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11/19/2008 – Public Notices



October 7, 2008

A regular meeting of the board of Fort Totten School District No. 30 was held October 7, 2008 at 5 p.m. Present were Erich Longie, Marty Greywater, Justin Yankton and Frank de la Paz.

Raymond Cavanaugh was absent. Others present were Stephanie Anderson, Wayne Trottier Jr., Charles "Chip" Anderson, Rick Smith and Doug Yankton.

Board president Dr. Longie called the meeting to order at 5:10 p.m.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Mr. Greywater made a motion, seconded by Mr. Justin Yankton, to approve the agenda as is. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.



Payroll $222,596.20

Social Security 27,589.68

Medicare 6,452.42

Federal W/Holding 20,308.92

State W/Holding 2,576.00

Discovery Benefits 1,974.27

ND State Disbursement 200.00

NDPERS 4,403.36

NDTFFR 25,053.30

Spirit Lake Housing 262.00

TOTAL 311,416.15



Acme Electric $187.19

ACT Registration 1,240.00

Altru Clinic 130.00 121.41 54.42 152.96

Anderson, Charles 211.00

Anderson’s 101.55

Anderson’s 122.87

Audiovisual Inc. 236.66

Barnes & Noble 21.05

Barnes & Noble 8.79

Benson Co. Farmers Press 765.71

Bismarck Holiday Inn

Express 1,493.75

Black, Joran 75.00

Brown & Saenger 2,559.97

Budgetext 267.10

Bureau of Education &

Research 189.00

BW Doublewood Inn 199.99

Cannon Sports Inc. 113.25

Cash & Carry Lumber 150.70

CDW-G 61.00

Central Distributing 54.39

Comfort Suites 55.00

Compumaster 169.95

Country Counseling &

Consulting 2,205.00

Country Counseling &

Consulting 2,709.00

Country Inn & Suites 678.00

Country Inn & Suites 87.31

Creative Impressions 392.37

Crowe, Alexandrea 25.00

Dablow, Merita 184.00

Dacotah Paper 43.43

de la Paz, Frank 540.25

de la Paz, Frank 446.50

Dell Marketing 1,096.23

Devils Lake Journal 100.00

Devils Lake Public School 50.00

Discount Magazine Subs Svc 401.46

Double Z Broadcasting 100.00

Education Week 39.00

ESPN 11.97

Expressway Suites 74.95

Follett Educational Services 339.99

Food Services of America 231.22

Frey Scientific 982.84

Greywater, Marty 540.25

Greywater, Marty 446.50

H.E. Everson Co. 729.61

Hale, Michelle 75.00

Hendrickson, Monica 211.00

Hoiberg’s Office Supply 149.98

Holiday Inn-GF 165.00

I-Design 58.80

Information Tech Dept. 232.39

Ironshield, Christian 50.00

Jetty, NichoIas 50.00

Job Service ND 3,884.97

JS Vending 87.00

Kavanaugh’s 2,050.15

Lakeview Dairy 353.40

Leevers County Market 189.36

Literacy First Process 9,100.00

Longie, Natasha 50.00

LRP Publications 224.00

Luis Cafe 57.00

Medco 484.82

Morin, Chris 146.50

Morin, Chris 141.50

NAFIS 2,000.00

ND Council of School

Attorneys 120.00

ND State Tax Commissioner 3,057.00

ND Telephone Co. 3,754.91

NDCEL 150.00

NDSBA 870.00

North Central Human

Service Ctr. 40.00

NWA 3,166.00

Office & Technology 3,949.34

Parker, Cheryl 218.50

Parker, Cheryl 186.35

Parker, Cheryl 84.24

Pearce & Durick 777.74

Personnel Concepts 24.94

Pizza Hut 118.00

Pizza Hut 126.26

Postmaster 180.00

Radisson Hotel-Bismarck 110.00

Ramada Inn-GF 186.00

Residence Inn, Darden

University 132.00

Reslock Printing 864.25

Rhinestone Jewelry 243.50

Rose’s Stitch and Sew 324.12

Sam’s Club 740.11

SchoolCenter 893.17

Service Tire 15.85

Sleep Inn-Minot 237.48

Spirit Lake Marina 1,578.20

Supershuttle, Washington, DC 162.84

Tate Topa Tribal School 135,589.30

Thompson Publishing Group 328.50

Tracy’s Market 313.83

Trottier, Wayne Jr. 651.73

Trottier, Shawn 16.04

Trottier, Wayne Jr. 473.50

Universal Athletic Services 220.87

Wal-Mart 536.42

Wal-Mart 250.00

Weekly Reader 41.40

White House Cafe 180.00

Word Carrier Trading Post 1,148.43

SUBTOTAL 203,019.28


Smith, Rick $175.50

Gopher Sanitation 250.00

Rugby HS 50.00

Creative Impressions 118.83

Expressway Suites 74.95

Bismarck Holiday Inn Express 239.90

Leevers Co. Market 58.04

Little Caesar’s 140.00

Greywater, Sheldon 97.00

Bull, Lawrence 256.00

Pepsi Cola 242.85

Gerrells 1,254.39

JS Vending 130.12

Mercy Hospital 595.45

NDHSAA 225.00

SUBTOTAL 3,908.03

TOTAL 206,927.31

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Anderson discussed and updated the board on the 90 Day Plan, his Darden University Leadership Team, gang activity in the school, changing parent-teacher conferences from one day to two, the in-school suspension classroom, college visits for students throughout their four years in high school and after-school program staff will work on being more proactive with students. The board asked if there was a way to get the information to show if after-school tutoring is helping a student.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Mr. Yankton made a motion, seconded by Mr. de la Paz, to approve the minutes of August 26 and 29 and September 25 and 29, 2008 with the inclusion of changing the last name of one of the guests on September 29, 2008.

With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Discussion was held on the football field, bleachers and janitors.

PERSONNEL REPORT: Discussion was held on one of the recommendations for assistant boys’

basketball coach being a conflict of interest.

Mr. Yankton made a motion to approve the hiring of Mr. Dennis Smith and Mr. Doug Yankton as assistant boys’ basketball coaches and Ms.

Jessica Pfau and Mrs. Janet Somerville-Dion as cheerleading coaches. The motion died due to a lack of a second.

Mr. Yankton made a motion, seconded by Mr. de la Paz, to table the personnel report with the additions. With three in favor, Dr. Longie opposed and one absent, the motion carried.

Mr. de la Paz made a motion, seconded by Mr.

Greywater, to approve all recommendations excluding Mr. Dennis Smith. With three in favor, Mr. Yankton abstaining and one absent, the motion carried.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Trottier gave the board FYI on facilities, NIEA annual conference, NDSBA training, board policy on staff repayment, 21st Century Program update, replacement of lockers in locker rooms, and Code of Ethics policy. Discussion was held on the policy of staff repayment of school paid coursework. The school has paid for individuals to attend college and they leave once they receive their degree without any commitment so Dr. Trottier recommended that the board adopt a staff repayment plan. Mr. Greywater made a motion, seconded by Mr. Yankton, to approve the staff repayment policy for school paid coursework with the direction to send to legal counsel for legality. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Dr. Trottier recommended the board decide on what its going to do with the assistant boys’

basketball coaching position. Discussion was held on who could supervise Mr. Dennis Smith. Mr. de la Paz made a motion, seconded by Mr. Yankton, to hire Mr. Dennis Smith as assistant boys’

basketball coach under the direct supervision of Mr. Charles "Chip" Anderson, principal. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

Mr. Greywater made a motion, seconded by Mr.

Yankton, to adjourn. With four in favor and one absent, the motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Stephanie Anderson


Dr. Erich Longie

Board President



October 6, 2008

A regular meeting of the Oberon City Council was held on October 6, 2008. Present were Mayor James Nelson, council members Pete Hager, Doug Schmid and Eloise Ploium and City Auditor Jessi Knatterud.

Schmid made a motion, seconded by Hager, to approve the minutes from the September meeting. The motion carried.

Hager made a motion, seconded by Schmid, to accept the bills. The motion carried.

Waste Management $1,036.33

Benson Co. Farmers Press 39.68

ND Telephone Co. 62.12

City of Oberon 138.00

ND Public Health Lab 16.00

Corey Ploium 184.70

Jessi Knatterud 369.40

Old Business: The city manholes were checked when the hydrants were flushed. The water valve by the Stensland residence has not yet been flushed out.

New Business: The council discussed setting a minimum charge for part-time residents. A motion was made by Hager, seconded by Schmid, to add all delinquent bills to the 2008 tax rolls. The motion carried.

It was brought up that some trees between Paul Stensland’s and Bob Stensland’s be cut because of the view obstruction of the intersection.

Nelson mentioned that the city will need a new street sign for Carson Street. A motion was made by Schmid, seconded by Hager, to pay for the remaining half of the abstract drawn up for the property bought by Jeremy Ploium. The motion carried.

The next meeting is set for Nov. 3, 2008 at 7 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned.

Jessi Knatterud

City Auditor

James C. Nelson




Pursuant to NDCC Chapter 38-18.1

To: State of North Dakota, Treasurer’s Office, Attention Kelly L. Schmidt The undersigned hereby gives notice of the lapse of mineral interest pursuant to Chapter 38-18.1 of the North Dakota Century Code and does hereby further give notice that they intend to succeed to the ownership of the ? (one-half) mineral interest to the above named individual(s) and/or entity in and under the following real property, said ownership having lapsed by abandonment and non-use for a period of twenty (20) years.

1. The names of the record title owners for ?

(one-half) of the mineral interests are as follows: State of North Dakota.

2. The legal description of the real property for which the undersigned are claiming said mineral is located in Benson County, North Dakota to-wit:

Lot 3 (36.16 Ac), Section 31, Township 152 North, of Range 71 West.

3. The names of the persons giving notice of lapse of mineral interest and who are the surface owners of the above described real property are as follows:

Walter J. Bachmeier

Eileen G. Bachmeier

215 Jackson Avenue

Harvey, North Dakota 58341

4. The above-named record mineral interest owner has 60 days after the first publication of this notice to record a Statement of the Claim pursuant to NDCC, Chapter 38-18.1. If no Statement of Claim is filed within such 60 day period, the title to the abandoned ? (one-half) mineral interest will vest in the undersigned owners of the surface interest in and to the land herein above described.

Dated this 19th day of November, 2008.

Walter J. Bachmeier

and Eileen G. Bachmeier

(Publish Nov. 19, 26 and Dec. 3, 2008)





Civil No. 08C144

Spirit Lake Nation a/k/a Spirit Lake )

Tribe a/k/a/ Devils Lake Sioux Tribe )

a/k/a Spirit Lake Tribe of Benson )

County, North Dakota, )

Plaintiffs, )

vs. )

Leonard E. Peterson and Lena )

Hsu Peterson; Eugene LaMotte, Sr. )

a/k/a Eugene H. LaMotte; Craig )

Estenson; and all other persons )

unknown claiming any estate or )

interest in, or lien or encumbrance )

upon, the property described in )

the complaint, )

Defendants. )


You are hereby summoned to answer the Complaint in the above entitled action, which Complaint will be filed in the office of the Clerk of this court, and to serve a copy of your answers upon the subscriber within 20 days after the service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the Complaint.


You, and each of you, are hereby given notice that the relief sought in this action is wholly or partly in excluding the above named

defendant(s) from any interest or lien upon the following described real estate, and no personal claim is made against any of the said defendant(s). Further, notice is hereby given that the object of this action is to determine the adverse claims of the Defendant(s) and to quiet title relating to and involving the following described real estate in the County of Benson and State of North Dakota, to-wit:


Block 9: S1/2 of Lot 10 and all of Lots 11 and 12 TOWNSHIP 151, RANGE 64:

Section 21: SE1/4

Dated this 28th day of October, 2008.


By /s/ Travis S. Peterson

Travis S. Peterson, ND Bar No. 05621

A Member of the Firm

523 Central Avenue, PO Box 231

New Rockford, ND 58356

(701) 947-2442

Attorneys for Plaintiff

(Publish Nov. 5, 12 & 19, 2008)



November 18, 2008 – 6:30 p.m.

I. Call to order

II. Additions to and approval of agenda

III. Delegations and communications. A. Opportunity for public to speak IV. Reading and approval of the minutes V. Presentation of bills VI. Reports. A. General Fund; B. Special Fund; C.

Hot lunch; D. Capital projects

VII. Old business. A. Update on portable classroom project; B. Update on wood floor project; C. Parent-teacher conferences; D. Audit report VIII. New business. A. Request for soccer team; B. Football coaching; C. Superintendent evaluation.

IX. Principals’ reports

X. Next meeting date and time

XI. Adjournment

(Publish Nov. 19, 2008)



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