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9/14/2005 – News

Volume 122, Number 32             Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Bicyclist traveling the world by pedal power
While driving home from work Aug. 16, Terry Hermanson of rural Harlow was surprised to see a bicycle rider stopped on ND 19 near the Lonnie and Tami Griffin farm. Hermanson thought it was rather late in the day for a biker to be out in the open, so he stopped and asked the biker if he was okay.
The initial reply was in a language Hermanson didn’t understand (French) and then the reply in English came that all was okay. After visiting with the stranger a few minutes, Hermanson invited him to set up his tent for the night at the Hermanson farmyard on ND 30 south of Harlow. The stranger accepted.
Hermanson took off in his pickup, got to the farmyard and he and his wife, Dawn, jumped on their bicycles to meet him. They only went about a mile south before meeting up with the bicyclist, Fernand Gimenez, age 56, of St.
Pierre de Riviere, France, near the border with Spain. He has three grown sons.
They found out that he’s not only biking the US, he’s biking the world.
Eight years ago he started his bicycling hobby. This trip he took an airplane to Ireland and biked across that country before boarding a plane for Toronto, Ontario. He biked from there to the Hermanson farm.
How does he get so much time for these extended bike rides? He’s a police investigator and after playing a part in putting some big name criminals away, he is allowed long vacations until things cool off at home. So this isn’t the first time he’s been on an extended vacation.
When he left the Hermanson farm he planned to bike to Yellowstone National Park and then on to San Francisco, Calif. He hopes to arrive there about Oct. 5. From there his plans include a flight to Australia, a bike ride through that continent and then a flight to Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa where he’ll meet his wife and a friend. From there they’ll take a flight to Athens, Greece and bike across Europe to their home in France.
He’s already biked through Taiwan and Vietnam on an earlier trip. Hermanson asked if he ever gets tired of biking and just wants to quit and go home.
He said that feeling comes many times, but he just keeps pedaling until the feeling goes away.
Hermanson gave him a pickup tour of the area, including showing him combines in operation on huge fields of grain.
Fernand seemed to be very interested in trees and was surprised to see so many trees on the prairie.
Before Fernand pedaled away, he invited the Hermansons to stay at his home the next time they’re in France. That might not be just an idle invitation.
While in the Army, Terry served in Germany and he longs to revisit the places of his Army service. France isn’t that far away.

Fernand Gimenez of St. Pierre de Riviere, France is bicycling around the world. He is shown here with his bicycle near Harlow.

Rohrer in Gulf area
Sgt. Steven Rohrer of Cando waits September 7 in the barracks of the ND National Guard 136th Quartermaster Battalion at Camp Shelby outside Hattiesburg, Miss. The unit is down south to aid in hurricane relief in that portion of the US bordering the Gulf of Mexico. In civilian life Rohrer is employed by the North Central Soil Conservation District at Minnewaukan. He is a native of the Churchs Ferry area and is the son of Arvin and Jeanette Rohrer of Churchs Ferry. Photo by Bruce Crummy of The Forum at Fargo.

State Fair winners
Leeds students who were winners at the ND State Fair in Minot are pictured.
Kindergarten students are, left to right, front row: Ricky Jorgenson, Erin Jorgenson, Spencer Follman, Ryan Wangler and Joshua Bowman. Back row:
Kaylee Lybeck, Grace Nybo, Gary Redetzke and Andrew Follman. K-4 students are taught by Susan Braun.

First graders are, left to right, front row: Katelyn Nelsen and Taylor Bisbee. Back row: Devin Schwanke, Joe Silliman, Lane Ritterman and Cameron O’Brien.

Second graders, left to right, are Andrea Jorgenson, Denna Allmaras, Julissa McGarvey, Aiden Ritterman, Timber Morgan and Austin Thorp.

Third graders, left to right, are Colton Wangler, Alyssa Anderson, Taryn Bjerke and Mylie Herman.

Fourth graders are, left to right, front row: Jesse Hoffert and Kayla Matlock. Middle row: Andrew Bowman, Chelsi Olson and McKenzie Silliman.
Back row: Meghan Jorgenson, Josh Blegen, Seth Bisbee and Brady Stoll.

Fifth graders, left to right, are, front row: Justin Wangler, Thomas Urness, Kendra Leibfried and Jeni Swanson. Back row: Kyle Jorgenson, Chace Engstrom, Kayla Wangler, Darren Young and Mitchel Tufte. Fifth and sixth graders are taught by Audrey Herman.

Sixth graders, left to right, are, front row: JayCee Johnson, Blake Darling and Kenneth Joshua. Middle row: Dylan Matlock, Jessica Bingham, Greg Rolle, Michael Urness and Logan Gunderson. Back row: Allison Manley, Amanda Redetzke, Derek Gullickson and Matthew Swanson.

Volk family has reunion
A Volk family reunion was held September 3 at the Presentation Care Center in Harvey. Left to right, back row, are Kevin Kanzelman, Jeffrey Wright, Robert Engkvist, Chad Hanson, Jack Volk, David Volk, Charyl Volk, Scott Newcomb and Judy Newcomb. Third row: Naomi Kanzelman, Sherri Engkvist, Bernie Kanzelman, Cheryl Hanson, Delores Hanson, Marie Newcomb, Wendell New-comb, Donavon Newcomb and Becky Robinson. Second row, Valorie Wright, Lisa Hanson, Debbie Hanson, Helen Streifel, Lena Volk, June Weisbeck and Frank Weisbeck. Front row: Nikita Wright, Kalysa Hanson, Gannon Engkvist, Natalia Wright, Cameron Martin, Tanner Weisbeck and Olivia Martin.

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