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10/10/2007 – News

Volume 124, Number 36            Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

School assignment popular with author’s children
An e-mail came our way the other day with a subject line of: Trafford Publishing Billy the Bubble Gum Halloween Night. It opened to reveal a full reference card for a book about bubble gum.
Now everyone knows there are weird things on the Internet and we see our fair share at the Farmers Press. But why would someone send e-mail to us about gum?
Upon further investigation, i.e. reading to the end of the e-mail, it was discovered the author of this book grew up in Maddock and went to school there. All right! A local kid who’s made it big in the literary world!
Jodi Faleide Braut wouldn’t say she’s "made it big." She’d tell you publishing this book was a necessary thing to do.
"Billy" came to life in the early 1990’s as the result of a creative writing class Jodi attended at Maddock High School. The instructor, Shelly Sears, assigned the small group of students the task of taking all they learned during the course and putting together a book. (Sears is now Shelly Moltzen and lives with her husband and daughter in Jamestown. Her parents are Beaulah Sears and the late Ivan Sears of Maddock.) After graduation in 1992, Jodi packed the things she treasured and went to NDSU. Among those things was "Billy." She attended two years at NDSU then transfered to Northwest Technical College in Moorhead, Minn., where she received a degree in sales, marketing and management.
Life rolled along for the young Maddock woman. She met John Braut, fell in love, married and moved to Scobey, Mont., a town of 1,100 people two hours west of Williston.
John works in the insurance industry and Jodi is a homemaker. Their lives are busy, but the most important job they have are being parents to four-year-old James Patrick "JP" and two-year-old Payton Kinzi.
One of the activities the children enjoy is reading. Jodi remembered the book she wrote in high school and wondered if they would enjoy it. She pulled out the box of treasures that have been with her through the years and found "Billy."
JP and Payton love hearing about "Billy" and the adventure he and his friends have one Halloween. Jodi has read the book to the children so many times, it’s barely holding together.
So out of necessity she looked into publishing the book. After all, if her children enjoyed it, maybe others would, too. And it sure would be nice to have a book that wasn’t falling apart!
Her research began a year ago at the local library. After story hour, books would be selected to take home. Jodi made notes on the publishers and started researching them on the Internet. Trafford Publishing met the requirements she was looking for.
She set about redoing the illustrations and making the book larger than the original.
An unpublished author can go about getting published a couple of different ways. He/she can send the manuscript to different publishers and wait to hear from them. With the backlog at publishing houses it may mean waiting a year or two for an answer.
Another option is for the author to publish the manuscript. Jodi chose this option and was lucky to receive a discount on the price. She said it also saves if you can do the illustrations yourself.
Trafford liked what they saw and have put her book on their Web site. They also sent her a marketing kit that includes posters and the materials needed to sell the book to bookstores.
Billy the Bubble Gum: Halloween Night can be ordered from the Trafford Publishing Web site at
When asked if there will be more Billy the Bubble Gum books, Jodi said she already has another one written. And as a good author does, she wrote about something she and the children have experienced and understand — potty training.
Even though she hasn’t "made it big," this Maddock native has only begun. Who knows, if "Billy" and his friends are a hit, there may be many more adventures they can share with us.

Billy the Bubble Gum takes a stroll down the sidewalk on the cover of the book about his Halloween adventure. Trafford Publishing is assisting Jodi with the marketing of her book.

Fifth annual Hags on Nags ride
Sherri Engkvist and Nancy Abrahamson hosted the fifth annual Hags on Nags all women trail ride this year. Twenty-three riders gathered at the Bob and Sherri Engkvist farm and headed west to Esmond. From there they went to Buffalo Lake where family and friends joined the cowgirls for a potluck picnic.
An awards ceremony was held after the picnic. Wanda Bullinger, reigning "Hag of the Year," handed her crown to the 2007-2008 winner, Karen Kenner. Other award winners included Lisa Wentz, who won the "Pokey Pony"; Connie Ambers, the "Horse’s Rear"; Sheila Erickson, the "Hoist Award"; and Steph Johnson, the "Cushie Tushie."
Pictured, back row left to right, are Jessie Knatterud, Connie Ambers, Sheila Erickson, Wanda Bullinger (on horse), Chris Lauinger, Karen Kenner, Nancy Abrahamson, Janine Gigstad, Lisa Wentz, June Olson and Carrie Olschlager. Middle row: LeAnn Stittsworth, Tina Arnold and Lisa Volk. Front row: Bonnie Haden, Dawn Fougher, Steph Johnson, Sherri Engkvist, Steph Tweten, Mandy Johnson and Chantel Brorby. Not pictured are Lola Metcalf and Pennie Passilaf.

Students use robots
Sixth graders at the Leeds School enjoyed building, programing and testing their Lego Mindstorms robots. The robots allow students to discover science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interesting, hands-on way. The sixth grade teacher is Patti Yoder.
Pictured are Alyssa Anderson and Clay Kitzmann.

Mylie Herman and Taryn Bjerke enjoy working with their robot.

Leeds sixth graders assemble their robots.

Lions have good week on the volleyball court; take 1st at Carrington
Lots of volleyball has been played by the Minnewaukan-Leeds Lions this past week. Oct. 2 they hosted New Rockford-Sheyenne at Minnewaukan, sending them home with a three game defeat.
M-L 25 25 25
NR-S 19 20 16

M-L: kills – Jordan Callahan 7, Alyssa Erickson 5, Bobbi Grann 4, Amber Bracken 2, Alisha Strand 2, Denage Braaten 2; aces – Grann 5, Bracken 1, Brenna Stone 1, Braaten 1; assists – Katrece Thompson 15, Callahan 2, Stone 2, Strand 1, Erickson 1; digs – Callahan 7, Bracken 7, Grann 5, Braaten 4, Thompson 3, Beth Beecroft 1, Strand 1.

NR-S: no stats available.

Next, the girls were on the road to Rolette to take on District 8 rivals Rolette-Wolford. The most recent polls showed the Comets in third place and the Lions in fourth. Winning this match, 3-2, may have some effect on that next week.

M-L 21 25 26 17 15

R-W 25 23 24 25 5

M-L: kills – Callahan 22, Erickson 9, Bracken 7, Grann 6, Nicole Herman 1, Thompson 1, Strand 1, Braaten 1; aces – Strand 3, Grann 2, Braaten 2, Stone 1, Erickson 1; assists – Thompson 39, Herman 3, Braaten 1, Erickson 1; digs – Bracken 14, Callahan 12, Braaten 12, Grann 9, Strand 6, Herman 4, Thompson 4, Erickson 2, Stone 1.

R-W: no stats available.

Saturday, Oct. 6 the Lions were one of 12 teams participating in the Carrington Tournament held at the high school, elementary school and the Carrington Armory.

The girls won all six of their matches and added a championship plaque to their new co-op collection.

Match one found them in Pool C against Anamoose-Drake. The teams split, but the win went to Minnewaukan-Leeds. (In the interests of paper space, only the top two or three in each category will be printed.)

M-L 17 25

A-D 25 17

M-L: kills – Callahan 3, Grann 2, Braaten 2; aces – Erickson 3, Braaten 2; assists – Thompson 5, Erickson 3; digs – Callahan 11, Thompson 7, Bracken 7.

A-D: no stats available.

Match two went to the Lions with Midkota putting up a fight.

M-L 26 25

Midkota 24 20

M-L: kills – Erickson 6, Grann 5; aces – Erickson 2; assists – Thompson 8, Stone 5; digs – Callahan 11, Bracken 9.

Midkota: no stats available.

The last match in pool play was a dominant win for the Lions over the Jamestown junior varsity.

M-L 25 25

J-JV 12 18

M-L: kills – Grann 8, Callahan 4, Bracken 4, Erickson 4; aces – Grann 2, Callahan 2; assists – Thompson 14, Grann 2; digs – Herman 9, Callahan 8.

J-JV: no stats available.

Minnewaukan-Leeds was in two playoff matches. They defeated Edgeley-Kulm in the first one.

M-L 25 25

E-K 19 22

M-L: kills – Callahan 8, Erickson 3; aces – Erickson 5, Grann 2; assists – Thompson 10; digs – Thompson 7, Herman, Grann, Callahan and Bracken 4 each.

E-K: no stats available.

In the second playoff round the Lions roared against the Burke County Titans, scaring them properly.

M-L 25 25

Burke County 21 19

M-L: kills – Erickson 10, Callahan 7; assists – Thompson 21; digs – Bracken 10, Thompson 7.

Burke County: no stats available.

The championship match was with New Rockford-Sheyenne, a team the girls beat earlier in the week.

M-L 26 22 15

NR-S 24 25 8

M-L: kills – Erickson 5, Callahan and Bracken 4 each; aces – Grann 3; assists – Thompson 13; digs – Callahan and Bracken 13 each, Thompson 8.

A new week is here and the Lions are not done winning. They won 3-1 against Harvey on the Hornets home court Monday, Oct. 8.

M-L 21 25 26 25
Harvey 25 16 24 23
M-L: kills – Erickson 14, Grann 10, Bracken 7, Callahan 6, Thompson 3, Braaten 3, Strand 2; aces – Stone 2, Grann 1, Strand 1, Erickson 1; assists – Thompson 39, Grann 2, Herman 1, Bracken 1, Erickson 1; digs – Callahan 16, Bracken 14, Grann 12, Thompson 7, Herman 5, Braaten 5, Strand 3, Stone 2.
Harvey: kills – Kelsey Eisenbeisz 11, Emily Huseth 9, Amy Buxa 8; aces – Eisenbeisz 1; assists – Jaclyn Bachmeier 24, Kelsey Eckart 17; digs – Buxa 7, Eisenbeisz 5, Caitlyn Arnold 5, Huseth 5.

Volleyball winners
The Minnewaukan-Leeds Lions had five wins and one tie at the all-day volleyball tournament in Carrington October 6. They brought home the first place plaque. Their current record is 18-3-1. Left to right, back row are Brenna Stone, Bobbi Grann, Nicole Herman, Amber Bracken, Alisha Strand and Denage Braaten. In the front row are Jordan Callahan, Alyssa Erickson and Katrece Thompson. Breanne Larson is the coach.

Class has apple party
The Maddock first grade class invited their mothers (or other special guests) to an apple party September 25. They read to their mothers, presented a program of poetry and songs, made fabric patchwork apples and ate apple coffeecake the class had made. Left to right, back row, are Chantel Grossman, Tracy Kallenbach, Tina Arnold, Becky Hestdalen, Isabella Lawson, Cheryl Lunde, Tami Griffin, Karin Hill, Deb Dosch and Sharon Wood. Front row: Abigail Grossman, Brady Kallenbach, Connor Arnold, Jay Garcia, Kenzie Randle, Jude Lawson, Marissa Lunde, Gannon Griffin, Samuel Hill, Charity Dosch and Talissa Aabrekke.

Range tour inspects managed grasslands
Thirty-six individuals participated in a "Riding the Range Tour" September 14 in Benson County. Participants rode either on horseback or were transported in a wagon pulled by a team of Clydesdales owned and driven by Jim Wang. A rib eye steak supper on the range was provided by donations from several local sponsors.
The setting was a 14-pasture grazing system managed by rancher Brian Maddock. This system is one of many Brian has been using under an intensive management system. Through EQIP, Maddock has developed prescribed grazing systems, increased the number of pastures by cross-fencing and installed shallow stock-water pipelines and tanks in several pastures. He is enrolled in CSP and is a past SCD Achievement Award winner and is recognized for his sustained stewardship efforts in grassland management.
Jeff Printz, NRCS state range conservationist; Karyn Neve, NRCS district conservationist; and Andrew Johnsrud, NRCS soil conservationist, showed the group on-the-ground examples of the benefits to grasslands by utilizing management techniques like decreasing pasture size to increase herd density, providing for better distribution of grazing or by increasing the number of pastures, providing better rest intervals between grassing events. They discussed how locating cross-fences, shallow stock water pipelines and tanks can facilitate the improvement of grasslands and increase animal performance. They also reviewed landscape and plant population interactions, EQIP for 2008 and woody and noxious weed control methods in grasslands.
Sponsors were the NRCS, North Central SCD, Northern Plains RC&D, North Star Community Credit Union, Northern Plains Electric Cooperative, Farmers Union Oil Co. of Maddock, Fessenden Co-op Elevator, Lake Region Grain Co-op, Ag Resources, Wayne Stubson All Risk Insurance, Benson County Farmers Press, Ritterman Trucking, Staloch Insurance, Farmers Union Insurance of Maddock, Ebach Construction, Houtcooper Implement, Roger Kenner Seed Farm and Feist Soil Testing.

The participants in the range tour gathered on the prairie to view the management practices of Brian Maddock of Maddock. The team and wagon were provided by Jim Wang of Graham’s Island.

Jeff Pritz, NRCS state range conservationist of Bismarck speaks to the assembled group about range management.
Maddock School fund raiser for Northwood tornado brings $1,000 The Maddock Education Association sponsored a fund raiser September 10-14 to provide financial assistance for teachers at the Northwood School. The tornado that swept through the Northwood community did considerable damage to the town’s school building and most, if not all, of the teachers lost personal teaching supplies and belongings from their classrooms.
Students and teachers participated in a "Nickels for Northwood" fund raiser in which the students brought change on specific days. Pennies were collected on Monday, nickels on Tuesday, dimes on Wednesday, quarters on Thursday and dollar bills on Friday.
The classes competed to see which could bring in the most money. The seventh graders came in first with $228.10, the fifth graders collected $170.40 and the sixth graders had $142.07. The Maddock School students were able to raise $1,045.44 for Northwood teachers.

Fundraiser for Northwood
Maddock students who helped in raising funds for the Northwood School teachers are pictured. Left to right, front row: Heaven Lawson, Logan Gigstad, Gunnar Hagen, Kadin Neppl, Carter Tandeski, Jacob Arnold, Austin Huffman, Madyson Sears, Skylar Arnold and Chase Benson. Second row: Jack Schwanke, Alexis Huffman, Marissa Lunde, Abigail Grossman, Charity Dosch, Talissa Aabrekke, Samuel Hill, Jay Garcia, Jude Lawson, Brady Kallenbach and Connor Arnold. Third row: Kevin Johnson, Tate Benson, Zachary Hill, Spencer Olson, Garret Tandeski, Keringten Lee, Greta Duren, Justin Nystrom, Brandon Lawson, Alecz Hill, Caleb Cox and Allyson Lauinger. Fourth row: Alexis Gigstad, Hannah Pierson, Taylor Foss, Ethin Johnson, Gannon Engkvist, LinElla Pistol, Spencer Sears, Emily Sears, Akala Loughman, Kyia Roberts, Evan Eyl, Becca Johnson and Isabella Lawson. Fifth row: Michelle Brandvold, Kristi Medalen, Ethan Karlsbraaten, Jaydin Risovi, Jessica Hill, Courtney Lauinger, Noah Arnold, Brooks Duren, Kyler Westad, Natalia Wright, Nora Duren and Tabitha Lawson. Sixth row: Dylan Lauinger, Maria Sears, Kelsey Smith, Hunter Buehler, Jakob Schmid, Jaden Lunde, Quentin Sears, Ashley Risovi, Kayla Melaas, Kaylee Tollerud, Kenadi Lee, Hailey Kallenbach, Megan Olson and Blake Buckmier. Seventh row: Renae Lauinger, Zane Paulson, Alyssa Nystrom, Justin Johnson, Alex Sabbe, Shelby Brandvold, Jamie Buckmier, Shawn Aabrekke and Kaleb Westad.

FFA chaper attends Rugby meet
Members of the A.S. Gibbens FFA Chapter who attended the District 3 Leadership Meeting are pictured left to right. Front row: Ben Backstrom, Beau Buehler and Paul Rice. Second row: Alex Buckmier, Kaidi Kenner, Erin Leier, Rachel Olson, Janna Rice, Michelle Olson, Courtney Foss, and Kimberly Randle. Back row: Taylor Arne, Chris Ellingson, Jillian Maddock, Preston Gilderhus, Andy Backstrom, Andy Bergrud, Ethan Markestad and Levi Slater.
Maddock FFA Chapter Reporter
Twenty members of the A.S. Gibbens FFA Chapter of Maddock attended the District 3 Leadership Conference in Rugby October 1. The A.S. Gibbens FFA Chapter was runner-up for the chapter of the day.
The Parliamentary procedure team won a close second place and came home with a gold award. The team will compete at the state event in Bismarck on October 10. Members are Michelle Olson (president), Paul Rice (vice president), Courtney Foss (treasurer), Beau Buehler (reporter), Andy Backstrom (sentinel), Kimberly Randle (secretary) and Levi Slater (student advisor). All officers received gold awards.
The Creed Contest was won by Preston Gilderhus, who also received a $500 scholarship from the State FFA Foundation for a beginning SAE project. The Greenhand Quiz was won by Maddock which had the top four scores of the 35 participants. Tying for first place were Janna Rice and Preston Gilderhus. Also receiving gold awards were Rachel Olson, Ben Backstrom and Mikel Buckmier.
Receiving a silver award and third high team, was the Maddock Quiz Team. Kimberly Randle was fourth high individual and received a gold award. Receiving silver awards were Jillian Maddock, Erin Leier and Kaidi Kenner. Receiving a bronze award was Alexis Buckmier.
Andy Backstrom received a gold award and third high individual in the prepared public speaking contest. Rachel Olson received a silver award and was third high individual in the extemporaneous public speaking contest. Ben Backstrom received a silver award in the demonstration contest. Paul Rice was selected as the District 3 ambassador.
Providing entertainment was the rock group from Maddock, "Night Prowler." In the band are Ethan Markestad, Beau Buehler, Andy Bergrud, Taylor Arne and Chris Ellingson. The band was a hit!

Officers of the A.S. Gibbens FFA Chapter of Maddock are pictured. Left to right are Beau Buehler, Courtney Foss, Paul Rice, Michelle Olson, Levi Slater, Kimberly Randle and Andy Backstrom.

Preston Gilderhus, left, was district creed winner and Paul Rice, right, was selected District 3 ambassador.

Take part in concert
Students from the Minnewaukan School participated in a "Surround Your State In Song" workshop and concert on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Jamestown High School. Fifty-four fifth and sixth graders from the area rehearsed all day and then performed a concert for the public. Students attending from Minnewaukan were, left to right, Katelyn Green, Austin Erickson, Terry Morgan and Darian Charboneau. Their instructor is Debbie Dyste.

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