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5/5/2006 – News

Volume 123, Number 13             Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Leeds native surprised with FFA award
Editor’s Note: The following article concerns Wade Anderson, a 1976 graduate of Leeds High School. He is the son of Warren and Lucille Anderson. Wade’s wife, Renae, also a 1976 Leeds graduate, is the daughter of Gilmen Gunderson of York and the late Esther Gunderson. He was named North Dakota vocational ag teacher of the year in 2005.
BY MARK PHILLIPS – The Herald-Press – Harvey, ND
Sometimes recognition for a job well done comes from unexpected places. Imagine receiving a national award requiring the recipient to apply. Then imagine receiving notice that you have won that award. And imagine your puzzlement over the fact that you had never filled out an application.
VoAg Teacher Wade Anderson received the National FFA 2005 Honorary American Degree Award last October at the national convention in Louisville, Ky. To be eligible for this award, a teacher must have 85 percent FFA membership in his or her classroom in the last year and have completed at least 10 years teaching agricultural education. State supervisors must approve the nomination before it is sent for national consideration.
The award recognizes agricultural education instructors/FFA advisors who have demonstrated total program quality. No more than one percent of all middle and secondary school agricultural education teachers nationwide may be awarded in a single year.
"It is based on what you do in the classroom," said Anderson. "When I first started, a good program would be a student managing 20 cows. Now, we have co-op students and lawn mowing businesses."
How then, with the strict requirements, including filling out an application, did Anderson receive the award? That is the intrigue of the story.
It began in 1980 when a fresh and "green behind the ears" teacher came to Harvey. "I was always going to farm," said Anderson. "But that didn’t happen." And, as his children got older and he got comfortable, he found himself surrounded by students whose parents he taught 25 years before. So he stayed with the school he started in.
After so many years teaching, a cadre of students conspired to expose the rest of the world to their beloved teacher. Enlisting the help of Anderson’s daughter, Natalie, the FFA officers that year hatched their plan. The cohorts included Jayme Fiesel, Sarah Mertz, Sarah Seefeld, Jodi Eichele and Kristi Opdahl, all seniors with their last opportunity to accomplish the mission.
Finding the online application through a meticulous search of the Internet, they began to fill in the data. They employed Natalie’s expertise and ability to cull necessary information from her mother, a co-conspirator in the plan. Principal Al Liebersbach approved the mission.
A state FFA official surreptitiously gained other needed information by e-mailing Anderson with a request for an "article he was writing." It is suspected he was put up to the ruse by Natalie herself.
The conspiracy infiltrated even the State FFA Convention, when the award recipients at the national convention are usually announced. This year, strangely, there was no mention of the awarded teachers.
"I thought it was strange," said Anderson. "But I didn’t think much about it." The secret was kept at one more crucial stage along the way.
Until, that is, in September, when Anderson received a letter that he was not supposed to see. The conspiracy was brought to light and the perpetrators hauled off to the national convention with Anderson in October.
"We all knew he deserved it," said Natalie. "We came together and asked Mr. Liebersbach. He said he would contact the state office. Dad really enjoys his work and cares about the students. He is always there for them."
The FFA chapter has seen considerable changes under Anderson’s lead. "When I started in 1980 we had 45 members from a student body of 330 and the kids were taught how to raise livestock and grow crops. Now, with 122 out of 200 students there is more agricultural science taught. The greenhouse is one example of that."
Anderson was not too hard on the conspirators. Word has it that all the seniors graduated, and Natalie is likely to do so this year. No charges were filed, only hearty "thank yous" all around.

Harvey VoAg teacher Wade Anderson, right, receives an Honorary American Degree from the National FFA vice president.

Haagenson to become doctor
Lori Haagenson, daughter of Lorin and Patricia Haagenson of Leeds, will receive the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences during commencement at 1:30 p.m. May 6 at the Chester Fritz Auditorium on the UND campus.
To earn the M.D. degree, students must complete four years of medical education. The UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences provides two years of instruction at the campus in Grand Forks and two years in hospitals and clinics throughout the state where practicing physicians serve as teachers.
Haagenson will go on for residency training in psychiatry at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ program in Fargo.
The UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences became a four-year medical school in the mid-1970s. Today, almost half of the physicians practicing in North Dakota have received some or all of their training through the school.

Lucky 7
This healthy Holstein calf was born on the Rod Wurgler farm in Twin Lake Township south of Knox on April 23. The calf has a perfect 7 in white hair on his head. Naturally, the calf has been named Lucky 7.

Earn awards for art
Five students from the Leeds School were awarded honorable mention certificates at the North Dakota Junior Duck Stamp Contest held March 23. This year there were 600 entries from around the state. Students earning the award were, left to right, Sara Galbraith, Denna Allmaras, Annie Jorgenson, Julissa McGarvey and Carley Baker. These pictures will be part of an art show which will be exhibited around the state this summer. They will also be on display at the Leeds Elementary Art and Music Program on May 4.

Pictured are Irma Dulmage of Leeds and Leeds student Taryn Bjerke at the pizza presentation in Devils Lake.

Compete in FFA event

Six members of the Maddock A. S. Gibbens FFA Chapter attended the District 3 FFA spring contests held April 26 at St. John’s High School. Receiving a gold award and first place in horse judging was J.T. Rice. Jana Rice received a silver award and was ninth high in the contest. Paul Rice, Kimberly Randle and Michelle Olson received gold awards in the dairy foods contest with Paul the high individual, Kimberly the third high individual and Michelle Olson the seventh high individual in the contest. They were a gold team and placed first in the dairy foods contest. Jordan Backstrom received a silver award and was seventh high individual in the advanced ag mechanics contest. Left to right are Jana Rice, Michelle Olson, J.T. Rice, Jordan Backstrom, Kimberly Randle and Paul Rice.

Earns scholarship
The annual Named Endowment Recognition Event was held February 14 at Lake Region State College (LRSC) in Devils Lake. The Named Endowed Recognition Event is sponsored by the Community College Foundation, which supports LRSC. This year’s recipient of the Fairgrieve Scholarship is LeeAnn VanDolah. She is a 2003 graduate of Maddock High School and the daughter of Janet and Larry VanDolah. Dr. R.
Donald and Isabel McBane established a scholarship in memory of Isabel’s brother, G. Bruce Fairgrieve. The endowment awards a scholarship annually to an LRSC student intending to pursue an engineering career. Only the earnings from these endowments of at least $10,000 are used to support yearly awards. Left to right are Dr. R. Donald and Isabel McBane, LeeAnn VanDolah and Janet VanDolah.

Oberon readers
These students at the Oberon Elementary School completed April required reading. Left to right, front row, are Larissa Dunn, Jaden Whitetail, Tiffany Thomas, Louis Blacklance Jr., Bryson Robertson, Shawn Charboneau and Sierra Charboneau. Back row: Lacey Brown, Tanya TwoHearts, Chelsea Hook, Myron Wanna Jr., Dakotah Greywater, George Brown and Jamie Jetty.

These Oberon Elementary School students completed required reading assignments each month from September through April. Left to right, front row, are Larissa Dunn, Tiffany Thomas, Bryson Robertson, Shawn Charboneau and Sierra Charboneau. Back row: Lacey Brown, Tanya TwoHearts, Chelsea Hook, Myron Wanna Jr. and Dakotah Greywater.

Helping hands
Thrivent Helping Hands Day was observed April 22 by the Immanuel Lutheran Church, rural Esmond congregation. Approximately 30 volunteers aged four to 80 helped clean the Immanual and Vasa church yards and cemeteries. The Father’s Day, 2005 windstorm brought down many trees. Tractors and hard work by volunteers made a big difference at both locations. Helping Hands Day is a Thrivent Financial for Lutherans-sponsored event to encourage the young and old to come together. Some volunteers started previous to April 22 and donations have been accepted to offset cemetery upkeep costs. Donations will be accepted through June.

Maddock Alumni Tournament has good turnout for third annual event over Easter weekend
The 3rd Annual Maddock Alumni Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday, April 15. There were 60 men and 19 women who signed up to play in this year’s event. Socials were held following the tournament at the Maddock Community Center and in the dance hall of the Double R Bar. The 1997-1998 team won the championship over the 1999-2000 ball club. The team from 1990-1991 defeated the 2001-2003 team for third.
The 1993-1995 squad captured fifth place by beating the 2004-2005 alums. The 1971-1987 team overwhelmed the 2003 team for seventh.

Members of the Royal Blue Team (1971-1987) were, left to right, back row, Stacy Bergrud, Corey Bergrud, Aaron Johnson, Ron Erickson and Greg Smith. Front row: Tom Gilbertson, Danny Odden, Keith Smith, Rod Maddock and Doug Schmid.

Members of the Gold Team (1993-1995) were, left to right, back row, Dale Anderson, Aanen Bergrud, Andrew Arnston and Mike Sorlie. Front row: Mikel Kallenbach, Chris Arnston, John Barnard and Bryan Leier.

Members of the Green Team (1990-1991) were, left to right, back row, Mark Williams, David Sorlie, Brad Kallenbach and Kyle Sabbe. Front row: Robert Maddock, Billy Arnold and Lance Alexander.

Members of the Gray Team (1996-1998) were, left to right, back row, Davin Leier, Lee Simon, Duston Hoffner, Damon Finley and Jeff Daeley. Front row: Eric Olson, Cory Rader and Justin Hovland.

Members of the Light Blue Team (1999-2000) were, left to right, Eric Hoffner, Bryan Kenner, Eric Lunde and Shane Ostlie. Front row: Joshua Swanson, Justin Swanson and Bryan Engebretson.

Members of the Orange Team (2001-2003) were, left to right, Kyle Olson, Ross Lindgren, Mark Simon, David Brown, Travis Hoffner and Dan Kraft.

Members of the Red Team (2003) were, left to right, back row, Brock Georgeson, Tom Abrahamson, Dave Stensland and Shane Maddock. Front row: Josh Backstrom, Kasey Kallenbach and Nathan Faleide.

Members of the Purple Team (2004-2005) were, left to right, back row, Brandon Yri, Jamie Kallenbach, Jesse Stensby and Cameron Abrahamson. Front row: Dana Arne and Caleb Backstrom.

Members of the girls’ Gold Team (1984-2001) were, left to right, back row, Karen Smith, JoLynn Jacobson, Becky Kallenbach and Tami Johnson. Front row: Kim Backstrom, Julie Kramlich, Callie Maddock, Rachel Maddock and Lisa Wetch.

Members of the girls’ Blue Team (2002-2006) were, left to right, back row, Sara Olson, Bridget Lunde, Shana Tollerud, Heidi Simon and Kassandra Griffin. Front row: Erica Kallenbach, Autumn Georgeson and LeeAnn VanDolah.

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