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8/29/2007 – News

Volume 124, Number 30            Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

‘Prospecting’ offered Sunday at flea market in Leeds
Kids (and adults, too) will have the opportunity to find semi-precious gems in a treasure hunt at the outdoor flea market at Jan’s Stall Mall & RV Park in Leeds on Sunday, Sept. 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In case of rain the event will be held the following Sunday.
The treasure hunt will be conducted in washed gravel owner Janelle Engstrom of York and Marilyn Ingwaldson-Poulsen of Oberon brought back from a prospecting trip to Montana July 21-26. They went to an area in the mountains west of Helena which is owned by the Helena Mineral Society. The area they prospected in was the "Sally Ann Crystal Claim." Marilyn is a long-time member of the society.
They had to hike 45 minutes into the mountains from where they parked their vehicle. They had to move a lot of dirt to get their washed gravel. It takes 13 gallons of dirt and stones to make a pint of washed gravel. To get a quart of crystals required five hours of labor.
The washed gravel contains dark red garnets, sapphires and green peridots. The ladies demonstrated how the semi-precious stones are separated from the gravel. About half a cup of washed gravel is poured on a white paper plate. Then it’s sprayed with plain water to make the semi-precious stones shine. They pick through the gravel with tweezers or a pencil and find the semi-precious stones. Small vials will be given to the children (or adults) who find the treasures for them to take home. The washed gravel hasn’t been picked through, so nobody knows what treasure might be in it.
Janelle brought back some polished stone necklaces which she has for sale among her numerous offerings.
The stall mall is so named because there are several stalls in the building which are rented by people who have antiques and other items to sell. The west portion of the building consists of mostly rented out stalls. Jan sells the stuff in the stalls for the owners. One stall contains handmade goat’s milk bath and body products, along with emu oil for a deep heat rub. Marilyn also sells her artwork at the stall mall.
Janelle also sells her own "stuff" and there’s a tremendous amount of it, including homemade Amish candy from Ontario, Wisc., hand crafted stained glass art giftware, hand sewn items, Amish rugs and baskets from Cashton, Wisc., antique clothes and hats (which might be perfect for quasquicentennial events), many antique toys and farm items, rosemaled items, many collectibles men might be interested in, antique fishing lures, antique postcards, and North Dakota advertising pieces to name just a few things.
Some of the items for sale are ingenious. Someone cut an old screen door in two and put a cork board on the back of it. The old screen door serves as a frame for a bulletin board. Another took an ornate door frame top board and attached the metal part of three claw hammers to it for use as a wall-mounted coat hanger.
Oh yes, there’s an outside flea market on Sept. 2 as well. Expect lots of produce, antiques, garage sale items, clothes, jewelry and handcrafted items. Jan has reduced the rate from $20 to $15 for a space adjacent to her building on the south side of Leeds along US 2. There will be free popcorn all day, door prizes and lunch will be served. There is no admission. There were approximately 350 people present at the August 5 outdoor flea market. The last outdoor flea market of the season will be held Sunday, Oct. 7. The theme will be a fall fair and there will be games for the children.

Janelle Engstrom of York, left, and Marilyn Ingwaldson-Poulsen of Oberon, right, use pencils to push aside washed gravel to reveal semi-precious stones. The washed gravel was brought from a prospecting site in Montana by the ladies. They will offer children (and adults) the opportunity to search for treasure in the washed gravel at Jan’s Stall Mall and RV Park at Leeds on Sunday, Sept. 2. There will also be a flea market at the site adjacent to US 2 that day.

Prospectors Janelle Engstrom of York and Marilyn Ingwaldson-Poulsen of Oberon at the Sally Anne Crystal Claim owned by the Helena Mineral Society near Helena, Mont. The prospectors were successful in finding quartz crystal treasures.

Minnewaukan guides bring home $30,000
Walleye Central
While the rest of the pro teams on the final day of the 2007 Lowrance Pro Team Championship were setting up for their first trolling pass, Jason Feldner and Chris Koth of Minnewaukan were putting their fifth walleye in the livewell. It would only take 11 minutes to put the first five keepers in the box and another 29 minutes to go through another eight fish, of which three of those would upgrade their day’s catch, giving them a total weight of 31.29 pounds, 6.14 pounds over second place.
The two professional fishing guides came home August 24 with a check for $30,000 for their first place win. There were 54 teams in the tournament and 13 qualified to fish the last day.
When asked how it felt to catch a winning basket of fish so quick in the morning like that, Feldner said with a huge grin, "It felt great! Nothing like a good old-fashioned Wally Wack’n!"
Koth chimed in with a more serious tone and added, "It was a huge relief just to have five fish in the boat that fast. It takes all the pressure off you for the rest of the day."
After a slow ride in, the dynamic duo was back at the docks by 8:30 a.m., where they would have to wait it out until weigh-in time, which started at 3:30 p.m.
Unlike the majority of the teams who were trolling crank baits at speeds between 1.5 and 2.5 mph, Feldner and Koth chose a different technique. They felt the decrease in air and water temperatures over the last couple days would slow the fish down, so they chose to slow down their presentation, too. "We were fishing shallow . . . real shallow . . . three foot of water shallow. We were casting jigs tipped with plastic bodies and working them back to the boat real slow," said Feldner.
Hans Halvorson of Grafton and Scott Larson of West Fargo captured the number two spot with the second largest weight of the three days of competition, with a five fish limit weighing in at 25.15 pounds. They trolled leadcore in 10-15 feet of water over and around rock piles in Pelican Lake, which has now become a part of Devils Lake. "The key was the right speed," said Larson. "We were trolling at 2.3 mph and didn’t really get into them until we bumped up the speed to 2.9 mph." No. 7 Shad Raps and the Salmo White Shooting Star were their favorite baits.
In third place were Kevin Reinhart of Glenrock, Wyo. and John Green of Casper, Wyo., who chose to troll Pelican Lake with a little different presentation and reeled in a five fish limit, hitting the scales with 18.21 pounds. They chose to use Fireline/14# and Suffix Braid/10# to present their crank baits. Crank baits used most by this pair were the #4, 5 and 7 Jointed Shad Raps and the Salmo Bullheads. Colors were "mostly yellows," said Green.
Ending up in 13th place was the team of Jeff Trana of Devils Lake and Rick Darling of Leeds with 12.98 lbs. of fish caught the last day.
Gerald Roland of Burlington and Ryan Genre of Minnewaukan took 22nd in the 54-team tournament. In 25th place was the team of Scott Steckler of Mandan and Keith Pierson of Minnewaukan.
Feldner and his wife, Shelle, came to Minnewaukan from Omro, Wisc. in May of 2001 to operate a hunting and fishing guide service. He was a guide in Wisconsin as well.
His business, Perch-Eyes Guide Service and Lodging, has a house and a cabin in Minnewaukan to accommodate hunters and fishermen. His Web site location is Koth, a lifelong friend, is employed by Perch-Eyes Guide Service.
For full results see the Walleye Central Live Leaderboard at

Minnewaukan professional fishing guides Jason Feldner, left, and Chris Koth, right, knew where the fish were in the Lowrance Pro Team Walleye Circuit fishing tournament on Devils Lake last weekend. The Wisconsin natives completed their fishing seven hours prior to weigh-in and took home $30,000. In front of the facsimile of their check is the trophy they won. This is Feldner’s second win in the big money. In May of last year he won $53,000 in the Professional Walleye Trail Tournament on Devils Lake. (Photo by Julia Davis of Walleye Central)

Bingham to perform at Maddock street dance
A street dance will be held in Maddock September 15, sponsored by the Double R Bar. A feature of the street dance will be a performance by Paul Bingham of Brinsmade.
Bingham is coordinating the appearance of the band "Whiskey Vaccine." Leeds native Trevor Harkness is the drummer for the band.
Bingham will be performing his "Hereford Cattle Song" featuring the most famous Hereford bull that ever lived, Victor Domino. He may even perform others of the seven songs he’s written about his cattle. He is the son of Delbert and Anna Bingham of Brinsmade and is a 1995 graduate of Leeds High School.
He enjoys performing and finds it surprising that people seem to enjoy his songs. "I always figured the songs would probably go over fairly well at cattle shows and such," Bingham said. "But the general public seems to enjoy the songs, too. Maybe they find my songs to be a refreshing change from other songs about sex, drugs and drinking," Bingham says.
Bingham ranches and farms in real life. He got an unexpected start in show business when Tyler Melroe of the Gwinner Melroes recorded part of one of his songs at a cattle show and put it on the Internet. In jest, Melroe even started a fan club for Bingham on "Some of the comments on that were discouraging, to say the least," Bingham said.
But he had a video made when "Whiskey Vaccine" played at Leeds during Leeds Day and that video can be seen on The sound and picture quality leaves something to be desired, but those who want to view it can go to, click on videos and type "Rock & Roll PWB" in the search box. Then click on P Dub concert. Comments have been 90 percent favorable.
The general public is advised that a live performance at Maddock is preferable to a video on the Internet.
Bingham is hopeful his friends will contact his classmates to tell them about the street dance.

Paul Bingham

Minnewaukan-Leeds Lions
The 2007 Minnewaukan-Leeds Lions varsity volleyball squad is pictured. Members of the new co-op are, front row, left to right, Bobbi Grann, Callie Brossart, Alisha Strand, Amber Bracken and Katrece Thompson. Back row: Nicole Herman, Alyssa Erickson, Jordan Callahan, Denage Braaten, Brenna Stone and Beth Beecroft. The girls are coached by Breanne Larson of Leeds. The A, B, C and junior high squads had their season opener on Tuesday, Aug. 28 in Towner against TGU (Towner-Granville-Upham). Game stats will be in next week’s issue.

Hippology team raises funds for three to compete in Denver, Colo.
The Benson County 4-H Hippology team held a ride-a-thon trail ride fund raiser on a beautiful day, Saturday, July 14. There were 10 riders in all and they rode 13-1/2 miles from the John and Barb Rice farm near Maddock to the Derek and Amanda Johnson ranch southwest of Minnewaukan. They raised nearly $1,500 for their trip to compete in the 4-H Hippology contest which is part of the Western National Roundup in Denver, Colo. in January. Previously the team planned to go to the Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup in Louisville, Ky., but had conflicts with the date and changed their plans.
Many businesses and organizations sponsored the team in their horse-a-thon including BK Seeds of Maddock, Farmers Union Oil Co. of Maddock, Jones Bros. Auto, Fessenden Co-op, Ramsey National Bank, Gus’s Auto, Benson County Farmers Press, Tracy’s Market, the Active Women of Maddock, Farm & Home Improvement 4-H Club and Quatro Haches Grupo 4-H Club. Many more individuals gave as well.
The team, consisting of Janna Rice, Kristine Keller and Sharisa Yri, is looking forward to competing at the national Hippology contest in Denver on January 10-13.

Benson County 4-H Hippology members were fund-raising during the Benson County Rodeo in Maddock this summer. Left to right are Katie Rice, Carah Hestdalen, Chelsey Weigler, Sharisa Yri, Savannah Nystrom, Kristine Keller and Janna Rice. Not pictured is team member Jessica Johnson.

Help in fund-raising effort
Maddock Memorial Home staff members participated in the Memory Stroll to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association on Saturday, Aug. 18 at the Fessenden-Bowdon High School track in Fessenden. The Maddock Memorial Home "Treasure Our Elders" team helped with raising more than $3,000 to go toward Alzheimer’s research. Left to right are Maddock Memorial Home staff members and members of their families. Back row: Vickie Axtman, Gail Nelson, Arlyss Bergrud, Roxann Georgeson, Janet Stensby, Charlotte Peterson and Deanna Johnson. Front row: Andrea and Renae Slater, Beth Olson, Liz Slater and Brooke Hakanson.


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