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12/26/2007 – Public Notices








December 4, 2007

The Benson County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioners present were Curtis Hvinden, Michael N. Steffan, Lowell Haagenson, Jason Lee and Dwain Brown. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hvinden.

A motion was made by Brown, seconded by Lee, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of November 20, 2007. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Steffan, to have the chairman sign the county deeds for property sold at the delinquent tax property sale held November 20, 2007. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Steffan, to have the voting precincts for the 2008 election in Benson County remain the same was they were for the 2006 election. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Lee, to not utilize the "vote by mail" method of voting for the 2008 election and to publish notice of this action in the Benson County Farmers Press.

All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. The board agreed the issue of "voting by mail" will be reconsidered for the 2010 election year.

Gene Hager, road superintendent, and Sheriff Steven J. Rohrer met with the board regarding Homeland Security grants. Hager discussed road issues in Butte Valley Township and the Brinsmade city area. The board reviewed a letter from the Dept. of Emergency Services dated November 26,

2007 regarding a public safety inter-operable communications grant. Hager stated the grant could be used for an upgrade to the repeater tower northeast of Maddock. The estimated cost for the upgrade is $30,000. If the grant should be approved, the county would need to match 20%.

The board stated that perhaps the schools using the tower would contribute toward the match money needed. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Haagenson, to allow Hager to apply for the grant.

All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

State’s Attorney James P. Wang arrived at the meeting at 9:15 a.m.

Sheriff Rohrer discussed the possibility of purchasing a new sheriff’s vehicle after January 1, 2008. He questioned if grant money was available through Homeland Security. The board asked Rohrer to get estimates for another Expedition or a four wheel drive pickup. Rohrer stated he will be applying for a grant for in-car repeaters for the sheriff’s department vehicles through Homeland Security.

Mike Connor, Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource District Board (DLBJWRDB); Leo and Kathy Walker; Ken Hoffert, Brian Maddock and John Beckstrand, Benson County Water Resource District Board (BCWRDB); and Jean Olson, secretary of the BCWRDB, met to discuss participation in the DLBJWRDB. The board reviewed a letter from Michael S. Noone of the ND State Water Commission, and a letter from James Landenberger, Bartlett & West Engineers, dated November 28 and November 29, 2007 respectively regarding the participation issue. Lee stated the money needed for the membership was left in the water boards budget so the water board could participate if it should choose to do so. The board reiterated the decision of the water board on this issue would be supported by the board. Connor read a list of the benefits Benson County receives from being a part of the DLBJWRDB. Beckstrand questioned the need for the lake water test projects as there are already experiment stations at Carrington and Oaks. Maddock stated Benson County took the lead on the water project issue near Warwick and it was not initiated by the DLBJWRDB. Connor stated the DLBJWRDB receives approximately $90,000 from the nine counties involved. Connor presented a list of time spent by the DLBJWRDB in obtaining a moratorium on draining. Walker discussed issues with the moratorium on draining for Sweetwater/Morrison Lake. Beckstrand stated his concern with the amount assessed for membership as 42% of the property in the basin is tribally owned and is not taxable. Connor stated the tribe is not interested in participating in the DLBJWRDB. Maddock questioned if the total sum of money spent for dues over the years could have been spent for better use. The water board left the meeting to discuss the information presented and to make a decision on whether or not to participate in the DLBJWRDB for the 2008 year.

Morris Holen Jr., Wold Engineering, met with the board regarding the engineering proposals on projects SC-0328(064), SC-0305(059) and SC-0328(065). The only proposals received for the projects were the proposals submitted by Wold Engineering. A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Brown, to approve the proposals of Wold Engineering. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Haagenson, to have the chairman sign the construction and engineering agreements for the projects when presented. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

Paul Peterson of the Leeds Ambulance Service and Marnie Stadum of the Maddock Ambulance Service, met with the board and requested it pass a motion to place the question of levying for county emergency medical services on the 2008 election ballot. Peterson stated Leeds city already levies five mills for emergency medical services but the levy would be removed if the county levy for emergency medical services passes. Peterson and Stadum discussed how the money received from the levy would be distributed. Peterson and Stadum stated they would contact the other area ambulance services to try to come up with a levy amount needed. A motion was made by Steffan, seconded by Lee, to support the request of Peterson and Stadum. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. A motion to put the county emergency medical services levy on the

2008 ballot will be made after a dollar amount needed for the levy is known.

The board reviewed the narrative report for December 4, 2007 submitted by Shelley Aabrekke, public health nurse.

John Beckstrand reported back to the board that the BCWRDB voted to not participate in the DLBJWRDB for the 2008 year.

A motion was made by Brown, seconded by Haagenson, to pay all county approved bills. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously. The following bills were paid:

Michael Steffan $291.50

Curtis Hvinden 350.00

Jason Lee 102.50

Lowell Haagenson 123.65

Distribution to Entities 7,866.53

Social Welfare 5,087.07

Esmond City 25.50

Institute of Local

Government 3,813.00

ND Telephone Co 196.34

Distribution to Entities 109,834.67

Bruce Pallansch 2,200.00

Cass County Tr 118.50

Dean Petska 50.00

James Wang 580.00

Nationwide Retirement

Services 20.00

ND Telephone Services 695.10

Otter Tail Power Co 669.26

Wold Engineering 1,829.94

Wold Engineering 24,670.43

Wold Engineering 14,273.93

Wold Engineering 14,761.78

Alltel 75.96

Family Farm Grain Co-op 38,806.36

Nodak Electric Co-op 31.48

Bismarck Ramkota Hotel 110.00

Allen Brandvold 34.80

Aflac 753.88

Alltel 336.06

Barry Cox 76.50

Chad’s Amoco 275.64

Colonial 101.50

Dwain Brown 85.40

Conseco Health Ins Co 108.30

Erling Karlsbraaten 70.20


Technology Dept 421.64

Maddock Mini-Mart 281.80

Nick of Time 1,750.00

Richland Co Auditor 46.04

Ralph Olson 91.80

Nationwide Retirement

Services 724.00

ND Public Employees

Retirement 10,863.42

Maddock School Dist 9 55.00

Social Welfare 5,988.11

Benson Co Transportation 800.00

Bonnie Erickson 42.30

Burnie’s 289.09

Claudette Carlson 14.08

Clute’s Office Equip 275.85

Minnewaukan City 99.95

Michael Steffan 89.00

Curtis Hvinden 89.00

Jason Lee 63.80

Dwain Brown 60.20

Lowell Haagenson 101.60

Ellen Huffman 80.66

Gerrells 2,109.30

Hewlett-Packard Co 592.00

Inst. of Local Government 240.00

Interstate Battery 33.09

JS Vending, Inc 36.82

Lana Johnson 215.55

LR Law Enforcement Ctr 1,716.05

McQuoid’s Grocery 312.36

North Central

Planning Council 6,897.00

North Central Soil

Conservation 26.00

ND Assn of Counties 5,583.50

ND Co Commissioners

Association 1,200.00

North Star Community

Credit Union 325.01

Office Depot 72.95

Pitney Bowes 259.00

Benson Co Farmers Press 481.07

Protective Life Ins Co 375.89

Ramsey Co NDSU Ext 18.40

Rhonda Rosendahl 41.40

Secretary of State 655.00

Zones Corporate Solutions 296.40

Arden Helgeseth 3,182.50

Aspen Publishers 103.85

Butler Machine 3,951.12

Central Dakota Heating 166.11

Chad’s Amoco 19.32

Maddock City 73.30

Minnewaukan City 39.50

Esmond Caf? 305.50

Farmers Union Oil Co 2,638.95

Harlow Sanitation 15.00

Jones Brothers 94.95

Lake Region Sheet Metal 212.33

McQuoid’s Grocery 9.71

Dakota Implement 173.31

Gus’s Auto Parts 14.38

Northern Plains

Elec Co-op 56.00

Office Depot 608.90

Olson Repair 4,173.85

Otter Tail Power Co 26.39

Paul Hanson 25.00

Paul Kallenbach 2,202.00

Power Plan (RDO Equip) 376.95

Praxair Distribution Inc 166.00

Quality Welding 34.20

Ramkota Hotel 292.00

Wang’s 119.26

Wold Engineering 424.09

BCBS of ND 3,416.76

Cass County Tr 102.00

NDACO 249.00

ND Public Employees

Retirement 20,953.80

Prairie Public Broadcasting 150.00

Maddock School Dist 9 26.50

Scott Knoke 169.20

Wal-Mart 37.37


County Agent $963.59

Emergency Disaster 935.04

VSO 721.13

County Road 33,188.47

Social Services 24,373.13

County General 30,422.52

A motion was made by Haagenson, seconded by Steffan, to transfer $100,000 from the Hwy Tax Fund to the Road & Bridge Fund. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.

The motion carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 p.m.

Bonnie Erickson

Benson County Auditor

Curtis Hvinden




November 12, 2007

A regular meeting of the Warwick City Council was held November 12, 2007 at 7 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor George Evans. Council members present were Ron Jacobson, Gary Elfman and Nick Walter.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Elfman made a motion to approve the minutes. Jacobson seconded. Motion carried.

Bills were presented:


Mark Elfman $230.87

Otter Tail Power Co 41.10

Waste Management 787.12

ND Dept of Health 16.00

Team Laboratories 668.00

Hawkins 475.50


Otter Tail Power Co $152.27

Sandra Barber 190.00

Benson Co Farmers Press 32.23

Benson Co Highway Dept 144.72

Walter made a motion to pay the bills. Elfman seconded. Motion carried.

Elfman made a motion to adopt the amended resolution made to the Benson County LEOP. Jacobson seconded. Motion carried.

The next regular meeting will be December 3, 2007.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Sandra Barber

City Auditor


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