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10/1/2008 – News

Volume 125, Number 35           Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Conservation Day participants
On August 7 the third annual Conservation Day Camp for Kids was held on the Spirit Lake Nation. The day-long event promoted some concepts of human relationships with local natural resources. Sessions were presented regarding specific natural subject areas. Those attending learned how to trim trees, understand principles of soils and the need for mathematics with engineering. As an added feature Twete, Inc. of Devils Lake provided a new combine for the kids to see and learn how it works. Included as a special event was a field trip to the Spirit Lake buffalo herd, with a guided explanation of the culture and history of buffalo for Native Americans by Raymond Jetty.
There were 34 young people participating in the day’s events. The Conservation Day Camp was sponsored primarily by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Spirit Lake Tribe. A noon meal was provided by the North Central Soil Conservation District utilizing buffalo meat from the Spirit Lake Tribe.
North Prairie Lutheran Church gets makeover After more than two years of restoration work, the members of the North Prairie Lutheran Church, located about seven miles north of Leeds, are once again ready for their hunters’ breakfast to be held on October 11 from 6 to 11 a.m.
The restoration started in 2006 when the congregation was faced with a huge decision. An inspection of the church revealed that the steeple was leaning and would need to be straightened, new shingles installed and the siding required repainting. The foundation, back steps and basement also needed repair if the church was to be preserved. It was also decided to upgrade the kitchen.
After much discussion, prayer and soul-searching by members of the small congregation, it was decided to go ahead with the renovations so the North Prairie Church did not end up as so many prairie churches have.
There was some money available from donations over the years and a letter was sent out to all past and present members of North Prairie Lutheran Church, explaining the project to preserve the church and its history, along with the memories of ancestors. Response to this request was gratifying and generous for members of the church.
In May of 2006 work on the steeple began. Once the steeple was completed the next job was the shingles. In removing the shingles it was discovered that under a couple layers of shingles the original shingles from 1897 were still there. A few were salvaged with the hope of "doing something" with them.
As the roof neared completion the question of the cross came up. It seems the cross had blown off many years ago and was stored somewhere in the community. When a search in local barns and sheds failed to produce a cross, a new cross was ordered. So before the roofers left they installed a new cross that stands proudly atop the steeple and can be seen for miles around.
At the same time the roof was being done there was another crew working to restore the foundation and basement. This ended up being a bigger job than expected, but was finished in a timely manner.
With all of work completed it was time for a new step, as the old one had to be removed to repair the steeple. With new steps and a railing in place parishioners can once again enter the church by the new front door.
The next big job was the siding and this was contracted and finished.
The kitchen and basement, entryway and back stairs also got a face-lift and upgrading.
Members are once again offering their hunters’ breakfast on October 11 and at the same time will show off the church. Funds raised from the breakfast will be used for upkeep and further projects.

Leeds art students
Leeds elementary students brought home 92 blue ribbons and 28 red ribbons from this summer’s 2008 ND State Fair for their art pictures and glass sculptures. Teachers were Susan Braun and Audrey Herman.

Seventh graders are, left to right, back row: Jessica Peterson, Alyssa Anderson, Colton Wangler and Micheal Ellison. Front row: Jaystin Albrecht, Clay Kitzmann, Mylie Herman, Shelby Jorgenson and Taryn Bjerke.

Sixth grade students are, left to right, back row: Aidan Ritterman, Austin Blazer, Timber Morgan, Austin Thorp, Kalvin Slaubaugh and Riley Lawrence. Front row: Carlito Leppard, Andrea Jorgenson, Julissa McGarvey, Paige Johnson, Sarah Galbraith and Tristan Henderson.

Fifth grade students are, left to right, back row: Devin Schwanke, Joe Silliman, Cameron O’Brien, Mathias Follman, Tyler Blegen and Katelyn Nelsen. Front row: Richelle Darling, Lane Ritterman, Taylor Bisbee, Brandi Blegen and Nikara Nelsen.

Fourth grade students are, left to right, back row: Gary Redetzke, Kaylee Lybeck, Andrew Follman and Joshua Bowman. Front row: Dalton Onerheim, Grace Nybo, Erin Jorgenson, Ricky Jorgenson and Spencer Follman.

Third grade students are, left to right, back row: Garrett Johnson, Arnikka Thompson and Danielle Schwanke. Front row: Rochelle Hansen, Ryan Wangler and Braydon Follman.

Second grade students are, left to right, back row: Luke Pepple, Caitlyn Blazer, Camee Wangler, Keaton Nelsen and Nathan Elverud. Middle row: Callie Lawrence, Reganne Ritterman and Kim Nelsen. Front row: Evan Follman, Declan Ritterman, Hailey Gunderson and Ashley Thayne.

First grade students are, left to right, back row: Macy Engstrom, Jarrel McGarvey, Shelby Follman, Jacob Pfeifer and Timothy Thayne.
Front row: Tristan Burtchell, Katlyn Bingham, Alea Manley, Julianne Remeika and Madi Dulmage.

Kindergarten student Izik Burtchell and his blue ribbon art.

Lions take third place
The Minnewaukan-Leeds Lions finished 3rd place in the Rugby Junior Varsity Volleyball Tournament on September 6. Left to right, front row, are Jessica Bingham, Kayla Wangler, Kendra Leibfried, Sadie Vallier, McKenzie Silliman, Chandra Anderson and Errin Ambers. Back row: head coach April Anderson, Meghan Jorgenson, Chace Engstrom, Jeni Swanson, Chelsi Olson and assistant coach Carrie Arness.

Win second place
The Minnewaukan 5th and 6th grade girls placed second in a tournament at Lakota on Saturday, Sept. 20. Left to right, back row, are Kathy Ann Santos, Dusti Greywater, Drew DeMarce, Arlette Lohnes, Tara Holybull, Cherilyn Cloud and Coach R.J. Hanson. Front row: Lisa Lohnes, Sequoia Santos, Emma Thompson, Rolynda Harold and Sydney Every.

September activities

The Warwick Kindergarten Class did a study of apples and walked to a nearby apple tree where they tasted the apples. Xavier Brown discovered they were sour.

Warwick kindergarten students Mark Shaw and Jayla Guy show the little apples they found. (Photos by Charlotte Franks-Erickson)

Maddock Girl Scouts receive awards
The Maddock Girl Scouts held an awards program to complete the 2007-08 year. Flags were presented, followed by a patriotic song. Several readings were given. Scouts sang two songs.
Fly-ups Taylor Foss and Faith Dosch received their wings. A rededication ceremony was given by the scouts. Flowers were used to symbolize the 10 parts of the Girl Scout Law. Many awards were presented by leaders in each level.
The Brownie leader is Helen Foss with Debbie Pierson as helper, the Junior leader is Robyn Risovi with Maryann Williams as helper and the Cadette leader is Dorothy Wisness with Becky Hestdalen as helper. Joyce Rasmussen was the fall product and cookie chairwoman.
Girl Scouts in Maddock have been active since 1974. New leaders are needed for next year if the program is to continue. Anyone interested may call any of the current leaders.
The 2008-09 year began last Monday, but girls can join at any time. The Junior and Cadette program will begin the end of October. For more information call Helen Foss (Brownies) at 438-2425, Robyn Risovi (Juniors) at 438-2414 or Becky Hestdalen (Cadettes) at 438-2122. The Brownie troop sponsor is the North Viking WELCA and the sponsor of the Juniors and Cadettes is the American Legion Auxiliary.

Maddock Girl Scouts who were present for the Court of Awards program were, left to right, front row: Brownies Taylor Foss, Charity Dosch, Faith Dosch, Keringten Lee and Kenzie Randle. Back row: Junior Ashley Risovi and Cadettes Courtney Hestdalen, Ashley Foss and Carah Hestdalen. Members not present were Talissa Aabrekke, Abigail Grossman, Marissa Lunde, Greta Duren, Brianna Johnson, Hannah Pierson, Emily Sears, Kristi Medalen, Kayla Melaas and Delores Williams.

Ambulance gets funds
Rod Braun, left, representing the Citizens Community Credit Union of Devils Lake, along with Kenny Baker Jr., center, present Kate Johnson (second from left), Tami Bulik (second from right) and Dana Lohnes (right) of the Spirit Lake Ambulance staff, a donation from the Citizens Community Credit Union. During a Patriot day promotion, members of the community were invited to vote for the first responding agency of their choice and if their name was drawn, $100 was donated to that agency by Citizens Community Credit Union. Kenny Baker Jr. voted for the Spirit Lake Ambulance Service, which received the $100. The Manvel Fire and Rescue, voted for by Shawn Montgomery, also received a $100 donation.

Commemorate 911
Warwick kindergarten students commemorate 911 by saying the Pledge to the Flag at the school flagpole. They were joined by staff members Patti Clifton, Cherry Heinz and Stacy Luehring. Left to right are Aaron Green, Ethan Jerome, Xavier Brown, Marlin Demarce, Nathan Cavanaugh, Tabatha Joramo, Winter Bigtrack, Tashyla Feather, Kalista Jackson, Ben Longie, Brooklynne Little, Gina Demarce, Cole Smith and Mark Shaw. (Photo by Charlotte Franks-Erickson)

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