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10/15/2008 – News

Volume 125, Number 37           Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Leeds students take part in Volley Pal Program
Pictured are the Leeds participants of the Minnewaukan-Leeds Lions Volley Pal program. This pen-pal style program pairs elementary girls with volleyball players in grades 7-12. Standing, left to right, are Grace Nybo, Meghan Jorgenson, Shelby Jorgenson (front), Alyssa Anderson, Mylie Herman, Brenna Stone, Kayla Bingham, Allison Manley, McKenzie Silliman, Jessica Bingham and Madison Featherstone. Kneeling: Zayda Bergh, Shelby Follman, Erin Jorgenson, Kaylee Lybeck, Paige Johnson, Andrea Jorgenson, Julissa McGarvey, Brandy Blegen, Richelle Darling, Sara Galbraith, Taylor Bisbee, Nikara Nelsen and Katelyn Nelsen. Volleyball players sitting: Ashley Manley, Denage Braaten, Chace Engstrom, Sadie Vallier, Kendra Liebfried, Jeni Swanson, Chelsi Olson, Kayla Wangler with Camee Wangler in her lap and Ashley Thayne. Sitting cross-legged, back row: Caitlyn Blazer, Reganne Ritterman, Kimberly Nels0n, Alea Manley, Macy Engstrom, Rochelle Hansen, Callie Lawrence, Hailey Gunderson, Dani Schwanke, Arnikka Thompson, Samara Blegen and Julianne Remeike. Front row: Katlyn Bingham, Madilyn Dulmage, Kearyn Nelsen, Kylie Hanson and Abigail Zettler. (Not pictured is Hannah Anderson.)

Attend choir festival
Six students from Minnewaukan School participated in the "Surround the State in Song" Choir Festival in Jamestown on Saturday, Oct. 11. The students spent the day rehearsing with 65 fifth and sixth grade students from the area. A concert was presented at Jamestown High School to conclude the festival. Students attending from Minnewaukan were, left to right, back row, Cherilyn Cloud, Drew DeMarce, Parker Mudgett and Dusti Greywater. Front row: Terry Morgan and Cathy Ann Santos. The students were accompanied by music instructor Debbie Dyste.

Pumpkins at Leeds
This pumpkin, grown in the pumpkin patch of Darlene Dodds of Leeds weighs about 60 lbs. and measures five feet in circumference.

These pumpkins grown by Jim and Judy Engstrom of Leeds are on sale for $3 to $5 each at Jan’s Stall Mall on the edge of Leeds. Proceeds will go to the Leeds School for special education projects affiliated with the Anne Carlsen Center for Children in Jamestown. The photo shows only a few of the pumpkins. (Photo by Jan Lee, Leeds)

Learn about Vikings
Parent volunteer, Carol Thompson poses with Leeds Elementary first graders who are shown with the Norwegian art project they made in conjunction with their lesson on the Viking culture.
In the back is Carol Thompson. Students in the back row, left to right, are Timothy Thayne, Jacob Pfeifer, Katlyn Bingham, Jarrel McGarvey and Shelby Jorgenson. Front row: Alea Manley, Julianne Remeika and Tristan Burtchell.

Recipients of free books
Pictured are the September "Read, Read, Read" winners at Oberon Elementary School. These students achieved their classroom reading goal and will receive a free book.
Front row, left to right, are Felix Black, Shawn Brown, Trina Hunt, Jay Littlewind, Kellon Keo, Kelin DuBois, Isis Greywater and Cora Black Lance. Middle row: Taylah Thumb, Renee Cavanaugh, Destanee Black, Jacen Deckert, Jore Thomas, Carlee Wadsworth, Anthony DeMarce, Bryeann Thumb, Nathaniel Azure, Shawn Charboneau, Louie Black Lance and DaShone Cavanaugh. Back row: Emily Thumb, Darica Deckert, Cheyenne White Tail, Chantel Ross, Cheyenne DeMarce, Brock Azure, George Brown, Nakia Hill, Tiana Thumb, Jason Anchondo and Dolan Richotte.Not pictured are Tryen and Nathaniel DuBois.

Cross-country team
The Warwick School’s cross-country team, coached by fifth grade teacher Lindsay Allmaras, is made up of fifth and sixth graders who are competing against junior high school students. Coach Allmaras gave them running goals for the summer and they must have taken her seriously to be doing so well at their meets. At Cooperstown the girls placed seventh out of 11 teams, at Larimore the girls placed 4th out of 11 teams, at Cavalier the girls placed fourth out of six teams and the boys placed eighth out of nine teams. Left to right, back row, are Justice Littlewind, Virginia Fassett and Shelly Richotte. Middle row: Tristian Redfox, Cierra Green and Shelrae Longie. Front: Rainell Hobson.

Jace Baker, Traven Feather and Scott Kraft are members of the boys team.

Danielle Owlboy and Samantha Owlboy go through their paces.

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