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7/11/2007 – News

Volume 124, Number 23            Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Pampered Pup provides pet boarding services for area
A relatively new Benson County business has already gone to the dogs. The Pampered Pup, a little over a mile west of Esmond on ND 19, is in full operation as an animal boarding facility, probably the only one in the county.
Owned, founded and operated by Charolette Stevenson, the kennel has been in operation since September of 2005. It just kind of grew into what it is today, she said.
She and her husband, Donald, were living in Idaho and decided they wanted to find another place to live. They kept their eyes on the Internet and lo and behold the farmstead of Walter and Ann Streifel showed up for sale on the screen. "We just decided to pick up and come here," she said.
Their three children are grown and living in California, Nevada and Florida. "My mother wondered about our wisdom of coming to North Dakota," said Mrs. Stevenson, "but I grew up in Colorado and Idaho has its cold weather as well, so snow and cold weather didn’t scare us." Actually, Colorado and Idaho usually get more snow than North Dakota. But not as much cold.
The Stevensons had hoped to breed and raise German Shorthair dogs when they came in 2004, but that venture faded because of the health of Donald Stevenson.
When that happened, they decided to sell and move on. They had the place sold and were piling their last load of belongings into a trailer when the realtor came to tell them the funding for the buyer fell through.
"We decided to stay right where we were, and we’re glad we did. We love it here," she says.
People in the area who knew they had kennels asked them to take care of their dogs while they were gone. Word spread by mouth and the business just grew, she said. Customers have come from Esmond, Maddock, Leeds, Devils Lake, Harvey, Rugby, Minot and Minnesota, to name a few places.
The milking barn was stripped to its shell and metal siding was installed inside and outside.
Concrete was poured for the outside kennels on the east side of the building. The dogs can be outside in a 10’x10’ kennel or inside in a 10’x10’ kennel and move back and forth as they wish. Obviously, the outside kennels are not used in the winter.
On the west side of the building is a fenced in grass exercise yard that’s accessible from the inside of the barn. Each dog is allowed in the exercise yard three to four times per day. The animals are kept apart unless they ordinarily are together at their homes. "We keep them apart because nobody knows what they might do. It’s just safer for them that way," she says. They can all see each other through the chain link fence separating the kennels and they set up a terrific racket of barking whenever a visitor appears in the building.
The kennel is temperature controlled for year-around use and 12-14 hours of lighting is provided. The day the Farmers Press visited, there were 12 dogs in the kennel. Last weekend she had 23 dogs and a cat. The cat stayed in Mrs. Stevenson’s house, away from the dogs. She’s even had a rabbit boarded there for four or five days. She’ll take in any breed, size or age animal. And no, she’s never been bitten by one of the animals in her care.
A granary on the farmstead was also stripped and sided and kennels were built. A shop on the farm was painted the same color as the other outbuildings. Everything looks new.
Dogs have to have their rabies inoculations to be boarded there. Younger dogs also need additional shots. The owner fills out an information sheet as to veterinary preference, dietary restrictions, etc.
Boarding fees are $8 per day per dog. A second dog is boarded for $4 per day. Weekly boarding charges are $50 per dog and monthly fees are $150 per dog. A bath and nail trim (if necessary) is $15. Additional grooming is also available. The owner provides food or the kennel will provide food for $1.50 per day.
Her hours are flexible to accommodate customers. She’s open seven days a week. The phone number is 701-249-3505.
Mrs. Stevenson calls the dogs she cares for "precious babies" and has a display of pictures on the wall of the office in the kennel of many of the dogs who’ve stayed at her place.
"We love it here," she said again. It looks like the dogs do, too.

Charolette Stevenson is shown with one of the dogs she is caring for, a pug. The Pampered Pup, a boarding kennel, is located a little over a mile west of Esmond. The Stevensons opened the business in 2005.

The kennel on the Stevenson farm features 10’x10’ outside kennels and 10’x10’ inside kennels. The dogs can move from inside to outside as they wish. An additional photo appears on Page 8.

Charolette Stevenson of Pampered Pets west of Esmond is shown in front of the display of photos of dogs she has had in her care.

Bud Larson celebrates 80th
Bud Larson of Leeds stands with his great-grandchildren at his 80th birthday party on July 7. Left to right are Bud Larson, Gunnar Larson, Grant Larson, Maggie Larson, Gavin Larson, Kelvin Larson, Shelby Larson and Camie Larson. Coffee and cake were served at Larson Implement to mark the occasion. Larson is Benson County’s senior businessman, having been in business in Leeds since 1946. He’s retired now, but nobody should be surprised if he still makes a deal or two.

Backstrom wins FFA swine award
Jordan Backstrom, son of Phillip and Carol Backstrom of Maddock, won the State FFA Swine Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency Award at the State FFA Convention held recently in Fargo.
Jordan, a member of the A.S. Gibbens FFA Chapter of Maddock, grew up on a diversified crop production farm near Maddock. He remembers that he was seven years old when he started helping with the family hogs, weighing feed pails for the sows. Each year he would get more and more responsibilities, such as feeding the sows, washing the farrowing rooms, cutting newborn teeth, docking tails and giving shots.
In 2003 Jordan’s family decided to quit the hog operation to devote more time to grain farming. When Jordan was looking at a 4-H and Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAE) in FFA, he recalled how much he liked the hog operation and how much experience he already had raising hogs. He decided to start with 10 feeder pigs his first year. He showed at the Benson County Achievement Days and also at the ND State Fair in Minot.
"There hasn’t always been a good return on your money for hog production, so I knew I had to start slow and small and see how things progressed," stated Jordan. "One of my goals was to be able to gain new skills and be totally responsible for the hogs I worked with."
With much ambition and a strong work ethic, Jordan bought the feeder pigs from the NDSU Swine Research Farm in Fargo in 2005. He fed them out and sold these for slaughter. In 2006, Jordan expanded his hog operation to include up to 60 feeders and 10 bred gilts to farrow out. Despite the high cost of feed and relatively low hog prices, Jordan was still able to operate a profitable enterprise.
Jordan plans to attend Valley City State University on an academic and football scholarship, majoring in athletic training.
The Swine Production Enterpreneurship Awards are sponsored by the ND Pork Council.

Jordan Backstrom (center) is pictured with his parents, Phillip and Carol Backstrom at the State FFA Convention in Fargo. He won the State FFA Swine Production Proficiency Award.

Funds presented
The Leeds Community Center received a donation from the Leeds Active Women. On the left is Cindy Ritterman of the Leeds Active Women presenting a check to Shirley Young, secretary of the Leeds Community Center board. The Leeds Active Women are one of the major support groups of the center.

Golf participants
The Leeds Golf Club held an adult-junior alternate shot golf tournament on Sunday, June 24. All junior golfers received prizes. Left to right, standing, are Dayna Pierson, Karlee Gronos, Dustin Paulson, Ross Braun, Darren Young, Mike Urness, Cody Hoffert, Logan Gunderson and Dallas Johnson. Kneeling are Thomas Urness, Keaton Nelsen, Brady Stoll, Lane Ritterman, Jesse Hoffert and Paige Johnson.

Champs Camp participants
Champs Camp 2007 was held at the Maddock High School gym June 25-27. Forty-nine students in grades K-6 attended the camp, which focused on dribbling, passing, pivoting and form shooting. Campers demonstrated their skills during a variety of games and contests. Each participant received an official Champs Camp 2007 T-shirt. The camp was directed by Michael Sorlie and the student assistants were Beau Buehler, Jason Smith and JD Schmid. Campers in grades 4-6 were, left to right, front row: Dylan Lauinger, Renae Lauinger, Ashley Risovi, Kaylee Tollerud, Kenadi Lee, Kaleb Westad and Shawn Aabrekke. Middle row: Michael Sorlie, Jakob Schmid, Savannah Nystrom, Shelby Brandvold, Carah Hestdalen, Hunter Buehler and Blake Buckmier. Back row: Kyler Westad, Kelsey Smith, Katie Rice, Katelyn Engh, Quentin Sears, Hailey Kallenbach, Alexis Gigstad and Megan Olson.

Campers in grades K-3 were, left to right, front row: Connor Arnold, Gannon Griffin, Brady Kallenbach, Talissa Aabrekke, Will Rice, Jay Garcia, Kenzie Randle, Charity Dosch and Madyson Sears. Second row: Beau Buehler, Ethin Johnson, Tate Benson, Keringten Lee, Spencer Olson, Kevin Johnson and Parker Schmid. Third row: Michael Sorlie, Courtney Lauinger, Kyia Roberts, Rebecca Johnson, Spencer Sears, Taylor Foss, Evan Eyl and Jason Smith. Back row: Jaydin Risovi, Micki Brandvold, Noah Arnold, Nora Duren, Brooks Duren, Allyson Lauinger and Ethan Karlsbraaten.

Lohnes honored
Kathy Brossart of Soldiers’ Angels presents Daniel Lohnes, Spirit Lake Marina director, with the Golden Wing Award, plaque and gold wing pin. The presentation was made Friday, July 6. The award is in recognition and appreciation for dedication and valuable contribution in supporting deployed military personnel.

Longevity awards
Employees of the Maddock Memorial Home were given length of service awards at a ceremony recently. Left to right are Diane Gustafson, dietary manager 25 years; Deb Hovland, laundry department, 25 years; and Barb Rosendahl, certified medication assistant, 20 years.

Men have tour
Maddock Memorial Home residents had a men’s day out. Left to right are Mike Fritel, Leroy Garnaas, Harold Tweit, Leo Marquart, Orville Stadum, Ansel Haukness and Bennie Marquart. They had breakfast at Maddock Caf? and Lanes and then went to Chris Finley’s Second Wind Taxidermy for a tour. Chris is the Memorial Home maintenance man.

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