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1/31/2007 – Public Notices

January 9, 2007
A regular meeting of the Minnewaukan City Council was held on January 9, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. at the Minnewaukan Senior Citizens Community Center. Present were Mayor Curtis Yri and council members Mark Motis, Rita Staloch, Claudette Carlson and Steve Huffman. Also present were city auditor Laura Weed, city maintenance man Verdeen Backstrom, librarian Cathy Burkhardsmeier, Mark Zillmer and David Garske.
Motis moved that the minutes of the December 9th meeting be approved.
Huffman seconded. Huffman-yes, Staloch-yes, Carlson-abstain, Motis-yes. The motion carried.
A complaint was filed regarding Aabrekke’s dog. The council stated that other people have also heard this dog barking late into the night. The council asked if Garske had contacted the animal control officer. A motion was made by Motis to ask Mike Steffan to send a letter to Aabrekkes with a copy of the animal ordinance. Staloch seconded. Huffman-yes, Staloch-yes, Carlson-no, Motis-yes. The motion carried.
Steve Rohrer approached the council regarding contract policing.
Nothing will be done at this time.
A decision was made to remove the 25 mph sign on west Main Street and replace it with a 15 mph sign.
A motion was made by Carlson to renew the Garbage CD for a period of
12 months at 4.25 percent. Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
Benson County Housing asked the council if it would waive the late fee on the water bill if they are late. They felt they might not be able to make the 15th deadline because of the dates on which their meetings fall. Carlson made a motion to waive the fee. The motion died for lack of a second.
Council payroll was discussed. The council discussed absentee meetings along with extra meetings. The council is at the maximum allowed by state law. If there is a future problem with absenteeism then this issue will be addressed at that point. No action is needed at this time.
A motion was made by Staloch to waive the turn-on fee for Dale Halvorson due to a family emergency. Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Motis to approve V. Backstrom for a training session February 13-15. Huffman seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Carlson to approve T. Backstrom for a training session March 12-14. Huffman seconded. Huffman-yes, Staloch-yes, Carlson-yes, Motis-abstain. The motion carried.
The council discussed a letter received by C. Burkhardsmeier regarding an increase in salary. The council felt that the library board should discuss this issue prior to the council.
Per the contract with USDA, the interior of the building will need to be painted in 2007. The council felt that a contract should be signed prior to the work being done. The council discussed if the employees should be allowed to choose individual paint colors for their own offices. The council felt that this would increase the cost of painting.
Other topics that were discussed: Ice removal in front of the Memorial Building, Motis asked V. Backstrom not to park personal cars in the fire hall, city snow removal on private property and WSG expenses for the library building.
A motion was made by Staloch to pay all bills. Carlson seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
Ameripride $58.95
Benson County Treasurer 1,254.85
Huffman, S. 811.50
Otter Tail Power Co 822.91
Waste Management 3,018.75
Benson Co Farmers Press $88.45
Frith & Steffan 50.00
Hoiberg’s 22.90
ND Telephone Co 92.36
Oddens’ 47.58
Otter Tail Power Co 199.29
The 55 Club 240.00
Payroll 1,213.44
Doubleday Book Club $97.42
Payroll 662.13
Benson County Highway $187.01
Oddens’ 31.00
Otter Tail Power Co 586.85
Alltel $62.03
Fargo Water Equipment 219.18
Hawkins 1,904.63
Home of Economy 14.58
ND Dept of Health 16.00
ND Telephone Co 82.19
Northern Plains Electric 301.19
Oddens’ 24.22
Otter Tail Power Co 122.77
TSC 8.80
Payroll 2,319.06
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.
Laura J. Weed
City Auditor
Curtis A. Yri
(Publish Jan. 31, 2007)

TAKE NOTICE that Dane Kreidelcamp, Valley City, North Dakota, has submitted an application to the North Dakota Office of the State Engineer for a permit to divert and appropriate water from groundwater sources.
The petition prays for a permit to appropriate water from groundwater sources, utilizing point(s) of diversion located in the SE1/4 of Section 23, Township 151 North, Range 62 West, at a pumping rate of 800 gallons per minute during the operating season, for each year said permit may remain in force, with an annual appropriation of
132.4 acre-feet of water, for the purpose of irrigating 132.4 acres, located in the SE1/4 of Section 23, Township 151 North, Range 62 West, in Benson County , and as shown on the map accompanying the application.
TAKE NOTICE that written comments regarding the proposed appropriation must be filed in the North Dakota Office of the State Engineer, 900 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0850, by 5:00 o’clock p.m., CST, on the 5th day of March, 2007.
The State Engineer will consider all written comments and prepare a recommended decision, which will be provided to the applicant and persons submitting written comments. Those persons may provide additional information, request a hearing, or both.
Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, January 23, 2007.
/s/ Dale L. Frink
North Dakota State Engineer
900 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58505-0850
(Publish Jan. 31 & Feb. 7, 2007)


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