green 102.85

AmeriPride 308.49

Benson Co. Farmers Press 84.42

BW Fargo Doublewood Inn 126.00

Cash & Cash 6,578.84

Central Business Systems 2,244.80

Classroom Direct 174.00

Connecting Point 1,670.00

CRI/NDESC 186.00

Dacotah Paper Company 769.42

Department of Public

Instruction 45.00

Devils Lake Journal 118.55

Devils Lake Glass & Paint 832.41

Educational & Community

Supports 500.00

Follett Educational Services 156.00

Food Services of America 184.24

Charlotte Franks-Erickson 19.90

Gerrells & Company 65.00

Grand Forks Herald 93.10

Haan Crafts 616.60

Leevers County Market 232.71

Lifebound 141.89

Maintenance Engineering 49.09

McVille Hardware & Lumber 163.91

Menards-Fargo 37.95

Menards 28.74

NASCO 142.01

National Geographic School 15.62

NDHSAA 50.00

Paint & Glass Supply Co.. 349.93

Resources for Educators 198.00

Saddleback Educational Inc. 324.50

School Specialty 604.36

The McGraw-Hill Companies 1,381.14

Training Room 55.60

Valuations Northwest, Inc. 2,905.00

Warwick City 358.00

Diane Green 93.50

Alan Gleason Construction 153,900.00

Heck Trucking & Construction 1,260.00

National Geographic School

Publishers 97.62

Benson Co. School Masters 200.00

HM Receivables Co. 2,360.59

Pearson Education 855.19

Franklin Covey Products, LTC 57.83

Devils Lake Journal 885.00

Home of Economy 239.99

The Forum 766.65

Gravdahl reported on the NESC meeting.

The superintendent’s report included discussion on monthly calendars handed out to the board and parents.

The athletic director’s report included drug testing, activity schedules and calendars handed out to parents.

Black made a motion, seconded by Gravdahl, to approve the second reading of the amended Student Driving Policy to include in lieu of proof of insurance, a parent and/or guardian will be required to sign a notarized statement absolving the school district of any liability that may be caused by an uninsured vehicle. The motion carried.

Mr. Guthrie gave an update on the staff. Hiring of an additional custodian was tabled until the next meeting.

The North Dakota School Board Convention was discussed. Members of the board interested in going should let the business manager know as soon as possible.

ARRA funding was discussed. Gravdahl made a motion, seconded by Cavanaugh, to approve the ARRA funding requirements. The motion carried.

Mr. Guthrie gave an update on the Library Literacy and PEP Grants and construction of a portable classroom.

The open house to be held on September 29 was discussed.

The 2009-2010 budget was discussed. Cavanaugh made a motion, seconded by Black, to approve the budget. Roll call vote: Cavanaugh, yes. Black, yes. Gravdahl, yes. Thiele, yes. The motion carried.

The next board meeting will be October 13 at 5 p.m.

The meeting adjourned.

Carol Walford

Business Manager

Larry Thiele




The City of Leeds, North Dakota is offering the following equipment for sale:

1) 1973 John Deere Model 4630 tractor (issues with transmission) with Leon Model 707A loader

2) 1980 International dump truck, 3208 Cat engine, 5/2 transmission, full hydraulics, former State Highway Dept. truck

3) Woods 16’ Bat-wing PTO mower

This equipment is offered in "as is" condition.

The City of Leeds will not warrant the condition of the equipment and offers no guarantees. All sales are final.

Interested parties may mail bids to Brandi Anderson, City Auditor, PO Box 331, Leeds, North Dakota 58346 or drop off bids at Leeds City Hall,

221 Main Street West, Leeds, North Dakota. Call with questions at (701) 466-2930.

Please submit bids in a sealed envelope labeled "Equipment Bid." All bids must include name, address and telephone number of bidding party and must indicate the piece of equipment on which they are bidding and the respective bid price. A separate bid price is required for each piece of equipment.

The equipment can be viewed at the intersection of 2nd Ave. SE and US Highway 2, Leeds, ND 58346.

Bidding will close on Monday, November 2 at 12 noon. Bids will be opened on Tuesday, November 2,

2009 at 6:30 p.m. during the regular council meeting at the Leeds City Hall. Payment must be made in full, in US funds, within three days of notice to successful bidder. Equipment cannot be removed until payment is made in full. The Leeds City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

(Publish Oct. 14 & 28, 2009)


The North Dakota Department of Transportation

(NDDOT) will receive bids for the construction of the following project(s):

Job No.: 25

Project No(s).: H-3-019(051)135

Length: 0.200



Location: ND 19, 1 MI E OF JCT US 281

Bids will be received until 09:30 A.M., November 20, 2009, IN THE FOYER, LOCATED ON 3RD FLOOR, OUTSIDE ROOM 330 OF THE NDDOT BUILDING, ON THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, IN BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA. Bids will be opened at that time and the live webcast can be viewed online at

All bidders are required to be prequalified at least seven (7) days before the date of the bid opening.

The proposal forms, plans and specifications are available on the NDDOT Web site at and may be inspected at the Construction Services Division, NDDOT, Room 333,

608 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0700. NDDOT reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, waive technicalities, or to accept such as may be determined in the best interests of the state.

Requested by:

Francis G. Ziegler, P.E., Director

North Dakota

Department of Transportation






October 6, 2009

The Benson County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 9:00 a.m.

in the Commissioners’ Room of the Benson County Courthouse, Minnewaukan, ND. Commissioners

present: Jason Lee, Curtis Hvinden, Lowell Haagenson, David Davidson and Michael N. Steffan.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lee.

Applicant Agent Dawn Flemmer and Highway Superintendent Don Trnka met with the board.

Flemmer requested the board appoint her as applicant agent for the 2004 flood year. She gave an update on FEMA 2009 flood projects and reimbursements for the projects. She stated that if the townships do not take the steps to complete the projects identified, the townships will not be eligible for FEMA funds on the projects in the future.

State’s Attorney James P. Wang arrived at the meeting at 9:20 a.m.

The board discussed whether or not townships have money to pay the bills for the projects in order to receive reimbursement and if financing resources are available to the townships. Flemmer stated FEMA projects need to be completed by September, 2010. However, an extension can be requested. A motion was mabe by Haagenson, seconded by Hvinden, to appoint Dawn Flemmer as applicant agent for 2004 flood (FEMA-1515-DR-ND).

All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. Flemmer left the meeting.

Trnka discussed the estimates for replacing the concrete floor in the county shop in Maddock and other road issues. He discussed repayment from the ND DOT for emergency projects completed.

Haagenson stated the 4 and 5 mill funds do not bring in enough money to maintain the roads.

Trnka stated graveling is coming to a stop for the most part. He questioned if it would be feasible to add the raising/reconstruction of the Brinsmade road next to old Hwy. 281 onto the county’s federal aid project sheet. He discussed an issue involving a landowner refusing to remove trees along a ditch. He indicated he would be sending a letter to the township board advising that the highway department will no longer maintain or plow snow along the roadway until the trees are removed. He also informed the board new tires are needed for the motor graders at Esmond and Harlow at an estimated cost of $8,000.

At 10:00 a.m. the public hearing was held on the 2010 county budget. No one from the public appeared for the hearing.

A motion was made by Hvinden, seconded by Davidson, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of September 15, 2009. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

Keli Hoffner, from the American Family Insurance Agency, met with the board to give quotes for heath, dental and vision insurance for the county. The board indicated it feels insurance rates for the county group is too expensive and requested quotes from Hoffner’s agency. She presented insurance rate information from Assurant Health.

John Beckstrand of the Benson County Water Board met with the board. He stated the Corps of Engineers will be holding a meeting at 2 p.m. on October 7, 2009. He questioned if the board would be opposed to him attending the meeting and stating his position on draining from the north and other issues. The board granted permission for Beckstrand to attend the meeting.

Sheriff Steve Rohrer met with the board to present his mileage/activity report for September, 2009. He indicated he received information that grant money is available to him through Homeland Security. He stated he discussed this issue with Charles Paulson but has not received a response. The auditor stated the Homeland Security fund is in the red along with the Disaster Emergency fund and the issue needs to be addressed with the emergency manager.

Haagenson telephoned Paulson to request he meet with the board. The board was unable to get in contact with Paulson.

Don Trnka came back to meet with the board. He discussed purchasing cutting edges. Trnka presented a copy of the resolution to FEMA adopted by the Southeast County Commissioners. He recommended the board not join in on the resolution. Trnka also presented an e-mail from Jeff Frith of the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board, regarding a LiDAR presentation at the Ramsey County Memorial Building on October 7,

2009 at 10 a.m. Trnka stated he received a letter from a resident requesting interest forgiveness on a bill owed to the road department as a result of an incident involving damage to his vehicle when driving over a gravel ridge and hitting a rock. A motion was made by Hvinden, seconded by Steffan, to forgive the interest provided the resident pays the bill in full by November 1, 2009. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. Hvinden informed Trnka of roads in his area that need graveling.

The board telephoned Ryan Munson, Brady, Martz Assoc., to respond to questions he posed to Chairman Lee for the 2007 and 2008 county audit.

The board reviewed a list of foreclosed property and proposed appraisal prices. The board also reviewed a Notice of Intent to Evict for the property known as Lots 5 & 6, Block 3, Harrison’s Addn. in Esmond. A motion was made by Hvinden, seconded by Steffan, to have the chairman sign the Notice of Intent to Evict. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

Don Trnka called and requested the board make a decision for repairing the concrete floor in the Maddock Shop building. A motion was made by Hvinden, seconded by Haagenson, to approve the project. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Davidson, to appraise the tax deed property as

follows: Parcel #’s: 34-0000-08362-001 – $250.00; 37-0001-09114-210 – $150.00; 41-0003-09797-000 – $1,400.00; 43-0004-10229-000 – $1,800.00; 43-0004-10230-000 – $1,800.00. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Hvinden, to appoint Bonnie Erickson, Auditor/Treasurer, as the authorized agent for the North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Hvinden, seconded by Steffan, to approve the proposed policing contract between the city of Minnewaukan and Benson County dated September 15, 2009. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The board reviewed a letter from the ND Cultural Heritage Initiative dated September 15, 2009 regarding a regional upcoming meeting.

The board also reviewed a letter the Benson County Water Board sent to the ND State Water Commission dated September 17, 2009 regarding increasing the Round Lake alignment output flow.

Steve Rohrer presented a letter to the board dated October 6, 2009 regarding letters he received from the ND Dept. of Emergency Services for the 2007 Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Grant.

The board discussed its motion made at a previous meeting to allow the public administrator for Benson County an increase in pay of $100.00 per month. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Haagenson, to start the increase in pay effective November 1, 2009. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The board discussed using the "vote by mail"

option for the 2010 primary and general elections. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Hvinden, to use the "vote by mail" option for the 2010 election. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The board reviewed and discussed the monthly county bills along with the Benson County transportation expenses for September, 2009. A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Hvinden, to pay all county approved bills. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. The following bills were paid:

Distribution to Entities $11,288.56

Social Welfare 6,047.73

B & H Oil 9,036.04

Esmond City 25.50

Maddock City 75.06

Dakota Computer Pros 450.00

Farmers Union Oil-Mdk 2,643.58

Farmers Union Oil-York 944.46

Farmers Union Oil 1,287.00

Gofer Sanitation 55.00

Home of Economy 20.17

HY-Z Wireless 6.12

Johnston Fargo Culvert Inc. 75.20

Lyle Signs, Inc. 216.70

Dakota Implement 205.20

Napa Auto Parts 42.60

ND Dept of Transportation 5.00

OfficeMax Incorporated 136.86

Otter Tail Power Company 143.12

Praxier Distribution, Inc. 11.08

Swanson Gravel 35,810.00

Theco, Inc. 252.75

Tri-State Paving, Inc. 2,770.00

Wold Engineering 10,603.71

W W Wallwork 694.04

Benson Co. Highway Dept. 214.68

Carol’s Custom Upholstery 110.00

Cass County Tr. 92.00

Michael Steffan 66.00

David Davidson 26.40

Curtis Hvinden 66.00

Jason Lee 35.20

Lowell Haagenson 48.40

Conseco Health Ins. Co. 61.00

Garrison Diversion Dist. 50.68

Haroldson’s 42.25

HY-Z Wireless 34.24

Information Technology

Dept. 458.20

Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. 63.18

LR Law Enforcement Ctr. 2,309.98

Maddock Mini Mart 386.30

ND State Treasurer 6,741.30

Otter Tail Power Company 454.59

Pitney Bowes 78.18

Stacey Heggen 33.00

Scott Knoke 253.15

Universal Services 147.00

Alltel 185.80

Chad’s Amoco 1,719.49

Colonial 34.75

Farmers Union Oil-Mdk. 167.00

ND Telephone Co. 695.31

North Star Credit Union 430.85

Shawn Banet 50.00

SDU 500.00

Universal Services 182.00

Acme Electric 35.55

Alltel 44.02

Ebach Construction 450.00

Ebach Construction 8,600.00

Mine Safety Associates 24.04

ND Telephone Co. 165.04

OfficeMax 225.97

Olson Repair 4,811.32

Quality Welding 7.70

RDO Equipment Co. 55.95

Ritterman Trucking 6,199.00

Susag Sand & Gravel, Inc. 6,695.00

Esmond Golden Age Club 800.00

Knox 55 Club 500.00

Leeds 55 Club 2,449.84

Maddock 55 Club 3,815.55

Minnewaukan 55 Club 4,498.41

Esmond Park 445.49

Pat Robbins 712.79

Leeds Park 1,781.97

Maddock Park 1,781.97

Minnewaukan Park 445.49

Ruth Buehler, Sec-Tr. 445.49

Sandra Barber 445.49

Carol Ritterman 445.49

Aflac 761.43

Bonita Knatterud 143.00

Minnewaukan City 129.95

Dean Petska 50.00

Gaffaney’s of Minot 89.45

Great Plains Directory 504.00

James Wang 638.00

LaMotte’s Paint & Glass 24.49

Lisa Wold 150.00

NDAAO 200.00

Nicole Hanson 14.38

Pitney Bowes 450.72

B & H Oil 3,467.73

Minnewaukan City 48.50

Department of Labor 200.00

Farmers Union Oil 1,204.50

Otter Tail Power Company 13.85

Theco, Inc. 285.71

Eide Bailly 5,000.00

Nationwide Newspapers 750.00

Surety Title 307.00

Deere Credit, Inc. 419,509.92

Farmers Union Oil-Mdk. 2,046.47

GCR Tire Center 147.56

Johnston Fargo

Culvert, Inc. 1,009.66

Maddock Construction 1,260.00

Maddock Construction 1,440.00

Office Depot 93.07

Office Max 60.56

Otter Tail Power Company 19.85

US Postmaster 176.00

Prairie Truck & Tractor 29.20

Colonial 34.75

Nationwide Retirement

Solution 1,014.00

ND Public Employees

Retirement 11,419.12

Protective Life Ins. Co. 129.28

Cass County Tr. 125.00

Clute’s Office Equipment 270.97

Minnewaukan City 105.95

Dental Service Corp. of ND 3,327.28

Ellen Huffman 74.80

JS Vending, Inc. 62.39

LaMottes Paint & Glass 28.48

Lana Johnson 75.90

LR Law Enforcement Ctr. 2,070.00

Mcquoid’s Grocery 159.69

ND Public Employees

Retirement 24,289.88

NDSU Extension Service 13,946.67

Northern Plains

Electric Co-op 25.45

Pitney Bowes 65.44

Prairie Public 150.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 937.36

Reliable Office Supplies 72.33

Randy Thompson 9.50

Stacey Heggen 249.80

Social Welfare 8,818.27

Dawn Flemmer 2,230.50

US Postmaster 193.00

B & H Oil 8,417.98

Benson Co. Highway Dept. 17,993.50

Benson Co. Highway Dept. 65,968.25

Butler Machinery 1,479.96

Close Construction Co. 21,033.00

Close Construction Co. 9,296.00

Maddock City 76.11

Farmers Union Oil-Mdk. 8,953.93

Farmers Union Oil-York 1,645.34

Home of Economy 81.16

JS Vending, Inc. 66.80

Lake Lumber 72.00

Dakota Implement 110.14

Napa Auto Parts 132.00

ND Dept. of Transportation 12,025.41

ND Dept. of Transportation 73,367.03

ND Motor Vehicle Div. 5.00

Nodak Electric Cooperative 37.61

Northern Safety Co., Inc. 51.78

Praxair Distribution, Inc. 11.08

Benson Co. Farmers Press 64.00

Quality Welding 101.69

Richard Jenssen 62.99

Surety Title 33.00

Wold Engineering 833.09

W W Wallwork 997.37

Michael Steffan 66.00

David Davidson 52.80

Curtis Hvinden 66.00

Lowell Haagenson 48.40

David Daeley 228.55

ND Association of Counties 5.00

Otter Tail Power Company 451.67

Universal Services 48.00


County Agent $1,378.77

Emergency Disaster 972.99

VSO 983.67

County Road 38,748.47

Social Services 29,496.15

County General 36,931.05

The board reviewed the engineering proposals received for Project 0328(067). The only firm presenting a proposal was Wold Engineering from Bottineau, ND. A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Steffan, to accept the proposal submitted by Wold Engineering. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The board took action to finalize departmental budgets. Wage increases for employees were discussed. The board members gave their input on wage increases. Haagenson stated employees are not being credited for performance with the current pay system. Lee stated he did a wage comparison with surrounding counties and according to his calculations wages are average or above average with the exception of the Sheriff. Lana Johnson, Rhoda Pfeifer, Jean Olson and Steven J. Rohrer met with the board regarding officials’ salaries. Steffan suggested giving a specific raise increase to the department heads of the social service department and the sheriff’s department and they would allocate the amount among their employees as they see fit. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Haagenson, to increase department heads salary by $400.00 per month, with the exception of the highway superintendent and the social welfare director, and to allow all other employees, except employees who started employment in 2009, a $100.00 per month increase. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. The board declined any increase in pay.

Sheriff Rohrer discussed his departmental budget with the board.

The board discussed overtime hours for employees at the road department. Haagenson explained that employees who are allowed to work overtime get an advantage in pay increases because they receive the original amount allocated through regular work hours and then they receive an additional increase when they work overtime.

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Hvinden, to approve the 2010 budget for Benson County. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The board discussed implementing a levy for the

2009 tax year for insurance reserve fund purposes. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Haagenson, to amended the 2010 approved budget to include a county levy for insurance reserve fund. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

Bonnie Erickson

Benson County Auditor

Jason Lee




October 13, 2009

A regular meeting of the Minnewaukan City Council was held October 13, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. at the Minnewaukan City Library. Present were Acting Mayor Mark Motis, council members Rita Staloch and Steve Huffman, City Auditor Debra Trnka, Richard Anderson, Eric Gilbertson of KLJ, Richard Peterson, Al Staloch, Trish McQuoid, Diane Schroeder-Monda and Christina Cummings.

Huffman made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition of a building permit for Al Staloch.

Motis seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

A letter from George Howard was read expressing his concerns that the city ordinances are not being followed when houses are being moved out of Minnewaukan. Discussion followed with input from Eric Gilbertson.

Christina Cummings presented a Power Point presentation on her thesis titled: "Assessing the Physical and Economic Vitality of Minnewaukan, North Dakota Due to the Expansion of Devils Lake."

Eric Gilbertson discussed the 2009 sewer project and the leaking sewer service near the old church site. Funds for the project were paid from the CDBG grant monies.

Mi-Ty Construction was represented by Diane Schroeder-Monda. A motion was made by Huffman to repair damaged roads that pose an immediate hazard to the public. Staloch seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Huffman to approve the minutes from the meetings held on August 12, 2009, August 24, 2009, August 27, 2009, September 15, 2009 and September 22, 2009. Staloch seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Sherman Cline requested a building permit. A motion was made by Staloch to approve the building permit with the stipulations being that the plumbing will be handled by a licensed plumber, taxes will be paid up to date and the service repaired with PVC or plugged at the main.

Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

A building permit for Hermoine Jorgensen/Cyndi Abbott was requested. A motion was made by Huffman to approve the permit with the stipulations being that the plumbing will be handled by a licensed plumber, taxes will be paid up to date and the service repaired with PVC or plugged at the main. A city employee will be present for inspection. Staloch seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Al Staloch explained that he has trouble with the sewer line at his place of business and the problem can only be remedied by digging. The council agreed that compaction testing will not be necessary in the alley.

The first reading of Sec. 11.0102 Dangerous Animals was held. It shall be unlawful to permit any dangerous, aggressive or vicious animal of any kind within the city. Dangerous animals will include, but are not limited to, Dobermans, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls.

11.0211 Penalty: Any person violating any provision of this article shall be guilty of an infraction and be fined an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00).

A motion was made by by Staloch to amend the animal ordinance. Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

City office hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Interviews for a city maintenance employee will be held as soon as possible.

Mark Motis will have problem tree locations at the next meeting so they can be dealt with next spring.

End of season water shut off policy will be made by the city council.

A motion was made by Huffman to accept the propane contract from Ferrillgas for $1.08 cpg.

Staloch seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Staloch to approve the Military Covenant. Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Huffman to approve the bills. Staloch seconded. The motion carried unanimously. Bills paid are as follows:

AmeriPride $68.75

Double M Sanitation 2,750.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 71.50

Service Tire, Inc. 107.90

Hawkins Water Treatment 2,959.85

McQuoid’s Grocery 122.86

ND Dept. of Health 16.00

ND Telephone Co. 206.05

Northern Plains Electric 296.97

Steve Huffman 699.50

Traynor Law Firm 758.62

Minnewaukan Library 177.07

Benson County 1,200.00

C. Ward Christensen 14.85

Alltel 56.32

One Call Concepts 15.60

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Debra Trnka


Mark Motis

Acting Mayor





900 E. Boulevard Ave.,

Bismarck, ND 58505


Separate sealed bids for the construction of Round Lake and Josephine Pump Station Expansion for Devils Lake Outlet Project Contract 9 will be received by the North Dakota State Water Commission (NDSWC), Bismarck, ND until 1:30 P.M., Local Time on the 19th day of November, 2009 where and at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Contract 9 includes the construction of the Round Lake and Josephine Pump Station Expansion Project. This Contract will include large pump and motor installation, concrete wall intake with stainless steel screens, sheet-pile walls, 42"

diameter discharge piping, and electrical service including 4160-volt switchgear and accessories.

Included in the Contract will be the general and the electrical.

The substantial completion date is specified as May 1, 2010. Additional information regarding the Contract is provided in the Instructions for Bidders.

Each BID must be accompanied by a separate envelope containing a copy of a current and valid North Dakota Contractor’s License, and the BIDDER’s Bond. The Contractor’s License must have been issued at least 10 calendar days before the date of Bid opening. The BIDDER’s Bond must be a sum equal to five percent of the full amount of the BID, executed by the BIDDER as Principal and by a SURETY, conditioned that if the Principal’s BID is accepted and the CONTRACT awarded to the Principal, the Principal, within fifteen days after notice of award, shall execute a CONTRACT in accordance with terms of the BID and a CONTRACTOR’s BOND as required by law and the regulations and determinations of the North Dakota State Water Commission.

Contract Documents are on file at the offices of the North Dakota State Water Commission, and Bartlett & West/Boyle Engineering Corp., Bismarck, North Dakota, where they may be seen and examined between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., local time, Monday through Friday. Address of Engineer’s office is:


3456 East Century Avenue

P.O. Box 1077

Bismarck, ND 58502-1077

Telephone (701) 258-1110

Fax: (701) 258-1111

The Engineer will furnish to any prospective BIDDER a copy of the Contract Documents upon request.

The State of North Dakota, acting through the State Water Commission, reserves the right to select any and all schedules(s) under which the bids are to be compared and the CONTRACT awarded, to reject any and all bids, to select any combination of Base Bid and Alternates, to consider other factors in selecting the bid which is in the best interest of the OWNER, and to waive any and all irregularities in any bid. The BIDDERs shall fully complete all Bid Schedules contained in the Bid Form.

The OWNER will select any Bid that results in the lowest and best bid, and which do not exceed the funds available for project construction. The OWNER may reject any base bid or combination of base bid and alternates, which do not meet these conditions. The OWNER reserves the right to hold the three low BIDs for a period of sixty (60) calendar days after the date of the bid opening to complete the financial arrangements.

The Engineer will furnish to any prospective BIDDER a copy of such plans and specifications upon receipt of $75.00 for each set of documents obtained. Checks shall be payable to Bartlett & West/Boyle Engineering Corp.

No refunds will be made.

Dated this 26th day of October, 2009.

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September 17, 2009

A regular meeting of the Leeds School Board was held September 17, 2009 at 7:30 a.m. Present were Randy Silliman, Gene Larson, Linda Young, Superintendent Joel Braaten, High School Principal Jeff Manley, Elementary Principal Carol Braaten and Business Manager Maria Dunlap. Absent were Gay Leapaldt and Brian Engstrom.

Additions to the agenda: 9. New Business: hire Colleen Beckman Jelsing as art instructor for grades 5 and 6.

The minutes of the previous regular meeting on August 13, 2009 were approved as written.

Mr. Braaten reported on the pre-school status.

Mr. Braaten reported on the window estimate.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the bid for removal of old windows and installation of 16 new windows for $49,000 from Fargo Glass and Paint.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the bills and financial reports.


ACP Direct $27.70

Anderson, Judy 245.50

Anne Carlsen Cntr.

For Children 5,505.16

Artmain 284.00

B & H Oil Co. . 748.86

B.E. Publishing 1,910.09

Barnes & Noble Co. 498.79

Benson Co. Farmers Press 391.73

Blick Art Materials 843.42

Braaten, Carol 30.00

Braaten, Joel 106.50

Brown, Margaret 551.70

Cambium Learning 253.41

City of Leeds 1,451.70

Classroom Direct 83.41

Clute Office Equipment, Inc. 8,112.00

Comfort Inn 59.00

The Computer Store, Inc. 4,800.00

Dakota Implement 30.55

Dakota Web

Composers, LLC 60.00

Devils Lake Daily Journal 57.00

Disc Nation 385.96

Dunlap, Maria 471.00

Duran, Brandi 378.00

Education People Inc, The 234.45

EduTech Education

Technology Services 20.00

Expressway Suites 283.20

Farm House Cafe 84.00

Grand Forks Herald 97.68

Harlow’s Bus Sales, Inc. 2,443.97

History Education 201.95

Houghton Mifflin 1,226.08

Information Technology

Dept. 292.00

Johnson’s Plumbing

Service, Inc. 1,076.78

Jordan, Brenda 770.00

Kinetic Leasing 27,257.00

Lake Chevrolet 900.46

Lake Region State College 114.75

Leevers County Market 59.57

MAA American Math

Competitions 130.00

Mac’s Inc. 37.98

McGraw-Hill Companies 2,696.07

Menards – Minot 269.16

Mercy Hospital 64.10

Midwest Leasing Inc. 22,984.00

NASCO 35.74

Nathan, Karyn 71.69

NCTM 68.00

ND Center For

Distance Education 474.36

ND Council of

Educational Leaders 410.00

ND Dept. of Public

Instruction 140.00

ND School for the Deaf 4,872.00

ND Telephone Co. . 404.22

News Bowl USA 299.00

Nybo, Daniel 198.00

OfficeMax 1,215.30

Pierce County Tribune 14.40

Poppler’s Music, Inc. 255.50

Prairie Public

Broadcasting, Inc. 294.00

Quill Corporation 1,421.40

Ramkota Hotel 83.00

Region IV Speech,

Music & Drama 125.00

Rolle, Gary 55.00

Sax Arts & Crafts 632.90

School Specialty, Inc. 5,167.89

Sears Commercial One 22.43

Seiler, Derrick 62.76

Sewell Development Corp. 191.40

Target Roofing 1,487.00

Taste of Home 14.98

Tillman, Jennifer 59.63

Towner County

Medical Center 142.75

Training Room, Inc. 493.92

United Art & Education 399.35

Vondal Electric 663.50

World Book

Encyclopedia, Inc. 40.90

Anne Carlsen Cntr.

For Children 6,268.30

Best Western

Doublewood Inn 124.50

Brown, Margaret 223.50

Chad’s Amoco, Inc. 3,090.91

Classroom Direct 212.44

The Computer Store, Inc. 3,264.38

Didax Educational

Resources 66.35

Eric Armin, Inc. 51.50

Hartley’s School Buses 106.97

Home of Economy 8.59

Leeds School

Foodservice Fund 393.00

McGraw-Hill Companies 377.92

Paulson Supply, Inc. 590.44

Praxair Distribution, Inc. 22.01

Prince Floor Covering 4,822.00

Quill Corporation 68.88

Really Good Stuff 30.43

Ritterman Trucking 940.80

Scholastic Magazines 286.00

Supreme School Supply Co. 46.80

Susag Sand & Gravel 390.00

Thompson, Mikkel 300.00

Towner County Record

Herald 8.00

Tracy’s Market 69.42

Trend Enterprises, Inc. 40.47

US Foodservice, Inc. 72.11

Wenger Corp. 432.00

Windshield DR, Inc. 290.00

Postmaster 73.00

Fort Totten State Historical 22.00

TOTAL 131,037.42

Mr. Manley presented the high school principal’s

report: academic eligibility change. A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the change in the eligibility program.

Mr. Manley continued the high school principal’s

report: Homecoming activities; ASVAB; MAP testing; 8th grade field trip to Ft. Totten Living History Day; 7th grade field trip to New Rockford Steam Threshers Day; seniors attended Career Fair at Lake Region State College; football players read to elementary on Fridays; and upcoming FCCLA and FFA district meetings.

Mrs. Braaten presented the elementary principal’s

report: MAP testing; DIBELS; Wildcats readers; Norwegian dance lyceum; and hire Colleen Beckman Jelsing for 5th and 6th grade art. A motion was made, seconded and carried to hire Colleen Beckman Jelsing as the 5th and 6th grade art instructor.

Mrs. Braaten continued the elementary principal’s

report: preschool program and elementary girls’ baskbetball.

Mr. Braaten reported on Maddock’s request for an emergency basketball co-op. The Maddock School Board has decided against the co-op at this time.

Mr. Braaten reported on the Education

Stabilization Fund application. A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the Education Stabilization Fund application.

Mr. Braaten reported on the football co-op finances. A motion was made, seconded and carried to send $5,000.00 to Maddock to help with the football co-op startup costs.

Mr. Braaten presented the superintendent’s

report: new overhead door on the shop; SMART Board workshop; and the ARRA Clean Diesel Grant.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2009 at 7:30 a.m.

The meeting adjourned.

Maria Dunlap

Business Manager

Randy Silliman


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