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9/16/2009 – Public Notices



Sept. 16, 2009 – 6 p.m.

I. Call to order

II. Additions to and approval of agenda

III. Delegations and communications. A. Opportunity for public to speak IV. Reading and approval of the minutes V. Presentation of bills VI. Reports. A. General Fund; B. Special Fund; C. Hot lunch; D.

Capital projects

VII. Old business. A. Roof project discussion; B. Bus purchase discussion; C. Parking lot; D. Graham’s Island school property; E.

Sport and activity discussion — boys’ basketball co-op; F. Stimulus VIII. New business. A. Kindergarten staff; B. School board convention registration due; C. Copy machine IX. Principals’ reports X. Next meeting date and time XI. Adjournment



August 5, 2009

A regular meeting of the Oberon City Council was held August 5, 2009.

Present were Mayor James Nelson, Pete Hager, Dale Stenberg and Jessi Knatterud.

A motion was made by Hager, seconded by Stenberg, to approve the minutes. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Stenberg, seconded by Hager, to approve the bills. The motion carried.

Otter Tail Power Co. $386.30

John Thomas 76.62

John Thomas 76.62

ND Public Health Lab 16.00

ND Telephone Co. 62.12

Waste Management 748.62

Corey Ploium 184.70

Jessi Knatterud 369.40

Benson Co. Farmers Press 30.15

Farmers Union Oil 87.50

State Auditor’s Office 500.00

Newman Traffic Signs 53.63

Discussion was held on the council still not having heard back from FEMA.

A letter from the Department of Health was reviewed regarding some defects in the water system that will need to be fixed and reported back to the state.

A motion was made by Hager, seconded by Stenberg, to pay the League of Cities dues. The motion carried.

The city needs to get a permit to discharge water from one lagoon to the other. The weeks around the lagoon need to be sprayed.

The next regular meeting will be September 7, 2009. at 7 p.m.

A motion was made by Hager, seconded by Stenberg, to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried.

Jessi Knatterud

City Auditor

James Nelson



CIVIL NO. 03-09-C-00085





Citizens Community Credit Union, )


) vs. )

Robert Coenen and Lynda Coenen, )

Defendants. )

Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Judgment and Decree in foreclosure rendered and given by the District Court in and for the County of Benson, North Dakota, Northeast Judicial District, entered and docketed in the office of the Clerk of said Court on the 6th day of August, 2009, in an action wherein Robert Coenen and Lynda Coenen, were the defendants, in which decree it was adjudged that there was due and owing to the plaintiff upon said mortgage indebtedness, the sum of Six Thousand Six Hundred Eighty-eight Dollars and 04/100

($6,688.04) plus interest from July 28, 2009; by virtue of a writ of Special Execution to me issued out of the office of the Clerk of said Court, I will sell said property described in said Judgment and hereinafter described to the highest bidder for cash at public auction, at the front door of the Courthouse in the City of Minnewaukan, Benson County, North Dakota, on the 6th day of October, 2009, at 10:00 a.m., and on that day, to set aside the amount due to plaintiff with accrued costs as of the date of sale, or so much thereafter as the proceeds of said sale applicable thereto will satisfy.

The premises to be sold as aforesaid are located in the County of Benson, State of North Dakota, described as follows:

Township 151, Range 63

Section 33: S1/2NE1/4 less

Highway and Railroad Right-of-Way

Dated this 25th day of August, 2009.


BY: -s-Steven J. Rohrer

Steven J. Rohrer

Sheriff of Benson County

North Dakota

Gregory W. Tschider, Jr.

Attorney at Law

PO Box 668

Bismarck, ND 58502-0668

(701) 258-2400

(Publish Sept. 2, 9 & 16, 2009)



August 3, 2009

A regular meeting of the Warwick City Council was held August 3, 2009 at 7 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor George Evans. Council members present were Nick Walter and Gary Elfman. Also in attendance were several rodeo club members and State’s Attorney Jim Wang.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Elfman made a motion to approve the minutes. Walter seconded. The motion carried.

Bills were presented:


Mark Elfman $249.34

Otter Tail Power Co. 148.02

Waste Management 873.55

ND Dept. of Health 16.00

Hawkins 428.15


Otter Tail Power Co. $167.62

Sandra Barber 210.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 188.21

ND Insurance Reserve Fund 931.00

Warwick Oil Co. . 31.00


Bank of North Dakota $1,432.50

Walter made a motion to pay the bills. Elfman seconded. The motion carried.

A Public Safety Measure regarding rough stock rodeo activities was reviewed by the council. Elfman made a motion to adopt this measure, seconded by Walter. The motion carried.

The next regular meeting is September 14, 2009.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Sandra Barber

City Auditor


The Oberon Public School District #16 has received money through the state as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

(ARRA) of 2009. This funding must first be used to restore funding deficiencies in the 2009-10 school year when compared to the 2005-06 school year and then any additional dollars received under ARRA must be used for one-time nonrecurring expenditures because the state is not responsible for replacing that level of funding or otherwise sustaining that level of funding during the 2011-13 biennium.



August 10, 2009

A regular meeting of the Maddock School Board was held August 10,

2009 at 7 p.m. Present were Vice President Becky Brandvold, David Kenner, Randy Benson, Mark Kallenbach, Superintendent Kim Anderson, Principal Penny Leier and Business Manager Brenda Fossen.

A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Benson, to approve the agenda. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Benson, seconded by Kallenbach, to approve the minutes of July 15, the General Fund bills totaling $36,325.08, Building Fund bills totaling $1,104.94, food service and activities reports. The motion carried.

Acme Electric $76.66

Alert Now 510.00

Alltel Wireless 48.49

Anderson, Kimberly 593.37

AVI Systems 15,223.00

Becvar, Vicki 567.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 123.28

Cannon Sports 3.22

Cenex Convenience Card 140.00

City of Maddock 1,463.89

Cole Papers 214.60

Dakota Implement 84.48

Dakota Web Composers 90.00

Devils Lake Glass & Paint 269.00

Effective Concepts 24.50

Ellingson Radio & TV 759.00

Farmers Union Oil Co. 747.46

Fessenden-Bowdon Public

School 2,003.45

Flinn Scientific 57.49

Follett Educational Services 85.69

Gus’s Auto Supply 44.40

Information Technology

Dept. 143.27

Johnson’s Plumbing &

Appliance 842.55

JS Vending 131.50

Leeds School District 798.00

Maloney, Mavis 83.51

McGraw-Hill School

Publishing 693.11

Mid-Dakota Lumber 59.98

Multi-Purpose Building 1,150.00

ND Council of Educational

Leaders 510.00

ND Horizons 18.00

Paxton-Patterson 46.00

Quill Corporation 237.83

Realityworks 250.00

Rieger Service 492.84

Risovi, Joleen 69.96

Satco 84.32

Schmidt Auction 400.00

School Specialty Inc. 53.79

Staples 289.98

Tracy’s Market 3.37

Twete Inc. 84.66

United Parcel Service 50.52

Workforce Safety &

Insurance 6,702.91

TOTAL 36,325.08

Rieger Service 1,104.94

The preliminary General Fund budget was reviewed. Due to SB 2199 Tax Relief legislation, it was decided to postpone budget approval until further information was available from the county auditor. In order to be eligible for the mill levy reduction grant, the Maddock School District must establish a spending level that does not result in a General Fund mill rate exceeding 110 mills. A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Benson, to authorize the Benson County auditor to cap the Maddock School District General Fund mill levy at 110 mills, therefore keeping us in compliance with NDCC 57-64-03 and the property tax relief eligibility requirements. The roll call vote was all in favor. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Benson, seconded by Kallenbach, to approve the annual rental agreement of $1,150 per month for use of the Benson County Events Center. The roll call vote was all in favor. The motion carried A motion was made by Kenner, seconded by Kallenbach, to grant authority to Mrs. Anderson to employ, suspend or discharge district employees. The roll call vote was all in favor. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Kallenbach, seconded by Kenner, that the Maddock School District #9 will comply with the statutory requirements as stated on the Certificate of Compliance for the 2009-2010 school term. The roll call vote was all in favor. The motion carried. These requirements include teacher licensure, school calendar, curriculum requirements, compulsory attendance, state health, fire and safety laws and criminal background checks for classified employees.

Mrs. Anderson was given authority to dispose of old or unused school property as she sees fit. It was decided to keep a finish mower until there was further information.

Mrs. Anderson stated that the committee formed to update the school crisis manual has met and the new manual will include bomb threat and door closure information.

The next regular meeting will be September 14 at 4:15 p.m.

The meeting adjourned.

Brenda Fossen

Business Manager

Minutes are submitted for publication prior to board approval.



August 3, 2009

Leeds City Council met in regular session on August 3, 2009 at 6 p.m.

at the Leeds City Hall. Present were Council members Lloyd Himle, Lori Nelsen, Betty Anderson, Pete Ritterman and Kyle Nelsen. Also present was John VonAlmon, the Leeds dumpground manager.

Lloyd Himle called the meeting to order.

The council discussed with John VonAlmon the new billing documents for the dumpground and how to fill them out. VonAlmon will fill in the appropriate information, have the customer sign and then turn them in to Brandi Anderson and she will bill the customers. Council will come up with a price list for dumping different items. VonAlmon was also given time sheets that he will fill out and return to Brandi Anderson for wages.

Council would like a monthly bill to be sent out by Rugby Sanitation; Brandi Anderson will call them and ask that this be done every month.

A motion to accept the minutes was made by Lori Nelsen and seconded by Pete Ritterman. The motion carried.

A motion to pay monthly bills was made by Betty Anderson and seconded by Lori Nelsen. The motion carried.

Bills approved are as follows:

Wages $3,994.22

Rugby Sanitation 3,400.00

Benson Co. Farmers Press 248.11

Otter Tail Power Co. 1,548.13

Fargo Water 83.11

Hoiberg’s 208.86

Postage 29.50

Mark Butz 613.00

BND 13,801.29

UCB Ins. 1,773.00

Library Books 64.37

Dakota Web 240.00

One Call Concepts 7.80

Benson Co. Hwy. Dept. 240.00

Benson Co. Sheriff 200.00

NPEC 401.07

There are members of the council that have not completed their Oath of Office. The document was given to them and those people can have it notarized and bring it to the next meeting.

H&H Coating sent in estimates for the water plant. Lloyd Himle will call them and discuss the estimates. Council discussed whether to get shingles or tin put on the roof of the water plant and decided to put on whichever is cheaper.

Rates for water/sewer/garbage for businesses were discussed and it was decided that Brandi Anderson would bill the same as previous months.

Brandi Anderson will send out a letter to all Cardtrol card holders letting them know that they need to return their water cards by a certain date so that she can update the system and order more cards if needed. Discussion was also held on how much a new system would cost the city; Brandi will research the costs.

Brandi Anderson will call the state auditor and find out if an audit was done two years ago.

Kyle Nelsen has completed many of the letters and forms that are needed at the city hall and will e-mail them to Brandi Anderson. Some of these include the arrearage dispute letter, payment plan agreement, no response letter, dump ground invoice, 75 day WSG letter, paving crew letter and the letter to Cardtrol card holders.

These forms will eventually be posted on the city Web site.

Council discussed having a $100 deposit on new water users. Resident will get the deposit back when they disconnect services.

Brandi Anderson will start scheduling all events, reviews, etc. in Microsoft Outlook.

Brandi Anderson will get a list of all property and equipment the city is insuring, a list of what property the city owns, a list of all employees covered by worker’s comp, a credit card through United Community Bank, list of committees and a list of loans that the city has and how much is owed on each.

Jady Stuberg will rope off the sidewalk in front of Cathy Hoerer’s house and fill it with gravel.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Brandi Anderson

City Auditor

Lloyd Himle



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