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3/9/2005 – Public Notices

January 19, 2005
A regular meeting of the Leeds Board of Education was held January 19, 2005 at 6:30 p.m. Present were Young, Swanson, Larson, Silliman, Bracken, Supt.
Braaten, Principals Gullickson and Braaten and Business Manager Benson.
An addition to the agenda was 6(a) Thank you note from Mrs. Baglien.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
The board reviewed the results of the Breakfast Survey and was updated on the two days so far. Fifty-five breakfasts were served the first day and 90 on the second.
The board read a thank you from Mrs. Baglien.
It was moved, seconded and carried to authorize the business manager to pay the following regular utility bills by “due date” in advance of the regular meeting if necessary: City of Leeds (water), Otter Tail Power Company (electricity), ND Telephone Company (lines and long distance), Verizon Wireless (cell phone), diesel fuel and furnace fuel tank fills.
It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the financial reports for December of 2004 and bills for payment.
B&H Oil Co. $12,573.52
Benson Co. Farmers Press 136.32
Bisbee, Charlie 11.89
Brame, Nancy 13.46
Chad’s Amoco 1,063.28
The Computer Store 106.00
Dakota Assemblies 250.00
Devils Lake High School 1,500.00
Farmers Union Oil Co. 629.45
Gaffaney’s 941.41
Governor’s Inn 65.00
Grand Forks Herald 10.20
Grand Forks Public School
District #1 405.90
Gregg Johnson Plbg & Htg. 496.04
Haagenson, Lorin and Patty 136.80
Holiday Inn of Grand Forks 90.00
Information Technology
Department 462.50
Jaymar Business Forms 29.36
Johnson Clinic, PC 86.00
Lake Lumber, Inc. 53.40
Lake Region Sheet Metal 88.60
Leapaldt, Gay 352.80
Leeds FFA 40.55
Leeds Hot Lunch 677.25
Lee’s Trucking 123.75
Leevers County Market 15.56
Mac’s, Inc. 21.35
MedCenter One, Inc. 30.00
Menards – Minot 52.81
Minot Restaurant Supply 91.85
Nathan, Karyn 7.68
National Geographic Society 15.90
ND Lead Center 136.00
ND Telephone Co. 298.33
NDASSP 100.00
NDCTM 255.00
Nelson, Louise 14.00
Nybo, MiChelle 106.95
Otter Tail Power Co. 1,859.63
Paulson Supply 59.22
Praxair Distribution 15.00
Quill Corporation 276.53
Risovi, Corinne 153.89
Schwan Wholesale Co. 113.50
Stein’s 96.10
Tracy’s Market 189.08
USI, Inc. 13.82
NDAESP 95.00
Benson, Kathy 40.00
Darling, Rick 25.01
Verizon Wireless 23.59
Jacobson, Lucia 346.24
City of Leeds 158.00
Postmaster 150.00
Wal-Mart Community BRC 386.26
NDASA 75.00
Create ND 360.00
Deplazes Construction $1,144.00
(concrete and gravel dumpster pad)
Mr. Gullickson presented the high school principal’s report: new student, all state music auditions, students of the quarter, honor roll, financial aid meeting and NAEP testing.
The student council will be selling daffodils for the American Cancer Society March 21-25.
Mrs. Braaten presented the elementary school principal’s report: Mini Society has started, Benson County spelling bee is February 26, students will be participating in Valentines for Vets and Valentines for Heroes, D.I. is in full swing with four teams and students of the quarter, February is North Dakota Reading Month, 4th grade will be attending the Ag Expo and 5th and 6th grades will be attending the Minot Symphony.
The elementary school is implementing a student “sign out” system to track mid-day attendance.
It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the open enrollment application for Justin Nystrom to attend the Maddock School.
It was moved, seconded and carried to approve a tuition agreement for Katrina Lybeck to attend the Devils Lake School.
The board reviewed a proposal from the ND Telephone Company for upgrading the phone system.
Mr. Braaten summarized this year’s legislative issues: foundation aid HB 1154, joint powers agreements and high school health and physical education courses, HB 1047.
It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the pledge of securities report as of December 31, 2004 from United Community Bank.
Mr. Braaten reported on the recent NESC meeting.
Proposed school calendars were reviewed. It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the 2005/2006 School Calendar starting August 23, 2005 and ending May 19, 2006 with graduation on May 22.
The board reviewed the December 2004 taxable valuation.
Mr. Braaten presented the superintendent’s report: wall mats have been installed in the gym, faculty in-service, head cook and the elementary art program.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at 6:30 p.m.
Meeting adjourned.
Kathryn L. Benson
Business Manager
Linda Young

February 8, 2005
A regular meeting of the Maddock School Board was held on February 8, 2005
at 7 a.m. at the school. Present were President David Swanson, Jason Lee,
Becky Brandvold, Chris Lauinger, Linda Ellingson, Superintendent Russ
Miller, Principals Penny Leier and Brian Bubach and Business Manager Brenda
Fossen. Guests were Charles Morgenroth, Kim Anderson, Ryan Wheeler and
Brian Grondahl.
A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Ellingson, to approve the agenda.
Motion carried.
A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Lauinger, to approve the minutes of
January 19, the General Fund bills totaling $15,786.65, the Building Fund
bill totaling $2,866.49 and food service and activities reports. Motion
ACT $208.80
Activities Fund 180.35
Avaya 86.14
Barnes & Noble 61.47
Benson Co. Farmers Press 65.55
Bison Auto Repair 412.80
Nadley Buehler 100.00
Cenex 248.67
City of Maddock 3,779.50
Farmers Union Oil 5,428.68
Gus’s Auto 165.00
Harvey Tire Center 20.70
Herald Press 31.00
Mary Hoffner 97.50
HomeTown Grocery 64.57
J&J Gravel 1,712.89
Kmart 43.29
LaMotte Co 37.25
Lannie Simonson Bldg. Co 172.00
Mavis Maloney 100.00
Mid-American Chemical Co 59.22
Russ Miller 381.40
NDCTM 255.00
ND Surplus Property 200.00
Praxair 300.00
Project Trees 45.00
Quill 376.00
Rieger Service 9.60
John Ringerud 143.00
Joleen Risovi 27.90
Share Corporation 565.46
Simplex 50.00
The Mailbox 119.80
Thorsrud Supply 138.40
Thrifty White Drug 76.74
Woodworkers Journal 12.97
Johnson’s Plumbing Service
& Appliance Centre 2,866.49
Principals’ reports were reviewed. Discussions were held regarding a Feb.
24 field trip to the ND State Legislature, scheduling to replace hours
missed for early storm dismissal, the principals’ conference and Artist In
Residence grant.
Mr. Miller explained pending legislation of interest to schools and the
recent reversal of NCLB.
A motion was made by Ellingson, seconded by Brandvold, to approve the
December 31, 2004 pledge pool agreement sent by Ramsey National Bank &
Trust. On roll call vote, all were in favor.
A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Brandvold, to approve the open
enrollment application of Justin Nystrom from the Leeds School District. On
roll call vote, all were in favor.
Discussion was held on class scheduling for 2005-06. Physics and chemistry
may be offered in alternating years to allow advanced biology to be added
to the schedule, depending on class sizes. Also discussed was offering
Spanish instead of French.
A motion was made by Lee, seconded by Lauinger, to approve the 2005-06
calendar pending action on SB 2222. On roll call vote, all were in favor.
A motion was made by Lauinger, seconded by Ellingson, to hold annual school
elections on June 14, 2005. On roll call vote, all were in favor.
A motion was made by Brandvold, seconded by Ellingson, to accept the bid
from L&M Contractors for asbestos services. On roll call vote, all were in
Board members were invited to the classroom of Miss Sears for the
presentation “Atlas Curriculum Mapping.”
The next regular meeting will be March 8 at 7 a.m.
The meeting adjourned.
Brenda Fossen
Business Manager
These minutes are submitted for publication prior to board approval.
(Publish March 9, 2005)

North Central Planning Council
A second public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 10
a.m. in the Fire Hall at Warwick, North Dakota.
1. To discuss the use of CDBG funds by the City of Warwick in the sewer
force main replacement and lagoon rehabilitation project. (The use of funds
did not change from the application.)
2. To inform the public about the North Dakota Community Development Block
Grant and to gain public input into the program.
3. To gather comments about the project.
Comments will be accepted until March 17, 2005 at the following address:
North Central Planning Council, P O Box 651, Devils Lake, ND 58301.
If special accommodations are needed, please notify ahead of time at
701-662-8131 so that appropriate aids can be made available.

Civ. # 05.02.044
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to the Spirit Lake
Nation Tribal Court on the 24th day of March, 2005 at the hour of 9:00
a.m., in the courtroom of the tribal courthouse at Fort Totten, County of
Benson, State of North Dakota, for an Order to change her legal name of
Evelyn Ann Cavanaugh, to Wicanhpi Tawacinkahomni.
Evelyn Ann Cavanaugh
Petitioner’s Name
PO Box 173
St. Michael, ND 58370
First publication on the 23rd day of February, 2005.
(Publish Feb. 23 & March 2 & 9, 2005)

February 7, 2005
A regular meeting of the Warwick City Council was held February 7, 2005.
The meeting was called to order by Mayor Darrell Forest. Members present
were George Evans, Shirley Tiokasin and Leslie Elfman. Also present were
Warwick’s water works operator Mark Elfman and engineer Travis Dillman.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Elfman made a motion to approve
the minutes. Tiokasin seconded. Motion carried.
Tiokasin made a motion to pay the bills. Elfman seconded. Motion carried.
Mark Elfman $176.72
Waste Management 600.09
Otter Tail Power Co. 231.27
Hawkins 363.75
ND Department of Health 72.00
Postmaster 22.00
State Tax Commissioner 11.76
Otter Tail Power Co. $146.00
Sandra Barber 176.72
Benson Co. Farmers Press 55.29
Mark Elfman 120.00
Farmers and Merchant
State Bank 20.00
Workers Safety Insurance 125.00
State Tax Commissioner 11.76
Project Engineer Travis Dillman led the council through the revisions and
change orders for the final progressive estimate.
Next meeting will be March 7, 2005.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.
Sandra Barber
City Auditor

February 15, 2005
The Benson County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, February
15, 2005 at 9 a.m. Commissioners present were Jason Lee, Curtis Hvinden,
Barry Cox and Ed Ripplinger. Dwain Brown as absent. The meeting was called
to order by Chairman Lee.
A motion was made by Ripplinger, seconded by Hvinden, to approve the
minutes of the regular meeting of February 1, 2005. All members voted yes.
The motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Ripplinger, seconded by Cox, to have the chairman sign
two Applications for Enrollment Under the Forest Stewardship Tax Law for
certain property owned by Lloyd & Vivian S. Aanderud and Odell A. &
Lorraine M. Hakanson. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.
The board reviewed information presented by Pleasant Lake Township on
issuing an alcoholic beverage license to Brian Cochran, Pleasant Lake
Winery. A motion was made by Ripplinger, seconded by Hvinden, to approve
issuing an annual liquor license to Cochran provided the required
application is completed and all license fees are paid. All members voted
yes. The motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Ripplinger, seconded by Hvinden, to have the chairman
sign a response letter to Kevin Neve dated February 10, 2005, regarding the
construction of a water project in Normania Township. All members voted
yes. The motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Ripplinger, seconded by Cox, to approve the Benson
County Zoning Ordinance for Animal Feeding Operations and Resolution
Adopting Ordinance. All members voted yes. The motion carried unanimously.
The board reviewed HB 1398 regarding increasing the allowable “correctional
center” levy from 5 mills to 10 mills. The board sent a response to
legislative representatives that they support the bill.
Michael Rohrer and Ardon Herman of the Normania Township Board and Kevin
Neve of NRCS met with the board regarding the construction of a water
project in Normania Township. Neve informed the board that mitigation could
be avoided for the project if Benson County would agree to serve as third
party. The board agreed to serve as third party for the project and James
P. Wang, Benson County State’s Attorney, will send a confirmation letter to
Ken Holland of Central Power Electric Cooperative, Inc. met with the board
and presented a proposed agreement regarding the construction of
transmission line facilities to serve the State Water Commission Round Lake
and Josephine Pumping Stations. A motion was made by Cox, seconded by
Hvinden, to have the chairman sign the agreement. All members voted yes.
The motion carried unanimously.
The board reviewed the Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost on Project
SD-0328(062) dated February 9, 2005.
Chairman Lee left the meeting at 10:20 a.m. The meeting was turned over to
vice chairman Ripplinger.
The board reviewed a letter from Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson dated February 4,
2005, regarding Project SC-0320(051). The board also reviewed the memo and
minutes from the January 5, 2005 meeting of the Devils Lake Basin Joint
Water Resource District Board.
A motion was made by Cox, seconded by Hvinden, to transfer $60,000.00 from
the County Hwy. Tax Fund to the Road & Bridge Fund. All members voted yes.
The motion carried unanimously.
At 11:00 a.m. a telephone conference was held with Jack Anderson of Prairie
Public Broadcasting, Inc. regarding a possible violation of the Benson
County Zoning Ordinance. Anderson stated Prairie Public Broadcasting will
be submitting a request for a zoning ordinance variance to the Benson
County Zoning Board. Anderson and the board discussed the possibility of
renting tower space for radio communications.
The motion carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting.
Bonnie Erickson
Benson County Auditor
Jason Lee
(Publish March 9, 2005)

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